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web tension controller

We can help you with a web tension control system, tension indicators, tensions controllers, as well as rebuild or repair your older Comptrol web tension control products. Quality tension control helps to eliminate these scrap producers by creating a uniform and consistent process. This process often takes place in specific control zones: unwind/payout, process (nip), and rewind/take up, with each having unique tension control requirements. This is the feedback. It can also output 0-10V voltage signal to control vfd, servo motor or other actuators to perform high-precision tension control on the coil material. Web tension and control sensors are the input devices used with tension control systems and web guide systems. This means that as a roll diameter increases or decreases, torque must be adjusted to maintain tension at the optimal value, or setpoint. We can replace other transducers / load cells on machines as well, try our web tension control system configurator, to choose a load cell that will work best for you. Buying Web Tension Controllers. The production of high quality laminates requires a precise detection and control of the tension of a web.The more influent parameter is the tension of the material, for this reason it’s necessary to have a tension regulator that ensures a correct and constant value during the whole working process. Web tension control is used to improve web handling during machine speed changes and to compensate for machine directional variations of the paper. algorithm, which has been improved in speed and accuracy. The TC818 tension controller, with a 128x96 pixel graphical lcd display, provides precision control of winding, unwinding zones in both web and strand processing applications. The DGT300+ is a digital tension controller dedicated to web tension and torque control. unwind/payout, process (nip), and rewind/take up, Adjustments made via physical or visual inspection, Result in constant up and down tension changes, Material curl during laminating processes, Roll defects (telescoping, starring, etc. Position and Diameter Sensors Measure the diameter of the roll and allow your core and full roll alarms to be adjusted to give your operator proper notification before reaching the end of the roll. The Web Tension Controller is an application specific controller designed to provide you with precise Control over winding and unwinding tension control applications for web and strand.. The Web Tension Controller is an application specific controller designed to provide you with precise Control over winding and unwinding tension control applications for web and strand. • The web handling principal states a web will seek to align itself perpendicular to an idler or driven roll. The benefits of a high-quality tension control system include: © 2021 Montalvo Corporation. controller increases or decreases Tension control and regulation are necessary to keep constant the desired web tension, avoiding the possibility of material breaks in any phase of web … The unit can be used stand-alone with color TP HMI or integrated into the user's logic system. Web Tension Controller Providing you the best range of web tension controller for printing machine, torque web tension controller, web tension controller and manual tension controller with effective & … There are three types of tension control: Just as it implies manual control is the process of visually or physically determining if tension is correct, and then making manual adjustments to maintain the desired tension level. Web Tension Controllers Web tension has an important role in the sectors of converting, paper and carton board, aluminium foil, textile, wire and cables. These controllers are made in accordance with the set industry norms using the sturdy raw material. With manual tension control a web is subject to constant up and down spikes as an operator is always playing with correcting the tension. Operators simply input the parameters of the production run (such as speed, tension, etc), press start/run and allow the controller to automatically manage production. When installed in place of a standard dead shaft idler roller, the MAGPOWR Tension Sensing Idler Rolls deliver precise web tension measurement. TC950 can be used to form a closed-loop tension control system. Although not as precise as closed loop systems, open loop systems still provide an automated system of consistent tension control that outperform manual control. It adopts 32-bit high-precision AD sampling with 1us sampling time. Nexen’s web tension sensors include load cells for measuring the force applied to a sensor roller, roll diameter sensors, and rotary sensors used with dancer systems. As a roll diameter increases or decreases, torque must be adjusted to maintain tension at the optimal value, or setpoint. Standard features include auto/ manual, tension on/off, manual setting pot, soft start and mains on/off.Web tension Controller ATC 2000 series is an enclosure which contains the outputs to control motor drive, powder brakes, pneumatic brakes etc. The  TC950 tension controller provide precision tension control for web or strand applications. Actual tension and set tension is displayed on the digital meter. This ensures that throughout your entire process your tension is consistent, uniform and precise. The features like strain gauge based sensors, easy tension calibration and automatic as well as manual tension control make these products a preferred choice of many clients. ABB’s web tension system is the perfect choice for measuring web tension in paper mills or converting applications such as printing, laminating, coating, slipping, sheeting etc. As the roll diameter builds, with a fixed torque, tension will decrease as the roll diameter increases. This method is also exposed to the subjectivity of different operators, typically resulting in non-uniform results. In the following drawing, the Closed Loop is made by the following sequence: Brake puts tension on web ! The newest Digital Controller from MEROBEL combines, in a smart and low profile front face enclosure, the most simple user’s interface with the most advanced technical features. Tension is the pull or strain put on a web of material that tends to stretch it in the machine direction. Open loop systems utilize products such as ultrasonic sensors or proximity sensors to measure, or calculate roll diameter. The dual 0-24V/4A outputs can drive the magnetic powder clutch/brake directly. Tension control is the process of maintaining a predetermined or set amount of stress or strain on a given material between two points to maintain its desired properties (such as form, appearance, etc) and quality. Web Tension Controllers by Double E. Double E offers a variety of web tension control systems available using load cells, dancers, ultrasonic sensors, and amplifiers. It integrates two separate Digital PID Controllers and two separate Open Loop controls. • It is impossible to control your web without proper tension being applied to it. Open Loop Torque Controller Closed Loop Tension Control refers to a continuous flow of communication from a web tension measurement device, to a torque controller, to a torque device. Posted by Bryon Williams & filed under Article Library, Montalvo News, Web Tension Control Blog. Our tension controllers are widely demanded in the market for various weighing and measurement purposes. The web tension specialists CMC Controls is a manufacturer of web and wire tension control systems, web tension transducers / load cells, analogue and digital web tension indicators, web tension amplifiers and web tension controllers Web and wire tension control transducers / web tension load cells for rotating and fixed shaft rollers Mathematically, tension equals torque divided by radius. Design and function of the controller is optimized for precise tension control. Tension controls manufacturer Dover Flexo Electronics (DFE) introduces the new, feature-packed SteadyWeb5 Digital Tension Controller.. Accurate web tension measurement is a prerequisite for keeping the web tension constant within the desired range, during both acceleration and deceleration. So tension control is the process of ensuring your material gets from point A to point B in a uniform and consistent manner without any loss to material quality. Our tension controllers are reasonably priced. The latest of the tension controls’ family of IBD Wickeltechnik is web@tens, which adds new characteristics such as the compact dimensions and the easiness to use, to the basic functions that have allowed our MW.90.10 to be distributed worldwide. T-one is a tension controller specifically designed for the web tension control in closed-loop and combined systems; extreme ease of use and compactness are the main features of the tension controller. An optimized web tension control system will ensure that the correct tension is maintained for any type of material, at any section of the machine and regardless of speed or process conditions. We like to use the term “set it and forget it” to describe how a high quality tension control system should operate. Web tension control can be defined as the maintenance of a set amount of web tension (pull or force) for the material being processed, often measured in oz, lbs, grams, kg, or newtons. Tension Controllers automatically regulate this torque, making any necessary correction or adjustments, throughout the process, allowing for continuous production. The measuring force is detected via a bi-directional strip to which the strain gauges are applied, as a result of which an analogue measured signal proportional to the web tension is output. Just set the desire tension and the controller maintain it by automatically compensating for various roll diameters, speed, web material etc. Features: Automatic/Manual tension control; Measured Tension transmission; Reel exchange function; Friendly user interface, easy to use; More cost efficient Narrow Web and Pulley Tension Sensors Tension sensors of the cantilever design measure tension forces in narrow webs, ribbons, filaments, wires, cables and ropes. Tension Controller, Web Guiding Control System, Magnetic Powder Brake, Magnetic Powder Clutch, Tension Meter, Tension Loadcell, Power Supply, Transducer Company Introduction Wuhan True Engin Technology Development Co., Ltd is located in the coast of South Lake and surrounded by numerous colleges and universities. This paper is a review of the fundamentals of web tension control, covering the following topics; Machine sections (unwinds, rewinds and driven m… The sensor provides a high precision signal with high speed and can be applied in conjunction with magnetic powder brakes, pneumatic brakes, electric motors, etc. Maintaining proper tension gets increasingly difficult as roll diameters decrease and changes happen more frequently. actual tension and set tension is displayed on digital meter. It can be used either in rewinding or unwinding stations or as a brake controller or intermediate line drive. Double E load cells are designed using a full Wheatstone bridge strain gage mounted to a beam supporting the load cell bearing cup. Web Tension Measurement devices include load cells or a dancer position feedback sensor, that are constantly relaying tension changes directly from the web of material to the tension controller, which regulates the output of the torque device, which may be a … In your current application could you double your speed without sacrificing end product quality? Signal processing and control are digital, resulting in excellent temperature and long-term stability behavior. Web Tension Controllers. Web tension controller for sale, LCD display, high precision, multi-function, full digital intelligent automatic tension control, send 0-24VDC control voltage command for magnetic powder clutch/brake. Web@tens has been appropriately designed for the web tension control in closed-loop systems. It is intended for operators, designers and engineers who would like a better And all of this happens automatically. As mentioned, one of the key elements to improved productivity and profitability can be traced to the lack of effective tension control. On the sensor rollers used for web tension control, two load cells are already integrated in the roller body. In the sysem, dual tension signal was sent to the controller, the controller compares the target tension with the actual tension and calculates the output with a build-in PID algorithm, then output a compensating signal to a tensioning device such as a powder brake, clutch or a DC drive to get the accurate control of tension. Load Cells. Open loop systems are generally less expensive than closed loop systems because you are not utilizing additional products, like load cells. These cantilever narrow web transducers are designed for measuring applications in conjunction with pulleys, sheaves or narrow web measuring rollers. ✓Thank youThanks for sharing your contact infoWe will get back shortly, We will contact you soon for better understanding of your product requirement & specification, Proximity switch or Encoder NPN transistor, Max Freq. 15k Hz, Dual 0~20 mA, 4~20 mA, PWM Phase- Shifting Output, 0-10V, 4-20 mA, 0-20 mA, which can be directed to a brake or a DC drive, Dual 24V/4A, drive magnetic power brake/clutch, Dual 0-20mA, drive inverter or electric pneumatic converter, 7 Segment LED & Graphic LCD (Dual) Display, Friendly interface, ease to use and configure, LED Indicators: OUT, OUTA, OUTB, COM, AUTO, etc, Bright LED for PV, output, diameter indication, Micro-displacement based tension sensor (signal range: 200mV, Power supply: 5 V DC, Strain gauge based tension sensor (signal range: 20mV, Power supply: 10V DC), Radius detection: Proximity switch or encoder, NPN sgnal, max. T1000 Web Tension Controller T1000 is the first web tension controller to adopt a full touch screen. It can be measured in pounds, ounces, grams, kilograms or newtons across the width of the web. All Rights Reserved. Under this basic definition, most applications can already get their material processed from point A to B, but perhaps it is very manual or is slower than it could be. If any changes in tension are detected the controller can instantly alter the torque device to maintain set tension. Often we find that due to their manufacturing process or poor tension control, manufacturers are not able to run their material rolls all the way down to the core affecting both productivity and profitability. Automating the process, creating a continuous process and increasing productivity are all going to rely heavily on proper tension control to ensure consistent and high-quality results. In both closed loop and open loop, tension is managed by the torque applied to the center of the roll from a brake, clutch, or drive. Tension and Torque Controllers Unwind, Process (Nip), or Rewind. Web Tension Measurement devices include load cells or a dancer position feedback sensor, that are constantly relaying tension changes directly from the web of material to the tension controller, which regulates the output of the torque device, which may be a tension brake, clutch, or drive to maintain the desired tension level. Basics of Web Tension Control Summary Presenter: Darrell Whiteside, Sales Channel Manager – Tension Control Maxcess International This presentation is intended to take the mystery out of web tension control. Web tension controller DC 62; Product description For use in the paper, film and textile industry ; Simple and fast commissioning of the web tension control ; Variable control structure for different application scenarios: "open loop" and "closed loop" Technical Specifications frequency: 15kHz. In rewind applications, it’s just the opposite. Customers can avail a wide range of Tension Controller from us. Load Cells measures Tension ! Web Tension Control The BXCTRL Web Tension Control is a solid state electronic control that receives a signal from dancer input sensors or two load cells (customer supplied). Because tension control is the outmost control loop, the response time is slow compared to that of torque control or speed control. Montalvo manufactures a wide range of tension controllers that are easy to install, set up and operate with a wide range of features to make your process more productive. The web must be “in traction” with all machine idler rolls and driven rolls to ensure proper web handling and control. Accurate and stable tension control ensures the highest product quality and productivity. The entire range is tested completely before final delivery. KEW series controls Unwind, Rewind and intermediate web tension automatically. Controller compares actual tension to desired tension ! Load Cell Amplifiers The LCD and indicators make the user can opearate the controller easily without long time learning. Function. Proper tension must be maintained to prevent stretching, wrinkling, breaking, or inconsistent print registration of the material during its process. The core of T-one is the P.I.D. So in a basic sense, by controlling the torque in a uniform manner in relation to the roll, we control tension. The SteadyWeb6™ Tension Controller combines a full-featured, automatic, closed-loop tension control unit with the most intuitive user interface ever developed for the web process industries. Overall, installing a web tension controller can decrease the variation of tension significantly. http://www.converteraccessory.comThe Mechanical of Tension Control The Cleveland-Kidder® WebPro Advanced Digital Web Tension Controller provides closed-loop control with tension transducer (load cell) feedback for a wide range of web tension applications. Some terms to familiarize yourself with when buying web tension control products include PID control, microcontroller, tension load cells, load cell amplifiers, and dancer control. controller, the load cells will tell the controller if the desired tension was reached. Other sources of scrap and lost productivity come from web breaks, and inconsistent end product. This more or less is leaving money on the core, only to end up as scrap. Web Tension Control - Closed or Open Loop Configurations The Double E Tension controller is a DIN rail mountable controller that is configurable for multiple uses. Based on inputs into the controller, the controller uses any detected changes in roll diameter to regulate torque and maintain tension, as opposed to closed loop systems which receive tension feedback directly from the web of material. Menu security levels can protect the setting parameters. Available in a full enclosure or panel-mount version, the SteadyWeb5 is an automated closed-loop tension controller that takes input signals from tension transducers (the machine’s web path) and supplies a compensated control signal to a tensioning … With a fixed torque in an unwind application, as the roll diameter decreases, the tension applied to the web will increase, and will increase more rapidly as the roll diameter gets closer to core. Web tension control refers to the process of controlling tension while transporting a web. ), Automated, consistent and continuous production. So in a basic sense, by controlling the torque in a uniform manner in relation to the roll, we control tension.

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