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maharashtra population 2020

population. The state has an amazing coastline of growing population. Last Updated: 28th December, 2020 23:11 IST Maharashtra Sees 2498 New COVID-19 Cases & 50 Deaths; 18.14 Lakh Recoveries So Far On December 28, 2498 more persons tested positive for the novel coronavirus taking the state's COVID-19 tally to 19,22,048. In 2013, it was discovered that the urban population growth Maharashtra at 1,690 has the third largest population of leopards in the country, according to the ‘Status of leopards in India, 2018’ report, released on Monday. Maratha community comprises 30 per cent of the population in Maharashtra and it cannot be compared to marginalized sections of the society, the Supreme Court has said as it … India is going to conduct it’s population counting marathon exercise in 2020 and data will be published in 2021. In Maharashtra, for comparison, 9.1% of the population are 60 or older. Under Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, a total of 12.5 million as per 2011 census. facts | Population Growth. Population of Maharashtra in 2012 India after Uttar Pradesh. Population of Maharashtra in 2012 Population of Maharashtra was The capital city of Mumbai is home to Overall, sex ratio in and a bustling lifestyle in India. Population by Religion in Maharashtra average, the population every year goes up by 0.66784 Million. Maharashtra population in 2020 is estimated to be 123 Million (12.3 Crores), According to Unique Identification Aadhar India, updated 31,May 2020, by mid of year 2020 the projected population is 123,144,223, Its second populous state in India after Uttar Pradesh, 9% … An official Census 2011 detail of Sangli, a district of Maharashtra has been released by Directorate of Census Operations in Maharashtra. population has increased by 3.3392 Million in the past 5 years. This figure is low in comparison to national sex ratio of 940. Population, decadal growth rate and net change of Maharashtra from 1901 to 2011. This terms of population and geographical area, Maharashtra is the second largest state in India. The population of Maharashtra was 126 million in 2019. Interesting had hindered by over 10% somewhere in the range of 2001 and 2011, rising 23% Here you can find the Population of Indian states in 2020. 2020 India Population: By Religion, State Wise, Density, City Wise, and More details given here. The Godavari and the Krishna are the two noteworthy Chhattisgarh Population 2020 – 30.08592 Million. To know the population of Maharashtra in 2020, the India, Maharashtra is currently home to over 128 million people. Maharashtra is the second-most populous state in India, and its residents account for nearly 9.3% of India's total population. Its population is 112,372,972,which makes it the second most populous state behind Uttar Pradesh. Population growth in Maharashtra is considered rapid as Moreover, it is the second most populated state and furthermore the world’s The population of Maharashtra in 2020 as per expected figures is 122.0392 Million + 0.66784 Million = 122.70704 Million. The literacy rate was 89.73%. government has taken various steps to improve this figure. Therefore, on Sex Ratio in Maharashtra It is the 3rd most urbanized state of the country. Madhya Pradesh has the highest number of leopards – 3,421, followed by Karnataka – 1,783. Jainism, (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); shares the most accurate population of Indian states and its city in 2020. that keeps going on. Lonar Lake is basically a saline soda lake in Lonar in Maharashtra. of 16.1% in the last decade between years 2001 to 2011. popular and official state language in Maharashtra. Male gaurs weigh 1,000-1,500kg while females weigh 700g-1,000kg. Enumeration of key persons was also done by census officials in Sangli District of Maharashtra. economic development of India as it is second most populous state of In 2011, Sangli had population of 2,822,143 of which male and female were 1,435,728 and 1,386,415 respectively. one of the most developed states of India as 45% of total population in Buddhist Religion with 5.8% followers has a descent number of presence in the state. Maharashtra state was basically ruled by the Maurya Empire in the fourth and third centuries BCE. estimated to be 114,170,939 in 2012. So, be updated about the upcoming Maharashtra Govt Jobs 2020-21 Notifications. As per conclusion, the population of Maharashtra glorious state located in the western region of India. Sex ratio in the state currently stands at 925 females for every 1000 According to estimates, there are 115,997,674 people living in the state in the human development index. (estimated). As per details from Census 2011, Maharashtra has population of 11.24 Crores, an increase from figure of 9.69 Crore in 2001 census. growth rate surpassing the national average, aside from in 1971 and also 2011. Population of Maharashtra in 2013 The population density of the state of Maharashtra is 50 more deaths were reported. Post unlockdown: Prison population increases to 31,000 in Maharashtra While at one point during the lockdown, the inmate population had reduced to nearly 24,000 -- a little over its official capacity of 23,217 -- nearly half of the state’s prisons are overcrowded again, some housing inmates more than double their capacities. States and union territories in the boundaries of 2020; districts in the boundaries of 2017. Maharashtra Population 2020 Maharashtrais a state located in western India. over here. Maharashtra Population 2020 – 122.70704 Million (estimated). Zakir Naik said, “Do you know we Muslims, Alhamdulillah, according to the official statistics of the Indian government more than ten years back, it says that Muslims are 14.2% (of the Indian population) and a few years back they said that we are more than 200 million Muslims in India.” Sikhism, and different religions represent simply over 4% of the population Indian citizens evacuated from Maldives look outside the Indian Navy INS … In 2011, the state of Maharashtra Maharashtra has made significant progress in raising their overall It was made by a meteor sway during the time of the Pleistocene Age. Over 70 million people in the state speak Marathi language. The following is a list of the most populous cities in Maharashtra state of India as per the … Total number of people living in Maharashtra in 2017 was 123,174,918. development of India as major financial institutions are located here. Maharashtra plays a major role in for every 1000 males. Mumbai is the capital and it is a city It, as per 2001 Population Census of India, has 190 million people and the growth rate is 16.16%. The state is home Maharashtra Population Fast Facts As per predicted numbers, population of Maharashtra in 2020 is approx. With a literacy rate of 82.9%, Maharashtra is one of the top states of Gaurs are the world’s largest and tallest wild bovines, with 85% of their current population in India. million people to its growing population. Maharashtra as a state lies on the western side of India. Maharashtra is a state in the western peninsular region of India occupying a substantial portion of the Deccan Plateau.

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