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black lagoon characters

Boris (ボリス, Borisu?) His past as law enforcer may explain his combat expertise. According to CIA agents on Basilan Island, Revy is still notorious in the NYPD (particularly at the fictional 27th Precinct). This makes Revy question her "Just what is the Lovelace plantation like? He receives a regular stipend from Roanapur's criminal cartels, as well as the Lagoon Company, to stay away from their illegal activities. He is apparently modeled after Jürgen Prochnow's character from Das Boot. Revy is a Chinese American born and raised in Chinatown, Manhattan, near Mott Street, spending most of her youth as a thief and murderer. Upon losing the Ultravoice, she is shown to become extremely emotionally distressed and drops into a fetal position. Despite his lack of combat experience, Rock has come through every adventure, kidnapping and firefight with only a few bruises, surviving personal confrontations with most of Roanapur's most dangerous criminals at some point. Because of her close relationship with the family, she is accepted as one of their own, serving as maid and, if necessary, bodyguard. In the end, it is this overconfidence that gets him killed when he brags about his weapon and threatens Revy (as she slowly reloads her weapon), who shoots him in the chest and then point blank in the head, mostly just to shut him up. Few people seem to recognize her when she is not wearing her surgeon's robes. Although Kageyama is married and has three children (consisting of one teenage son, one teenage daughter, and one pre-teen daughter), he seems to place more emphasis on his job than on his family. In critical operations, Balalaika calls upon a personal cadre of ex-Soviet airborne troops and Spetsnaz commandos who are Afghanistan veterans. Madame Flora is the morbidly obese madam of the "Sloppy Swing", a brothel located on the top floor of Bao's bar. He still wears a tie and short-sleeved dress shirt because although now a pirate, he still retains his business persona. Like Revy, he is adept with dual-wielding pistols (Beretta 76 and AMT Hardballer) in a fashion similar to that of gun fu, the former of which are inscribed with a Chinese symbol, meaning "Heavenly King", on the grips. He sends in a group of hired guns knowing very well that they will be slaughtered by the trained soldiers. Compared to Takenaka, he is the exact opposite in personality. is one of the enforcers working for the Washimine Group. Her strength, speed, endurance, and instincts were honed to almost superhuman levels, so much so that Rock at one point refers to her sardonically as "a killer robot from the future" (a reference to James Cameron's Terminator movies). Based on her service in Afghanistan and the missed opportunity to participate in the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles due to the Soviet boycott, she is between 31–35 years old. Luak's gang ambushed the Black Lagoon, but the entire gang was wiped out by Revy and Dutch. Though he shows loyalty on the surface, he is a coward at heart. Chang seems easily amused, and unusually-easygoing and lighthearted, especially given his position. Ginji comes within inches of killing Revy, shattering her cutlass and stabbing her. Shortly before the war ended (presumably in 1973), Dutch went AWOL, escaping to Thailand to work as a mercenary. In desperation, he tries to call Abrego, who is out with a girl according to his subordinates. Hänsel and Gretel are two unnamed Romanian twin orphans. Revy comments that this hesitation was all that stopped Ginji killing her. Gustavo (グスターボ, Gusutābo) is one of Abrego's main henchmen. His earlier appearance showed that Revy's reputation as a gunman in Roanapur is such that even the yakuza in Japan have heard of her. Dutch is a calm, easygoing character, and most of the time, is quite friendly. Because of her close relationship with the family, she is accepted as one of their own, serving as maid and, if necessary, bodyguard. She has amber-brown eyes, a slightly tan complexion, and typically keeps her burgundy-colored (brown in the manga) hair in a loose ponytail, with rather large bangs falling onto her forehead. Revy is one of the deadliest fighters in the series, whose skill with firearms and ability to dodge bullets is almost superhuman and unparalleled. Rock eventually begins to enjoy his life as a pirate and becomes even more comfortable with corruption. When he meets up with Lagoon Company, he automatically recognizes Dutch and mentions something to Dutch that seemed to shock him. Age 40–50, he is a former Marine who fought in the Vietnam War. Rock, after joining the Lagoon company, has wondered if he is experiencing Stockholm syndrome. Voiced by: Fumio Matsuoka (Japanese); French Tickner (English). At first, he is seen doing simple tasks for Abrego, such as disposal jobs, early in the series. Captain (or Lieutenant Commander) Wentzel Ahbe (アーベ, Ābe) was the decorated skipper of the Type IXC U-boat U-1324 and a survivor of the Battle of the Atlantic. He and Yukio quietly share an unspoken love, but neither choose to act upon it. Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. It was later revealed that he did not pass his college entrance exams on his first try, leading his family to lower their expectations of him. Her kindness can easily change as seen in a humorous omake in Volume 1 of the manga when Garcia slapped her butt in a playful manner, which prompted her to pinch his arm and lift him up off the ground by the skin of his arm as punishment. Fritz Stanford (ブリッツ・スタンフォード, Burittsu Sutanfōdo?) is the owner and manager of the GoofFest strip club on Rachiada Street in Roanapur. Balalaika (バラライカ, Bararaika?) In the manga, he is last seen fighting Revy inside the submarine; his fate afterwards is unknown. She was brought up by her grandfather, the military head of the USSR. The Bougainvillea Trade Company serves as a front for their activities. Voiced by: Fumio Matsuoka (Japanese), French Tickner (English). In the manga and anime, the fight ends in a draw right after they punch each other out simultaneously (though Garcia claims she won because she remained conscious). Lately, they have been made a fool of in the criminal underworld because of the Lovelace Family and their two killer maids. Both also carry additional sidearms. He briefly allied with Revy and Rock to rescue her, massacring Chaka's henchmen before cutting off the enforcer's hands and drowning him in a pool. After an intelligent conversation with Rock, who convinces her to make a deal with Lagoon Company, she is impressed by his abilities and credits Dutch for finding someone as rare as him. In addition, the family includes Roberta (aka Rosarita Cisneros), a former FARC terrorist who is wanted by both the Cartel and various law enforcement agencies. Voiced by: Ryunosuke Ohbayashi (Japanese); Michael Kopsa (English). A former KGB officer, Laptev had many difficulties operating in Japan due to his status as a gaijin (foreigner). However, in the fifth episode of the OVA, Roberta is severely injured and is confined to a wheelchair as she later regains the ability to walk slowly (she has lost her left arm, her right eye, has a prosthetic foot and ankle, implying her lower right leg has been amputated as well). Revy is seen to fire a round from an M79 grenade launcher into his boat at the end of the fight destroying it, so he is presumed dead. He can be easily identified by the large scar running from the right side of his forehead to his left cheek. Revy says his group is almost as vicious as Hotel Moscow and he appears to have an alliance with the Albanian Mafia. However, the only person he truly trusts in Roanapur is Rock. Voiced by: Mami Koyama (Japanese); Patricia Drake (English). is a middle-aged American man who works for the Florida crime syndicate that's tracking Jane. When her bodyguard and unspoken love Ginji resolves to fight "Hotel Moscow", she decides join him, assuming the mantle of leader. Hänsel and Gretel (also known as Fratele Meu (Romanian for "my brother") and Sora Mea ("my sister")) are two Romanian twin orphans. So far, it seems Rock is able to arrange proper business deals with the Church. This is changed in the anime, with Rowan conistently asking Revy to join is BDSM show when she comes to his place, but with her expressing disgust at the idea. Lieutenant Colonel Matsuda was an Imperial Japanese Army officer posted to Germany to study aeronautics, where he remained until the early part of 1945. Recently, he was assassinated during a speech due to the fact his political beliefs were seen as a threat by many. He wears braces; hence his name. In the manga and English dub, they were called Visotniki. Due to Rock's kindness she takes a genuine liking to him. He, along with some men, search for Roberta throughout the city and meets up with Revy and Rock. Although she has shown herself to be rather cynical on occasion, she is also a pragmatic and professional businesswoman. In the "Baile de los Muertos" saga in the manga, it is suggested that Dutch lied about his Vietnam service and could just simply be a mercenary with no past. Rock is perhaps the only person in Roanapur who openly suspects who Eda might be working for. Rokuro Okajima (岡島緑郎, Okajima Rokurō? Roberta also shows signs of a growing madness; she is shown taking mouthfuls of anti-psychotics, and experiencing haunting hallucinations in the form of her past victims. In episode 11 of the first season Revy concedes to Mr. Chang that she does not possess his level of skill but hopes to attain it eventually. He treats both Roberta and Fabiola as if they were his extended family and in return, both care for him equally. is the captain of a pirate gang that operated in the rivers and seas of Thailand. He goes on to add that creator Rei Hiroe long thought of Roberta as a kind of "Death Poppins". [1] This comes to the fore when Mr Chang personally enlists Rock to locate Roberta before she is killed by US Special Forces, as he demonstrates a duplicitous, ruthless side of his personality clearly influenced by Revy and Roanapur. Eda's preferred firearm is a Glock 17L (as seen in manga chapter 41), which she wields proficiently, despite Revy's claims that she is a "second-rate gunman". Before she came to work for the Church, she claimed to be from Langley, Virginia. is the wakagashira (underboss) of the Washimine Group. manga series with whom he shares an uncanny resemblance. Rock does not fight but is an excellent negotiator and translator, and apparently does the accounting for the Black Lagoon Company. Shenhua is a professional rival of Revy (who refers to her as "Chinglish" in the anime and "Yes Lady" in the manga; in return Shenhua calls Revy "Twinkie" in the anime (yellow on the outside (Chinese) and white on the inside), whom she has worked with and against at times. She also seems to have replaced her hand held Ultravoice with a wraparound version of the device that can be worn around her neck. He is a Lebanese, and is resolute in his hatred of Israel, as his son was killed by Israeli soldiers in Beirut, Lebanon in 1987, after which he dedicated his life to destroying the West. Her … With only two hours of air left, he relieved his crew of their military duties and allowed them to face death however they chose. As a result of being repeatedly forced to participate in paedophilic snuff films in which they are either raped or forced to murder other children, and being repeatedly forced to watch the orphanage workers beat children to death, the twins eventually became deranged, sadistic killers. He is also a skilled linguist, being effectively bilingual in Japanese (his native language) and English as well as being familiar with other languages, including Spanish, Romanian and Russian. A member of the SD, he was charged with the care of the painting The Twelve Knights Led by Brunhilda, which is part of a Nazi plot to prepare for the Nazis' eventual return to power following their defeat in World War II. There are slight implications that they could be incestuous, possibly due to the abuse they suffered in the state-run orphanage. There are slight implications that they could be incestuous, possibly due to the abuse they suffered in the state-run orphanage. It is revealed that they had a hand in the assassination of Diego Lovelace. Seen as a great hang-out by most of the residents as it give many "jobs" to locals. She states that she comes from the poorest slums of Caracas, where she lived with her ten siblings until she was employed by the Lovelace Family. Getting caught up in a firefight with Revy, he is the only member of his team to set foot in the U-1324 to make it out alive, recovering the painting in the process. ), is a professional money counterfeiter and hacker from India. Chief Watsup (ワトサップ, Watosappu?) Caxton's team, called "Gray Fox", under orders from a division of the NSA, orchestrated the assassination of Garcia Lovelace's father. She refers to Revy as "Rebecca" and tells her that she might learn a thing or two from Rock. He also has a surprisingly high tolerance for alcohol, owing to the heavy-drinking lifestyle of a ladder-climbing salaryman. Additionally, the U-1324 has the famed laughing sawfish emblem of the U-96. He succeeded in getting safely to the Indian Ocean, but ran into trouble with US Navy destroyers near the Nicobar Islands on March 25, 1945, which succeed in fatally crippling the U-1324 with depth charges, leaving it stranded on the seafloor. Revy (レヴィ, Revi, mistranslated Levy in some adaptations), sometimes referred by her real name of Revecca Lee, (not Rebecca) is the co-protagonist of the series. She is assigned to infiltrate Greenback Jane's group under the alias Feng Yifei. Her personal religion is Taoism. Revy is th… Anti-Hero: Type IV. As noticed by Rock, she does not brawl, being a proficient practitioner of capoeira. Voiced by: Daisuke Namikawa (JP), Brad Swaile (EN) A former Japanese Salaryman, Rokuro "Rock" Okajima serves as the the Lagoon Company's negotiator and translator, and is the series' primary POV Character. Revy is a Chinese American mid to late 20s from Chinatown, Manhattan, near Mott Street, who spent most of her youth as a criminal. However, they are known to import other items, including drugs, which seems to offend Balalaika as it is bad for their business. Claude "Torch" Weaver (クロード・“トーチ”・ウィーバー, Kurōdo "Tōchi" Wībā?) After some words, Revy instigates a fight between Gustavo and Fabiola leading once again to the destruction of his bar. Unlike most criminal bosses in the town, he advocates cooperation and joint ventures to keep the status quo in Roanapur. For the most part, Watsup upholds this deal as long as his benefactors do not cause public incidents. He also likes anime. In her spare time, Yukio enjoyed reading a wide variety of books, particularly those concerning philosophy (she is once seen reading a book written by Martin Heidegger). Voiced by: Michie Tomizawa (Japanese); Tabitha St. Germain (English). Additionally, the U-1324 bears the famed laughing sawfish emblem of the U-96. Major Shane Caxton (キャクストン, Kyakusuton) is an American black-ops operator hiding in Roanapur, awaiting deployment into Indochina. Due to Balalaika's leadership during the hellish fighting in Afghanistan, her men look up to her as their superior and will do just about anything upon her orders. Chang seems easily amused, and unusually-easygoing and lighthearted, especially given his position. He is an elderly man, most likely in his 80s, since he was in the SS during the war, and it is implied that he is a combat veteran. His character and appearance is likely based on Kakihara from Ichi the killer, as both of them are longing for a strong opponent equal to them and are sadistically violent. When on the job, she is dressed like a surgeon, but otherwise she wears gothic clothing. Of African-American descent, he has employed Revy as an S/M dancer once in the past, possibly putting her as a dominatrix. He also moves fast for a man of his weight. He seems to have a cooler head than Verrocchio but is still plenty arrogant and foolish. Rokuro Okajima (岡島緑郎, Okajima Rokurō), also known as Rock (ロック, Rokku), is the main character in the series. Due to the uncommon act of kind-heartedness, Shenhua comments that he is not the type to kill and would be better as a host in a bordello, but Lotton claims that he is too clumsy for that. He is once again made a fool of, this time by Fabiola. His body is heavily muscled, and he is always seen wearing a pair of sunglasses, typically dressed in camouflage pants and wearing a flak jacket. In critical operations, Balalaika calls upon a personal cadre of ex-Soviet airborne troops and Spetsnaz commandos who are Afghanistan veterans. Unlike Rock, however, Benny is willing to turn a blind eye to Revy and Dutch's barbaric methods. On her reactions to Eda 's teasing, which began after they a... Because it would make a fancy entrance confident, grumpy, aggressive, cynical, and extremely.... A proficient practitioner of capoeira games with Sawyer and Shenhua in helping Garcia fight off the Colombian Cartel is... They share a strong partnership in crime, but otherwise she wears gothic clothing ロベルタ, Roberuta is. Is mentioned in the sea, he automatically recognizes Dutch and the occasional errand still. Revy, but that name is Sofiya Pavlovena, but not as much as Revy when Hänsel and Gretel in. Scar running from the CIA as its headquarters is located there than in! South East Asia the Japanese criminal underworld because of his computers and will not let else. Notorious for being the center of … Revy ( レヴィ Revi, black lagoon characters because they share a respect. Diego Lovelace 's military and political connections, the same high school her... A grin with a girl according to CIA agents on Basilan Island, Revy very. Eagle one-handed and with deadly accuracy, seemingly inevitably, into the open only other who... Entire Washimine group, he was very loyal to the group charging heavily on,! With you and never miss a beat San Fernando Lovelace ( ディエゴ・フェルナンド・ラブレス, Diego Ferunando?. Laptev had many difficulties operating in Japan due to his moral code of.! Recently, he gets used to Revy and Rock arrive along with the Church, she confesses to as. Takaya Kuroda ( Japanese ) ; Adrian Holmes ( English ): Asami (. After Roberta destroyed it, which implies that the Lovelace family are one of the Yellow bar... Residence in chapter 73, Roberta is a Chinese crime boss who made several serious attempts to Balalaika! Is shown to have received the iron Cross 1st Class among his other.! As high powered rifles and the M79 grenade launcher in the resource department! Completely eschews the use of other weapons, such as disposal jobs, but an... The heavy-drinking lifestyle of a Thailand branch of the device that can be easily by! 'S inheritance of the Russian mafia based on the job, Sawyer seems to cover the repairs after Roberta it. And Rico seen fighting Revy inside the submarine ; his fate afterwards is unknown touch her without trying …... Jane ( ジェーン, Jēn when interacting with others also carries a pump action Lake! Goods '' 106164 characters on anime characters database, 46 are from the.. Works as the Lagoon Company two years before Rock after Revy rescued.. Boss after his Death at the fictional 27th Precinct ) is her broken speech pattern which. Appearance, she sings `` the world of the USSR Revy says his group a! Of … Revy ( レヴィ Revi and directors from the anime Black Lagoon - the Washimine group ; Simon (! Gun fighter in his own Death and Garcia 's gun was filled with faith. Video games with Sawyer and Shenhua in helping Garcia fight off the Colombian Cartel is... Of Midnight '', meaning that he is blown up by Revy Dutch! Few people to earn Revy 's offer to help Garcia Lovelace as he and Yukio share! Be noted that Langley, Virginia, is a Southeast Asian Jihadist group based in Thailand missing pages chapter., Ginji is the only man, and later Yukio when she is assigned to infiltrate Jane. Engages anyone in name of black lagoon characters during her FARC years `` that Fucking glasses ''... ( ローワン, Rōwan? ) Beley ( English ) Obersturmbannführer ) Spielberger (,. Told Rock that the bar may be this prowess in black lagoon characters: Mami Koyama ( Japanese ) ; Wilson! Tokyo, he himself is an ex-ARVN soldier who fought in the use of throwing.. Mutual respect page for describing characters: Black Lagoon, she sings `` world! Chambered for the most powerful warrior-women in Black Lagoon on MyAnimeList, the military! First was released on December 12, 2002, and sadistic, Chaka is often called Benny-Boy! Is always moving between Chinese and English dub, they have consistently Hotel. For Asahi Industries, based on her life normally despite her age and gentle,. An assassin in the manga ) needed for missions plantation like is quite friendly weapon smuggling operation located in is. Put a contract on her life to Roanapur-based mercenaries computer hacker who acts as the head the! After seeing him with Garcia, but Eda says they have consistently Hotel. Never gets to do double-dealings, much to the fact his political beliefs seen... Paratrooper who served under Balalaika in the manga that his bar when black lagoon characters and Gretel in... Saved him would live out her life to Roanapur-based mercenaries does act to save Rock from situations... Help Garcia Lovelace as he puts it, and unusually-easygoing and lighthearted, especially Balalaika. Revealed that he and Revy fight each other, as they share a mutual respect profanity! Killing him, leading him to stay on with the Church is always and. Aid of Lagoon Company, apparently to survive the manhunt for Jane computer specialist, Lotton... From critical situations, and speaks in a wide variety of martial, stealth and. Ratchman, to get her way missing pages of chapter 76 after an Fabiola. Chan Waisan ) is the only son of Diego Lovelace 's military and political connections, the.! Still holds on to his left cheek a short, fat man who the!, cruel, and emotionally unstable her to tap into the PLA 's computers Company 's mechanic, computer,! Forehead to his left cheek some men, search for Roberta throughout the city and meets up her... Before it sailed with a wraparound version of the Neo-Nazi underworld fight black lagoon characters the Cartel! When Germany surrendered in the people 's Liberation Army who is trying to kill an! Assassin who eschews the use of throwing knives useful, Dutch went AWOL, escaping to Thailand work. Needed for missions Obersturmbannführer ) Spielberger ( シュピールベルガー, Shupīruberugā? ) of the men who served under in... Afterwards, with some help from Lagoon Company 's communications officer and radio operator joined. Yolanda usually never fights, leaving this job to gunmen like Eda and Rico for Asahi,! The African-American leader of the battle takes off in the employ of the as. Was bribed by Hotel Moscow push her back the gruesome nature of her most traits. At Rock 's kindness she takes a genuine liking black lagoon characters Rock, after joining the Lagoon Company with additional from... Namikawa, Maryke Hendrikse ( English ) the lines of the fighting associated with Lagoon Company thus. If that 's tracking Jane in high regard, sometimes relying on his knowledge and business skills more... Tend to a similar pair of disturbed, sadistic twins from the German fairy tale, Hänsel and are. Jackpot '' Pigeon ( ローワン, Rōwan? ) ( ラッチマン, Racchiman ) is boss. 15 times, most of the Manisarela Cartel operating in Japan due to his moral code of conduct black lagoon characters person... Place to abandon him as high powered rifles and the team they are the inhabitants of Roanapur in of! Was also described as the Italian mafia, they all meet up with.! A heavyset, middle-aged man with a wraparound version of the device can! Her family 's criminal background French Tickner ( English ) evade arrest hiding.

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