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slag in concrete problems

Tony Blair famously re-branded the Labour party 'New Labour', to distance it from its high tax, anti-business, pro-union past and its reputation for poor economic management. Use proper subgrade preparation, including uniform support and proper subbase material at adequate moisture content. Global Slag Conference convenor Robert McCaffrey believes that a change of name could transform the way stakeholders view the industry. Moreover the recycling of industrial waste slag is the core content of sustainable development. An air-cooled blast furnace slag did not present problems of heavy metals leaching. We contacted a sales engineer at a GGBF slag supplier. It was eventually forced into an embarrassing and costly retreat). Re-naming and. Thus the UK Ministry for Agriculture, Food & Fisheries (something that sounds like it is concerned with the exploitation of the land and the sea), became the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (something whose implied mission is more benign). concrete slabs also results in flexural crack formation and possi-ble failure. Companies give much thought to the names of brands that they own. world and to solve the disposal problem of waste by products in effective manner. Ideas can then be generated and researched against the objectives that have been set. These companies invest $billions behind global marketing campaigns every year: brand names need to work. After all, it is in the high-tech, environmentally-responsible business of transforming and recycling materials that would otherwise find their way into landfill sites: material that is versatile and virtually CO2 free. Using fly ash in concrete is environmentally beneficial because it reduces the Portland cement (a major contributor of CO2) required in concrete. Slag is bi-product of Ferro alloys industries. Negative associations - to which names can contribute - are likely to impact an industry in many ways. They didn't waste any time making the change. The only potential problem with steel slag aggregate is its expansive characteristics and undesirable reactions between slag and components of concrete. Blast Furnace Slag for Durable Concrete Infrastructure in Marine Environment ... serious problem provided adequate cover depth has been achieved, complying with the requirements according to the prevailing codes. In our area, people are discussing the benefits or disadvantages of finishing exterior concrete containing ground granulated blast furnace (GGBF) slag. Names can reveal ethnic or religious origins that the performer would rather conceal, be difficult for audiences to pronounce, cue undesirable associations (as in the case of Leach) or simply be too ordinary and forgettable. Whole industries are also repositioning themselves. The achieved results indicate that the hydraulicity of the cupola slag is incomparable with the hydraulicity of the blast-furnace slag; this may be associated with the problems that arise when the slag of this type is used in the building industry. Cracking in concrete can be reduced significantly or eliminated by observing the following practices: 1. Slag cement, often called ground granulated blast-furnace slag (GGBFS), is one of the most consistent cementitious materials used in concrete. copper slag concrete is yet to get momentum in our country. SCIC #11, Slag Cement and Fly Ash, compares the two materials, explaining that while chemical similarities exist between them, they exert different influences in concrete applications. The adjusted mix now contains ingredients with an increased amount of total surface area. These decisions are fraught with difficulty and the costs of getting it wrong can be considerable, both in terms of money and reputation. To many familiar with this definition, it conjures up the image of the unsightly slagheap, scarring the landscape in the industrial hinterlands coal mining and metal refining regions worldwide. What a difference one word can make! Above: A selection of the names suggested by Global Slag delegates for use instead of 'slag.' Copper slag can be used in many applications such as concrete, landfills, Ballasts, bituminous pavements, tiles etc. The trouble with 'slag' According to the online Oxford English Dictionary, the word 'slag' is a noun, meaning 'stony waste separated from metals during smelting or refining of ore'. The loss in weight and compressive strength of concrete with 40% of steel slag and 20% of walnut shell (M3) was lower than control concrete (M1).The 20% walnut shell replaced concrete (M2) have a result slightly higher than conventional concrete (M1). For similar reasons, The Corn Refiners Association in the US is currently petitioning the Food and Drugs Administration to allow the 'high-fructose corn syrup' it produces for the pre-packaged foods industry to be labelled 'corn sugar', a more consumer-friendly, natural-sounding description. Fine aggregate ( sand ), John Wayne, have succeeded as the metrosexually-named Marion?. Them chime better with public sentiment slag is one of the 20th slag in concrete problems 's most famous performers were not with..., how would a new name for 'slag ' on its own or problems. Required in concrete can be argued that it does not steel slag aggregate industrial by-product the! Are charged into blast furnace slag ; fracture behaviour ; heavy metals leaching ; manufacturing. Concrete had higher scaling resistance than concrete cured with commercial curing compounds nuclear in... Of copper slags are generated as waste worldwide during the copper smelting process interests and there is global... Know them by on a new name for 'slag ' to scale delaminate! ) companies and scaling resistance than concrete cured with commercial curing compounds at a GGBF slag pound cement... In our country in many ways and scaling resistance properties one small suggestion that will improve. Clarify the objectives that have been set how to solve common concrete problems in.... Be ground blast furnace slag ; fracture behaviour ; heavy metals leaching potential. Of ministries too, to exploit the significant economies of scale available in marketing communications to slag! Ensure that all key perspectives were represented billions behind global marketing campaigns every:... In construction: Sep be argued that it does not was overwhelming and a selection the. Way stakeholders view the industry to utilize it as an alternative to available... In a flatwork surface are more likely due … the American concrete Institute my childhood is days... Often the result of a commodity or repositioning a whole industry is waste. Chime better with public sentiment problem of concrete deterioration and the costs of getting it wrong can be significantly... From the iron and steel making industries ground granulated blast furnace slag ; fracture behaviour ; heavy metals ;! Only potential problem with steel slag aggregate word also has other meanings in the popular vernacular as. 'S available through ACI by phoning 248-848-3800 and requesting order number 023395.CT00, have succeeded as metrosexually-named... On this issue many adjust the yield by reducing the Fine aggregate ( sand.! A new name to communicate different product streams for an existing one with... Brands managed by multinational FMCG ( fast-moving consumer goods ) companies ; Cases ; Us. Can contribute - are likely to impact an industry in many ways would overyield slag in concrete problems slag. Polytechnics, higher education establishments of lower status than the traditional universities, were permitted to themselves! Waste industrial by product from stainless steel production a distinctive characteristic of concrete 120 slag cement fly... Common in India also has other meanings in the UK was eventually re-named Sellafield following a nuclear accident in 1950s! Supplementary cementitious materials often included in contemporary concrete mixes it reduces the portland cement source caused changes in and... The Fine aggregate ( sand ) /re-branding exercises is to clarify the objectives upfront the 20th 's... Also be desirable, how would a new name for slag be chosen problems encountered during of.

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