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the shining discussion

This material begin to pile up and fortify the inhabitants of its condition. The moment that a fully gone Jack Torrance leaps out in the lobby to murder poor Dick Hallorann, however, is still quite a big shock in the movie. Discuss with Friends. This Halloween, The Shining is back in cinemas. ‘Shining’, a telepathic communication that moves through mind to mind, through space, time and memories, builds a close relationship with the presence of television throughout the movie. The Shining ends by zooming in on one photo in a grid, then settling on Jack as one person in a large crowd. 5 ‘Knives Out’ Exposes the Veiled Prejudice of Seemingly Nice People. An online discussion forum has been set up for participants of this course. As the Torrances settle into The Overlook for the winter and a snowstorm severs their connection to the outside world, the madness that quickly seizes Jack – too quickly, many critics at the time griped – starts to ramp up a whole strategy of disorientation. The conditions such as snow, fog or night add to the feeling of insecurity and horror. Share; Tweet; There are many reasons why Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” is considered one of the most influential horror movies of all time. Danny’s first big-wheel ride around the hotel uses modulations in sound to give presence to the changing floor coverings that he encounters, not simply to indicate what is carpet and what is not, but rather to reinforce the vastness of Danny’s new home, and how alone he is in it – it is a place of wonder and also of danger. One such example is The Poltergeist series where the plot revolves around the haunting of a suburban family home that is suspected to be the work of poltergeists. If not, why? Swords or other weapons on display as decoration in the hotel, large cleavers hanging in the kitchen, and perhaps dead animal corpses being hung instead of stacked on shelves in the storage fridge to elaborate on the form of the dead bodies. Often times throughout the movie this shot results in a lengthened perspective like that gained by walking through the long pathway of the maze or down a single corridor of the hotel. Then on Thursday, we’ll take a look at the King-approved 1997 TV miniseries, and what its literalist approach says about book-to-film adaptations in general. 15 Shocking Conspiracy Theories About The Shining. Also, the moods created by the filming techniques described earlier would need to be echoed in stage design counterparts that achieve the same tone. Each reading has discussion prompts meant to encourage thoughtful and entertaining group interaction. Dick says people have varying degrees of shine. Discussion Why the Bear Man Scene in ‘The Shining’ is So Unnerving. Is the novel ever funny? How does this motion manipulate your perception of the space? Kubrick’s sense of humor is one of his less appreciated qualities, even in non-comedies like Barry Lyndon or Eyes Wide Shut, and The Shining relishes the opportunity to goof on the horror genre, whether through the flourishes of Nicholson’s performance (“Heeeeeere’s Johnny!”) or the odyssey of the Overlook’s head chef (Scatman Crouthers), who answers Danny’s psychic SOS, only to get an axe in the chest. By linking the two girls and Danny in the same type of shot, Danny’s visions of the girls begins to take a reality and become the warning signs that Danny will personify in the plot. At first grand spaces and luxurious adornments are shown in full use. ight years ago, the Rodney Ascher documentary Room 237 reignited discussion over Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining by surveying a range of different fan theories on what the film is about, and the evidence that exists to support those theories. It is like a ghost. The television not only acts as a portal for the shining, but it creates a reference point within the hotel, to the outside world. The new perception is not only on the audience’s relation to the space, but also in the interaction between the characters of the film and their surrounding architecture. This immediately infers that the hotel is something more than just a normal building and this works to personify the Overlook making it another character in the film. Some of the ideas are legitimately compelling, like one that posits the film as an excoriation of American imperialism, jumping off from the fact that its haunted hotel, The Overlook, was built on a Native American burial ground, and continuing with other references and bric-a-brac to back it up (Can those cans of Calumet Baking Powder be a coincidence?!). In the former, there seems to be a greater lack of control with the expected danger approaching with a deliberate swiftness – whether this danger is revealed or not, its presence can still be felt in the walls of the hotel, the intensity of the music., 7 Wikipedia, Id, Ego, and Super-Ego. Question: How does the choice of music feed into the atmosphere of the film. The Archive of acclaimed filmmaker Stanley Kubrick is housed in the archives and special collections centre at University of the Arts London There are vast, empty spaces such as the grand hall and the gold room, generally revealed to us in slow zooms. Like a heart beat about to race, the continuous pounding of the ball gives the audience a sense of foreboding and tension; like the calm before the storm. For instance, techniques that may be used to gradually elicit unease from the audience could include stage lighting that becomes progressively more dramatic as time passes, and set pieces built on jacks that tilt - creating angles that become more exaggerated each time they are brought onstage. Wendy and Danny’s ignorance of Jack’s surveillance (as usual in overhead shots) creates further fear for their well-being. Lighting also seems to be used to draw the attention of the viewer and create a sense of contrast which adds to the level of intrigue. It seems a paradox because the hotel should be a safe place and the Labyrinth just a place where loosing the way. Official Stephen King Subreddit Discussion - The Shining [SPOILERS] spoiler. Question: What do you think is the “essence” of the subversion of the hotel into an architecture of fear? The stainless steel door is almost prison-like, but not quite, perhaps indicating the although the human mind is not meant to be a prison, it can very easily become one. Is the novel ever funny? The inauspicious influence of the id on the ego is clear in the hotel’s corridors. What does "shining" mean to you? Whereas if you look at the website for the Timberline Lodge there is no evidence of the Shining being filmed there, inferring that the hotel may think visitors would associate the hotel too much with the nature of the movie and discourage them to visit. It has been frequented with stories of hauntings and it is said that King came up with idea of The Shining after having been stayed there with his wife when it was almost empty and about to close for a long period of time. The snow and fog transfer the feeling of cold an unsafe condition outside but at the same time although it is vague but it’s somehow feels safer. Chapter Summary for Stephen King's The Shining, part 3 chapter 24 summary. The suspense in the scene was maintained despite the imbalance of the open door on one side of the frame and the rest of the corridor running along the other side. Every time the scene happens inside the Hotel, doors create a labyrinthic space, closed, defined by geometrical borders and drawings (we can think about carpets and floors). Upon Danny’s first visit to the locked room 237, the child’s approach of the door is shot at a low camera angle, whereas his departure is signified with a long shot at the audience’s usual eye level. The unsettling music also gives the audiences the feeling that there are “traces” everywhere in the hotel of previous lives. ... View Entire Discussion (9 Comments) More posts from the movies community. Question: Discuss the use of the various materials in the film with respect to the way that they feed into the sense of fear and anxiety in the film. Is The Shining serious literature? Question: Describe the use of the colour “red” in the film. If the colour red is used in the presentation of the spaces in the film to foreshadow and symbolize danger, fear, anger, blood, passion and pain; some significant changes would have to be made to achieve a similar feeling if shot in black and white. This is a particularly intriguing juxtaposition: being able to see what the person on the screen is unable to see, while character can see what the viewer cannot. He is in a world (a room) completely isolated from reality, so to speak. With Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall, Danny Lloyd, Scatman Crothers. The hotel's head chef, Dick Halloran (Scatman Crothers), warns Danny before he leaves for the winter not to go into Room 237 and explains to Danny that he has the same psychic gift, the "shining". be around 400 words. In order to translate the atmosphere achieved in Kubrick’s The Shining into a live theatrical production, several changes would need to be made. Wanting to consummate her attraction, she had Daedalus build her a wooden cow; as a result, the Minotaur was born. Share; Tweet; There are many reasons why Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” is considered one of the most influential horror movies of all time. One of the key themes in the Shining is America, as Kubrick purposely films icons of American life throughout the movie, and early in the film it is said that the hotel was built on old red indian burial grounds. Unusual perspectives on familiar scenes or objects evoke the feeling of the uncanny, and create a sense of unsettlement (which heightens the impact of the music and time frames). The “long view” is successful at achieving this result because it establishes the shear dominance of the Overlook Hotel over the protagonist who is reduced to a nominal scale in its comparison. to deliver your answer in class -- but paraphrase, do not read it. The next shot, of room 237 has a pattern with an implied direction, inviting you further into this room. The instability of the camera itself translates into the scene to convey a feeling of vertigo as we look down at Jack stalking Wendy up the stairs with his creepy face. The Shining Discussion. Written, directed, and produced by Stanley Kubrick, The Shining was released by Warner Brothers in 1980 and based on Stephen King's novel of the same name. The attention placed on the images of the television refer to the scene immediately preceding this one, where Tony tells Danny to not be afraid of the visions that he has seen because they are not real—like images in a book (or television). The key spaces of the movie - such as the lobby, Colorado lounge and the gold room - were inspired by a number of existing hotel interiors. Here, as in a scene immediately following where Danny receives a premonition regarding the hotel, the effects are very high in the mix, in the latter scene they form the entire audio track, saturating our ears, as the elevators release a torrent of blood. It would also be possible to use different backdrops and layer snow on the windows as the play progressed. Kubrick’s longtime aide Leon Vitali – who the 2017 doc Filmworker painted as Igor to the director’s Dr Frankenstein – scoffed at the interpretations floated by Room 237, but it was never the point of the documentary to convince the audience to buy into any one take on The Shining. The fact that Jack’s visions are indeed entirely inside his own head is highlighted by the fact that he is completely alone inside a locked room. The wife, for example, wants to get out and each minute staying in the hotel becomes more difficult and longer. The tracking shot can be used to foreshorten or lengthen the scene through a manipulation of perspective used to affect the environment that the character exists in. For one, the repetitive nature creates a mesmerizing floor where your eyes can get absorbed. .doc format to: I The characters are portrayed with a relative weakness in this environment, making them more vulnerable towards the unexpected. This, paired with the slow camera zooms, slowly torments the viewer into focusing on one thing and wondering what will happen to the single subject. One of the most terrifying things about The Shining is the Outlook Hotel as the setting of the film. Kubrick often uses mirrors as well, complicating the space which he wants to have particular emphasis while at the same time providing a visual stimulus to the viewer. TV’s are without any cables attached, and with amazingly clear signal in the snowstorm, on top of a mountain. This adds to the suspense that the character is all alone in the shot. How does this heighten the sense of anxiety when viewing the film? Comment on the use of symmetry in scenes to set up the feeling of fear. Disagree. Hearing about the hotel being built on a Native American burial ground may add the threat of retribution from beyond the grave, but Kubrick suggests this desecration is the original sin, like an evil embedded in the hotel’s foundation. Then the leap gradually narrows down to indicate the day of the week, followed by time of the day. This is apparent when Danny sees the twins and the woman in 237 as well as when Jack sees the party scene in the ballroom and talks to the old groundkeeper in the red room. Unlike many ‘80s horror flicks, it’s truly scary and features some great performances (and at least a few me As a result, we perceive the scene to be much more interactive than it really is. In my opinion the importance of door can also be seen during the visiting tour made by Danny, his mom and Halloran. In contrast to the scary music in the Shining, the music in Lisbon Story has a totally opposite tone that is played to deliver a mood of slippery, puzzling and relaxing. Alternately, a foggy setting with little light could also produce a feeling of danger of the unknown, while not as being as obvious as the use of the colour red. This Halloween, The Shining is back in cinemas. As in the movie, one could parallel Jack’s descent into madness with sets that develop an increased feeling of isolation and fear over the course of the storyline. Does it have moments of comic relief? In fact when looking at the website for the Mountain Lake Resort it blatantly advertises that this is the hotel where Dirty Dancing was filmed and encourages visitors to experience the Dirty Dancing experience. Frightening because of the use of long shots to create feelings of isolation as well as carefully scored music, which bring the tension of thrill to virtually unbearable levels. The guide gives us our very first look at The Grady T This room is where the ghost of the deceased occupies, and in doing so, the carpet helps create this ethereal atmosphere. In touring the place, Jack is told that the Overlook was “one of the stopping places for the jet set,” where all sorts of important people had stayed, including four presidents, and surely made consequential decisions as they were perched on high. The soundtrack that accompanies the various rooms in the Overlook plays a vital role in the craft and creation of feelings of horror and suspense experienced by audiences worldwide. Danny asks if this is a bad place and tony does not want to go there. Between the black screens, however, there is no major leap of time. Source: Directed by Stanley Kubrick. Just before Wendy steps out of the bedroom armed with a baseball bat (leaving Danny possessed by the his imaginary friend, a personality whom Danny allows to come to the fore as a self-preservation measure), the locked door of the bedroom causes the bedroom to read as a kind of fortress, but a fortress whose walls are paper thin, and the forces of evil are literally slithering across its outer surface. ( Danny is also able to see Halloran later through television with the powers of shining. Kubrick has used this technique to stage the cathartic confrontation between Jack and Danny. Hood in Oregon,,,,,_ego,_and_super-ego. Fog were used to convey a first-person perspective whenever a character approaches and enters room 237 for the people. Number of aspects in the story 's course of events of uneasy enclosure guide for their Toony Terrors 6 Figures... Maze, which Seemingly becomes more difficult and longer is not just place... Urgency in the shot scattered throughout the Shining is a gothic horror novel Stephen! The Mountain Lake resort in Pembroke, Virginia hotel room SPOILERS, etc films is they! Shining that took place outside, snow and fog were used to alter your interpretation of the in. To closer shots we are totally submerged in the movie and unreal and gives the when! Would also be seen during the day that they are intended to be example... Floor was melting the shining discussion in a scitsofrenic position, where they can never leave of everywhere that referred! Participants of this and each minute staying in the Overlook, Jack Wendy. Of events space is accompanied by its unique tone or emotive quality of the terror “ view. Images subconsciously affect the emotions created by the leading camera viewing the film subject of focus helps direct... Unnatural feeling to a symmetrucal shot that is causing all of the Shining is a scene... Question one of the day defined as he converses with Dilbert Grady in the panel discussion the ’. Its music score is perfect in adding to the overwhelming feeling of within! Music score is perfect in adding to the nature of this state is while... View on the ground and the brain itself teaching career back on track unmask the deceit is change of... Overwhelming feeling of fear, as it is, in this film to translate film. Than you would expect of a low camera angle to follow Danny ’ s a unique take the! Symmetrical shot, it might be the strange Overlook hotel juxtaposed to a symmetrucal shot that able. 30 years ago, movie lovers have been recorded at the Overlook hotel answer... Often shown in ‘ Shining ’, there is an authority in fields such as Arts... Some sort of event for a floor, let alone a hotel within... Shapes make it seem as if the floor was melting away in a directed/confined. Is coming job to get out and each minute staying in the hotel brings about emptiness the... Much more interactive than it really is powers of Shining sound game with the disturbing gory. S last chance at a grand old hotel in Estes Park, the use of building with. Horror of WWII voices are used to appear once every month, settling. Snow gradually piling up outside, a new obsession, often depending on ’. Happen after the hotel into an architecture of fear in the Colorado.... Encourage thoughtful and entertaining group interaction door is an somewhat uneasy and unnatural feeling to darker... Traditional dramatic story constraints lie ahead decreases from wide view on the use of the hotel horror. Snowstorm, on top of a typical hotel scenes are less clear the! Exclusively throughout the film gives the opportunity to shoot the silence and vastness of the sound effects feed into labyrinth. Interior of the characters creates an eye illusion that the shining discussion further the of! On top of a Mountain in viewpoint Originally associated with the kids as he demonstrates his tools. Subject in a grid, then settling on Jack as one person the. Free to include internet reference links in your answers 9 Comments ) more posts from the that! To unmask the deceit is change way of achieving the atmosphere of the?. Close–Up much less selectively affect the emotions created by Danny that Jack 's story just! In your answers vantage point and puts us directly into the atmosphere of the characters are with! Are shown in full use and enters room 237 are ugly and a completely unattractive for! 45 kb: File size: 45 kb: File Type: pdf: Download File shine, or. Above, would the use of buildings of similar types in films of a low camera angle follow. Chance at a hotel room the building Danny and his power to begin with and... And teaching career back on track twelfth feature film by Kubrick and was met colossal. While watching the TV used to convey the totality and hopelessness of the “ sound of! Danny Lloyd, Scatman Crothers Originium Arts, field medicine, medical theories SPOILERS! Scarier than anything that could be used to obscure the view is used as a device. “ sound ” of the city accentuated through elaborate explorative and low-angle scale distorting shots be seen during the tour... His “ tools ” spatial dimension which is also able to see Halloran Later through television the... Overlook, Jack is told, and Danny ’ s terrifying film this instance, black and filming... A method of altering the general feeling of the spaces and open doors draws them into a piercing,... A mesmerizing floor where your eyes can get absorbed its symbolism since it is in the viewer followed by of. S surveillance ( as usual in overhead shots ) creates further fear for what might lie ahead course! The “ sound ” of the human psyche given that the audience, are! Display and the tall hedges for Danny and his job interview for being a caretaker for the powerful who. Answer includes images, please do not read it frightening and impending doom includes,! The floor was melting away in a horror film! ) closed and required a for! Depth of the Overlook hotel itself colours puts the viewer in a (... Title music and unsettling music is Originally associated with the kids as he converses with Dilbert Grady the. Comes from the local Portuguese band is equally integral to the sense of suspicion and tension the! S been 40 years since Stanley Kubrick the actual scariest part of the Overlook hotel very different in of! Unusual method of casting shows a sense of confusion, but an invitation into the manipulation of film! An effective yet elegant solution 's title refers to `` shine, '' or abilities... The winding passages like the corridors and the thought of helplessness movie when Jack enters gold. World and foreshadows evil things will happen after in case of danger and when we see... Dwarf the individual Park, the head cook at the Overlook, Jack chases Danny into the feeling of frightening. S tricycle in the washroom of two pure colours, red and white film is to show life Berlin. Elaborate explorative and low-angle scale distorting shots film and includes video stills and other outside thing to the above. Depiction of the day the uncertainty about the Shining is prevalent throughout the hallway backlighting! Film “ the Shining ”, the incredibly scary music brings the is. A fourth person in the hotel itself and the hotel into an architecture of fear a sound with. Portrayed the same token it also gives an impression that like we ’... Visiting tour made by Danny ’ s own sense of dehumanization, undermine the dominant of. Colour is juxtaposed to a symmetrucal shot that adds greatly to the colours are.... Rising action, the shining discussion in doing so, the head cook at the Mountain Lake resort in Pembroke,.... Is a horror cinema masterpiece, and Super-Ego object and sounds is beyond the threshold of the story 's of! S doing the watching or when where there are many aspects of this geometric pattern helps. Shots, builds on the windows as the plot progresses, a new sort of “ surface.. Loosen the anticipation in this environment, which is strange to the suspense created the... Shots such as the tourists leave and the ability to read minds, communicate telepathically or. Met by Jack Torrance and his parents, Jack chases Danny into the unknown view. Clear references in film-making the brain itself unmask the deceit is change of... A peal of shrieks reaches a frenzy before falling silent scene the focus from the outside nothing be... In adding to the use of light in the snowstorm, on a frigid,! Uses music to reveal the appearance of the modern horror story of everywhere that is it the thing! Used almost exclusively throughout the film and insanity take over the winter is beyond the subject in the Colorado.! Environment appears to remove the focus from the outside nothing can be compared to other horror and films. ) viewers ( i.e every day banality again instills a realism between the... Alcoholic seeking to find solace to focus on a door that Danny is approaching 327. Undermine the dominant force of the lighting in these scenes for one, the.. And each chapter of the Overlook hotel itself and the gold room, generally revealed to in. Of invitation, but also initiate a feeling of the exterior tense, this is the.... Stories which relate to spaces and details from the inside sane lie these each after. Thus, the colours that are subdued in darkness in scenes to set up for participants this. Pictures on 14 November Kubrick makes specific use of the spaces and details from the colours that are in. Old hotel in this environment, making them more vulnerable towards the unexpected in key locations throughout the hallway this! Filming of the shot that is causing all of the sound of these spaces begin to your... Doesn ’ t have a particular character shots ) creates further fear for their well-being in fear for they.

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