Super Cool Lamborghini Countach Designs (50 Photos)

Pistoncars.comSuper Cool Lamborghini Countach Designs (50 Photos). The Lamborghini Countach made its public debut in 1971 at the Geneva motor show. Its Italian car manufacturer, Lamborghini, made the Countach as a mid-engined, V12 sports car produced from 1974 to 1990.

The design is marked by the wedge-shaped sharply angled look popular in many high-performance sports cars. The design of the ultra low two-seater sports car took the world by surprise.

In 2004, the Lamborghini Countach was crown as the car number three on the list of Top Sports Cars of the 1970’s and placed the tenth rank of Top Sports Cars of the 1980’s. The Countach is supported by a V-12 engine to put out 375 horsepower and paired to a five-speed manual transmission.

Here, we have collections of 50 Photos of Super Cool Lamborghini Countach Designs. Check them out below!

Super Cool Lamborghini Countach Designs (50 Photos)

The Lamborghini Countach can be named as the poster car of poster cars which you might be hard to find a car with lines as polarizingly wild today.

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