Youxia X, The Electric Super Sedan – Youxia is a new company based in Shanghai, China. This company makes a concept of an electric super sedan to against the upcoming Tesla model 3, named Youxia X.

This car is categorized as a supercar specifically designed as an electric super sedan. so, you can also name it Youxia X Electric Super Sedan.

At the first time, all media from China and other countries assume that Youxia motors will present a sport-car named; the Youxia One. However, it is disappointing that in fact the company have no further explanation about it. In the website of Youxia, all information and references about the Youxia one are removed. There is only a short explanation that the project is unclear. So, the Youxia X is now the one to be discussed.

Youxia X Electric Super sedan
Youxia X Electric Super sedan

Specifications of Youxia X

Beautiful Front Side of Youxia X
Beautiful Front Side of Youxia X

This super car is beautifully designed with superb rear light units. Then, the subtle rear wing is integrated in the boot lit. This will bring a sleek and sporty profile.

Youxia X with Shiny Silver Multi-Spoke Alloys

The wheels are created to be the big ones which are completed with shiny silver multi-spoke alloys. We can say this this car is a beautiful and impressive car that China ever made. It’s front body is a little bit like Tesla’s.

The sporty style of Youxia X
The sporty style of Youxia X

Youxia X, the electric super sedan; the sporty Youxia X will be built with power completed with an electric motor with 348 p and 440 nm. The power is also mated to a 40 kWh, a 60 kWh, or a 85 kWh battery. The range will reach until 460 kilometers with a 0-100 acceleration of 5.6 seconds. It will need half an hour on a supercharger for a 270 kilometer range to charge the 85 kWh battery.

Youxia X, Price and Production Schedule

Youxia X made in China
Youxia X Super Sedan Concept

This Youxia X is scheduled to be created in 2016 and will be presented early 2017. However, it’s production progress depends on all plans and strategies built by the company. If they can manage all the things well, then, the schedule will be on time. The CEO, Huang Xiuyuan invites 50 enginers and car designers to succeed this huge project. This car will be offered from $32.000-$48.000 or 200.000 to 300.000 yuan. This car is planned to compete its rival, the upcoming Tesla Model 3.

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