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10 finger golf grip reddit

The interlock grip is a type of finger placement that a golfer can use to hold a golf club in his hands. Not many professionals use this grip, but some newcomers to the game find it comfortable. Natural Golf’s original clubs were three inches longer than conventional golf clubs – and they taught that hands on the club were split a few inches. While not a lot of PGA Tour players use this style, current PGA Tour member Scott Piercy uses the 10-finger grip. There are some things you must watch for when using the 10-finger grip. ... To receive GOLF’s all-new newsletters, subscribe for free here. On the final day while on the practice tee I for some reason decided to hit some balls with a 10 finger grip. Interlock Grip. Your right hand now has as much control as does the left. I have small hands in comparison to my height and stubby fingers. I am 17 years old 6'2'' and weigh 185 lbs. Maintain proper balance throughout the swing…50/50 weight to start (front foot/back foot). 10 finger is the only grip … 'School of Golf' host Martin Hall has a tip everyone can use to hit the ball farther just by changing your grip. I am using the 10 finger grip . Make sure your forearms aren’t clenched. The Natural Golf non-tapered grip and Moe Norman's grip and a Standard golf grip. My left hand is useless, so I think if I was to give both hands the same control of the club, my right hand would overpower the left and may result in some bad things (I suspect left of left, and hooking). I had been struggling some during the week with my ball striking. On the much debated subject of grip and grip size, I decided to put this one to rest with a simple picture of three grips. I have a left finger that had staph a few years back and is stiff & weak. I use the 10 finger grip all the time. People with weaker hands and forearms may also benefit from the 10-finger grip. ADVERTISEMENT. Some of the main features of both types of grips are compared below. They promoted a 10-finger grip. 2. Not to say that the 10 finger grip is bad by means, but I doubt it is some miracle solution. The 10 Finger Golf Grip: Best Technique for Beginner - To get a powerful yet controlled swing in golf, the player needs to recognize properly in holding the golf club. So my whole golf life Ive used the 10 finger grip. Finally we have what is called the baseball grip, or otherwise known as the 10 finger grip. Baseball Grip – 10 Finger Golf Grip. The only danger I see with a 10-finger grip is if you have a really dominant "back" hand (i.e., the right hand for a right-handed golfer). Since switching to 10 finger grip, deviation is only a push, which is not a clubface issue. The one thing the grip did was to cause back weighting.105 grams .Lost my swing weight feel . This is feasible, as kids usually adapt swing and setup changes fairly easily as compared to adults. I know its uncommon ish for decent players to use so Ive tried to switch to interlocking and Vader(?). Dial back your grip to a neutral or even weak position to see how it affects your ball flight. While some players with thick fingers tend to feel uncomfortable using an interlocking golf grip, they have found the 10-finger golf grip … 60/40 at the top of the backswing. It is named as such because of the fact that the left index finger will hook into the right little finger, effectively locking – or interlocking – both hands together on the grip of the club. But a sore finger or fingers can be perplexing, especially if you don’t have arthritis or a pre-existing medical problem with your hands or fingers 1.Of course, arthritis can lead to pain in your fingers, particularly in the joints. The interlocking golf grip has its pros and cons over the 10-finger or baseball golf grip. You sometimes expect a sore back from a round of golf, or even some discomfort in your shoulders or legs. Once you’ve checked your alignment, the next piece of your setup to evaluate is your grip. Spieth's grip is one of the more interesting ones on tour--a derivative of the standard overlapping grip 98 percent of PGA Tour players use and the … I tried going back to overlap a few times but I always go back to the 10 finger grip. A variation that is not so drastic is to adopt a 10-finger grip. Some teachers like to advocate that junior players use the 10-finger grip, with the goal of switching to the overlap or interlock later. Keep your grip light and arms tension free…If 10 is a death grip of golf club and 1 is the club falling out of your hand, aim for a grip in the 4-6 range. He asked about it and I told him to many years of ball. Two of the most popular grips in golf are the interlocking and overlap grips, but many seem to sleep on the baseball/ten finger grip. Even with the differing hand positions of Natural Golf and Moe Norman – their concepts of the swing being on a Single Plane was similar. I tried to adjust by going to oversize grip to Some relieve. I think. I recently tried this due to my frequent push/slices with the long clubs. I found the interlock to be a much more secure grip that did a better job of locking my hands together. Why Use Oversized Golf Grips. Incorrect Ball Position so i ordered a sample of the Jumbo Max Grip Medium. You can easily see that Moe's grip was larger than a normal grip… I play with the baseball 10 fingers grip (used to play interlocking), but when I did in my middle finger in, I found I could not hold onto the club well enough, so swapped to baseball for that period and never swapped back. Usually you only want to use the 10-finger if you have small hands or arent very strong. 10-Finger Grip It’s called the “10-finger grip” because every one of your fingers is on the club. Both feel so unnatural to me. My shots are more solid and more often straighter. It features a gyroscope, which increases in revolutions per minute as you rotate your hand, thereby giving you stronger gripping action. Another benefit of using the trigger finger in your golf grip is the fact that this is a fundamental which translates beautifully into the short game. 90/10 at impact. I went to 10 finger about 6-7 years ago, largely due to an injury to the trailing hand ring finger but still use it today due to arthritis. The vast majority of tour pros use either the interlock or overlap grip. I think I'm switching to a 10 finger. Since the article ''Why You Should Try the 10 Finger Grip'' appeared in the April issue of Golf Digest, a great deal of experimentation has been done by local golfers with a variety of results. They take the ten finger grip from baseball and use while swinging a golf club. Then the other one that I always heard, the baseball or 10-finger grip, that was kind of not considered a “real” golf grip, but I played with a guy in college, great player, one of the best ball strikers, there’s guys on Tour that use the 10-finger grip. A strong grip promotes an active release of the golf club which turns the clubface closed at impact. I started out with the 10-finger and then switched to the interlock. Eventually a few people said don't worry about it and some said change it. The NSD Power Essential Spinner Gyro is a hand grip strengthener that has the endorsement of some of the world’s best sports teams and fitness trainers. Played baseball and softball for many years before I took up golf only. That really helped. The 10 finger grip can be achieved (For Right Handers) by: Holding the golf club with the club head pointing towards the sky. I used an overlap grip for nearly 20 years and played some successful golf with it (at my best, I was a +2.3 index). Wow! This grip style is similar to the way most people hold a baseball or softball bat. With the 10-finger grip, your hands can roll a little easier and take the club inside too quickly on the backswing. It is easy to get too active with the right and watch draws turn into hooks. By Zephyr Melton. Quit the game for about 8 years and got back into it in January. This grip places the club in the fingers and is the grip most likely to be taught by golf instructors. To place your hands on the handle using the Vardon Overlap, take the little finger on the trailing hand and place it between the index and middle finger on the lead hand (for right-handed golfers, the lead hand is the left). [the “baseball” grip (holding what appears to be a putter)] The “baseball grip,” as the 10-finger grip is also known, is frowned upon because it requires more of a commitment to move the arms correctly in a swing. However, in contrast to the other types of golf grips, no anchor will link them at all. Just more comfortable for me. I use the overlap with irons. Most kids learn to swing a baseball bat before they learn to swing a golf club. Scott Piercy is one of a handful of players on the PGA Tour with a 10-finger grip. 1. Similarly to the sport that gave its name, this grip will see both hands pressed against each other on the grip. How Alex Noren’s unique 10-finger grip revolutionized his putting. The 10 finger grip is also commonly known as the ‘Baseball grip’ as it is almost the exact way way you would grip a baseball. I've played my entire career with an overlap. Too Strong of a Grip. I have always used the baseball or 10 finger grip since I started and got extremely used to it and never thought anything of it. I use the 10 finger grip with driver/woods/hybrids. He said no problem and went to work from there. The other common type of golf grip is the 10-finger grip. Hello again, I've been playing/practising quite a lot for the last couple of month or so, over the last few weeks I've noticed a pain in the little finger on my left hand after I've played for say 2 consecutive days. April 13, 2020. Most grip strengtheners require consistent use over time before you will notice significant improvement. I recently took up golf about a year and a half ago and have just switched to Taylormade burner 2.0 irons. Wish I had done it before, as my little finger used to hurt after golf and now do not suffer from that. Generally, golf clubs should come with a standard grip, however, “all hands are not equal”—as the expression goes.If we have established this fact, then the oversized golf grip is an alternate option for the golfers with large hands. It is also known as the baseball grip, because all 10 fingers are on the golf club. Even took a few lessons from my local PGA pro to get better. Click HERE for more School of Golf content. The short game, as you should already know, is extremely important to your ability to score well on the golf course. I've just returned from a golf outing and made a discovery.

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