“Sitting on the Floor” Living Room Design You Can Try

Japanese culture is perhaps one of the most interesting Asian cultures – especially their art and architecture. There are several famous Japanese Architects that mark history. Japan has beautiful creations to be proud of too, so today we will show you some living room design ideas where you can see a bit of Japanese culture, art, and architecture in modern times!

The Japanese style is very special and different from all other Asian styles. Simplicity comes from regular forms of furniture, good organizing elements in the room and empty space around it. Japanese houses also present nature inside through large, wide windows that allow natural views from every angle.

Living Room Japanese Style Ideas
Living Room Japanese Style Ideas

This idea is very suitable if applied in your small house because it does not need a lot of furniture. At most, only sitting cushions and enough-sized wooden tables.

  1. A sitting room with several sitting cushions and a long wooden table
  2. Not only seat cushions, but you can also use a stretch chair with a backrest that makes your guest more comfortable
  3. You can also choose seat cushion selection. For example, a sitting cushion with a central cavity to support the buttocks to be more flexible when occupied. Even with interesting motives
  4. You can also use the podium to place the sitting cushions and tables needed so that when you sit you are more comfortable
  5. So as not to seem monotonous, give the nuances of decoration to the living room wall with the addition of appropriate ornaments
  6. It would be better if you could use a matching chair and table or a pair in your Japanese-style sitting room

That’s the way to make Japanese-style living room that can be applied to the living room in your home.

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