The 2017 Honda Ridgeline Truck; Specs. & Price– the 2017 Honda Ridgeline Truck was revealed at the 2016 Detroit Autoshow. It is actually the second-Generation of the 2017 Ridgeline.

This Truck is built by Honda, the second-largest Japanese automobile manufacturer since 2001. it marks the return of the unibody mid-size truck. It is conventional but still look innovative. it is also less polarising.

The Ridgeline Truck’s Specification 

The Conventional Honda Ridgeline Truck; The ridgeline of this car retains the key materials of unit-body construction.  It is also believed that the ridgeline will move faster than traditional mid-sized trucks in towing capacity and cargo hauling. A traditional truck was limited to 5,000-lbs. tow capacity but this new truck will need to pull more than 7,000-lbs. to make good performance.

Honda Ridgeline Truck Shown
Honda Ridgeline Truck Shown

Innovative architecture

The truck’s architecture  is a combination of Honda Pilot SUV and Acura MDX. Although this new truck is designed conventionally, it is completed with with a longer and flatter hood and also a flat bed at top.

The back design of Honda Ridgeline Truck
The back design of Honda Ridgeline Truck

The innovative features of this truck can be seen from a tailgate that can swing open like a door or flip down in normal fashion. Also, there is a lockable trunk-like cargo space beneath the bed floor. The new bed is 5′ wide and 5’4” long with 48 inches between the wheel arches to accommodate sheets of plywood or drywall.

Elegant Interior of the Honda Ridgeline Truck
Elegant Interior of the Honda Ridgeline Truck

Independent Suspension

The Ridgeline Truck has independent suspension which can make the trunk space possible. It also offers comfortable ride. A better handling is also offered to its customers. The base model will be the front-wheel drive

the black version of Honda's Ridgeline Truck
the black version of Honda’s Ridgeline Truck

Price and Release Date

As stated before, this truck was shown at the 2016 Detroit Autoshow. The price of the 2017 Honda’s ridgeline truck is about $32.500.

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