Utilizing The Rooftop Garden Ideas That Look More Beautiful

The rooftop garden is a man-made green space on the top level (usually a roof or balcony) of a building. This park is designed to cultivate plants, provide play space, provide shade and shelter, or as a seat and green area.

In addition to decorative benefits, a rooftop garden can develop farming activities, control temperature, provide hydrological benefits, add aesthetics, habitat or corridors for wildlife, recreational activities, and on a large scale have ecological benefits. The art of farming in a rooftop garden is sometimes called a rooftop farming, which usually uses a green roof system, hydroponics, aeroponics, or water-dynamics or potted plants.

Rooftop Garden Design
Rooftop Garden Design – Source: 954bartend.info
Keep The Roof Display Open

The view from the rooftop garden is the most valuable asset, so all design elements must be maintained and maximized. Small rooftop if left open will look wider.

Provide land

Actually not all houses can use the roof of their house to become green open land. To be able to make a garden or park above the house, usually, the roof is flat and made of concrete.

First Build a Good Water Drainage System

Plants that are stored in containers or planted on concrete surfaces require a drainage system to control the amount of water in the soil, so that the soil does not store excess water. Water drainage system functions to continue the process of water infiltration in the soil and then channel it to the water disposal site.

Prepare The Planting Media

Preparing planting media is an important thing that needs to be considered, the article you must first be able to determine the weight capacity, soil, and fertilizer that will be used, a gust of wind and waterproofing.

Prepare a Medium For Plants

Before preparing a medium or module for your plants to grow, first determine the type of soil suitable for the medium. You can use a mixture of soil and manure in the land plot module system.

That’s the step you can take if you want to make a garden on the roof of your house. Good luck!

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