Fresh Home With Green Vertical Garden Ideas (45 Pictures)

The beauty of the house can also be increased from the arrangement of interesting plants. Especially if the plant will bring a beautiful flower. But unfortunately not all homes have large land and can be used as gardens. What steps are taken? Try switching with a vertically arranged plant decor.

Are you a fan of ornamental plants and flowers? But the condition of your land and house is too narrow to make a garden? Do not panic. You can create a vertical garden, to realize your dreams. From now on, think about how you will design a vertical garden to decorate your home. If you’re still confused, here’s we will share pictures of the vertical garden, which may be a source of inspiration for you, to realize the existence of a vertical garden at home.

You do not have to bother buying special equipment to start creating a vertical garden in your home. Start by using items in your home, such as used tins, wooden boards, fabrics and so on. These materials can be used as the main equipment for vertical planting.

Fresh Home With Green Vertical Garden Ideas 03725
Fresh Home With Green Vertical Garden Ideas 03725

Make a fairly wide wooden board, then hang a few tin cans. Arrange the cans to make it look neat and attractive, and make it as a planting medium. You can put this board anywhere. To add beauty, add some plants in pots, and place it around the wooden planks. Develop your idea, adjust the available space.

Are you interested in trying to paint with plants? Make a large frame made of wood and stick on the wall. Choose plants of moss and nail plants and plant them in the frame with the patterns you like.

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