VW’s 2018 Small SUV; Specification, Price & Release Info

PistonCars.com– It’s the upcoming VW’s 2018 small SUV; Volkswagen AG, the hugest automaker in Europe, is a German car manufacturer. This company was founded in 1937.

It is also marked as the second largest car manufacturer in the world. In 2018, the holding company; Volkswagen group, will make a new generation of VW’s SUV car. then, it will be VW’s 2018 small SUV

VW’s  2018 small SUV concept; this small SUV will be designed to be smaller than Polo and Golf.  it is assumed to work like the next generation of Polo hatch but, actually, It will become something that is a bit different from the Polo and the 3rd Golf.

VW T Cross Breeze 3
The Luxurious VW’s T-Cross Breeze
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The Volkswagen T-Cross Breeze in Geneva

VW’s 2018 Small SUV Specification

The two-door Volkswagen T-Cross Breeze in Geneva

At Glance,the design of VW’s 2018 small SUV will look like a VW’s T-Cross Breeze showed in March 2016 in Geneva. However, it will be produced differently with four doors and a roof.  With a roof, of course, you will feel so glamour and free to enjoy outside sight. You also can so feel comfortable that you can bring more people.

the back look of VW T Cross Breeze
the back look of VW T Cross Breeze

The manufacturing purpose of this car is to test the mini SUV’s suspension and running gear because it’s ride height is higher than Polo test mules determined. However, VW’s 2018 small SUV and Polo will bring the same engines and platform components.  Moreover, Volkswagen has another expectation that this car will have a similar styling concept as a T-Cross Breeze has.

Price and Release Info

This micro SUV will be launched in 2018. There is no price estimation for this upcoming VW’s small SUV so just wait for at least two years to see how this micro SUV will impress you in it’s first launching.

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