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What niacinamide products do you find are effective? Created with Sketch. Using it in the morning should have no impact that I can see :). Also, after apply Hada Labo Hyaluronic Acid Lotion, what kinds of moisturizer should I use in order to rectify my skin problem? from . Concentrated hyaluronic acid helps skin lock in moisture. Free- fromMineral OilDyesFragranceNon comedogenicPH balancedTarget key areas or your entire face and neck by applying morning or night with the Hada Labo patting technique. Created with Sketch. 6. I had this reaction myself and was totally stunned because I have used a lot of other arbutin … Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Do you apply hl on wet or towel dried skin? I'm not sure whether you meant you bought the shirojyun premium cream or the normal shirojyun cream, but either way both are fine to use in the evening w/ tret. Ask any questions, stay moisturized, and may your Purge be swift! RRP is ¥1,400 for 200ml. It's a staple for me and I've been through 4-5 bottles. There’s also a vitamin C derivative in the form of magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, which shares similar functions to arbutin. It's reduced most of my residual PIH from minor CCs that I had to manually extract and some cystic acne PIH. I switched to Cosrx galactomyces 95 essence and that' been effective for me. I'm a bit over halfway through a bottle and I haven't noticed any difference between the arbutin and the gokujyun lotion. So i will cleanse, apply hada labo, then tret and then moisturizer mixed with vitamin c drops, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Pretty much every step of my routine has lightening/brightening ingredients, so I can't attribute any brightening to the HL Shirojyun (and I don't think it did much in that respect). I just bought these two products and I'm going to use them in the morning. Question. The lotion is soooo good and refreshing, it doesn't feel heavy at all and it's really so comfortable to apply. I found the Shirojyun Lotion and the Milk rather sticky. On my tret days, I apply the HL first, let dry for a few minutes, and then apply tret on top and follow with the rest of my skincare routine. I mean, I purged for eight months straight, so it was definitely getting down there. It was a waste of money for a bottle so tiny. Is the brightening effect noticeable? Cookies help us deliver our Services. Age 44-55. Sounds cool. Some people believe buffering does affect efficacy. Hada Labo Gokujyun Premium Lotion ingredients (translated by Reddit user imnikky): Water, butylene glycol, glycerin, PPG-10 methyl glucose ether, hydroxyethyl urea, sodium acetylated hyaluronate (super hyaluronic acid), sodium hyaluronate, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid (nano hyaluronic acid), hydroxypropyltrimonium hyaluronate (skin absorbent type hyaluronic acid), sodium hyaluronate … Probably going to replace it with TO's Arbutin. Rohto Hada Labo Shirojyun Medicated Whitening Lotion 170ml 4.2 out of 5 stars 100. I didn't suddenly discover something bad about the famous and bestselling hydrating toner. Agree with u completely. Can't guarantee it's the TO Alpha Arbutin that definitely did it but I find that using it in combination with their Niacinamide 10% resulted in significant fading of my PIH so I was pretty happy with that. Should I let my hada labo on wet skin dry before applying moisturizer? £15.63. Gogogo. I haven't tried Hada Labo's shirojyun line, but I use a different serum w/ tranexamic acid, alpha arbutin, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin c (MAP) and have had no issues w/ irritation or using it in the evening w/ tret. In my experience & in most dermatologists' opinions, Retin-A is most effective on bare, clean, and dry skin. Ratzilla. Hadalabo Shirojyun Ultimate Whitening Cream Moisturizing lotion contains tranexamic acid to help lighten and prevent the formation of dark spots, alongside Vitamin C and E offer protection against free radicals. I use the light version of the Hada Labo Gokujyun toner because I have sensitive skin and I pair it with the Shirojyun milk~ I use the milk to lighten my redness and because it's a really nice and light daytime moisturizer. The thing I like about it is that it doesn't cause my skin to flake off like Melano CC does, it is not pH-dependent, and it improves overall brightness. Hada-Labo Shirojyun Premium Whitening Jelly Essence is available in drugstores across Japan. I'm not so sure the internet needs another full-blown Hada Labo Shirojyun Lotion review, but I think I might microblog my experience with it. They're both moisturising and work nicely with my skin, but there hasn't been any difference with the arbutin. The Hada Labo USA's website looks like it is outdated. (To know more about Hada Labo, check the blog about it here.) New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the AsianBeauty community. The main active ingredient of this moisturiser is arbutin, which is known for diminishing hyperpigmentation and overall brightening the skin tone. What is the serum you’re using with tranexamic acid? So the thing with the HL premium lotion is you need to apply it on damp skin and then apply a moisturizer right over it to seal it in. While planning my April skincare haul, I came across several Hada Labo products in my go-to Taobao store, and found that the Hada Labo lotions are … Press J to jump to the feed. I use the premium lotion every day. Hada Labo Shirojyun Arbutin Whitening Lotion (Rich) ingredients explained: Arbutin, Water, Sodium Hyaluronate, Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Tocopherol, Coix Lacryma-Jobi Ma-Yuen Seed Extract, Dipropylene Glycol, Glycerin, Sorbitol, PPG-10 Methyl Glucose Ether, Diglycerin, Xanthan Gum, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Polysorbate 20, Butylene Glycol, Styrene/Vp … from. I think it's moisturizing but also didn't brighten my face. Not really related and its an anecdote, but be careful as you can get an allergy reaction to the Hada Labo Arbutin line even if you are perfectly fine with the Hada Labo SHA line! Reply. It’s also pretty affordable. I do still love it, though, because the regular HL Gokujyun lotion contains Hydroxyethylcellulose and daily application made me break out all over my face. Read 721 reviews of 51 products and view photos of HADA LABO products on MakeupAlley ... Products; Reviews; Discussions; 4.0. I just started using the Hada Labo Shirojyun Arbutin Whitening Lotion and after six weeks of twice daily use, I am beginning to see amazing results. Neeextttt. This lotion is like a treatment product, and its main purpose is to deeply moisturize the skin, thanks to its high concentration of hyaluronic acid. Press J to jump to the feed. All of these ingredients are fine to use in the evening w/ tret. DETAILS Quasi-Drug (医薬部外品) Hada-Labo Shirojyun Premium Whitening Jelly Essence is an all-in-one Japanese beauty serum gel that addresses discolourations. The gel-cream has an ultra moisturising yet refreshing formula that replenishes moisture and locks in it while helping to brighten skin tone. 3 years ago. The HL Shirojyun is a lighter toner that I can use in the morning and it doesn't break me out, plus it's not as heavy as the HL Premium, so it absorbs quickly and provides a nicer layer after my CosRX Galactomyces essence in the morning. I have a normal skin/combo skin with no flare ups or problems with hada labo products I’ve tried so far. Basically I wet my skin right before every step of moisturizing. 6 years ago. I have the shirojyun milk and lotion too, whilst they are moisturising I don't find any brightening effect and have repurposed them for body use. The face cream has a rich yet non-greasy, slightly acidic formula that is medicated with tranexamic acid to treat and prevent sunspots, freckles, and other discolourations cause by sun exposure while reducing inflammation. It is medicated with arbutin to prevent dark spots by inhibiting excess skin pigment production. The brand is most known for their hyaluronic … Quasi-Drug (医薬部外品) Hada-Labo Shirojyun Premium Whitening Milk is a Japanese moisturiser milk that fades sunspots. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. HADA LABO Shiro-jyun Clear Lotion should be used after washing and serves as the foundation to your skin care routine. Probably the best thing about it is that it's fairly widely available.

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