Bathroom Ventilation Design That Will Make The Bathroom Fresh

This article discusses the proper design, location, control, and ducting of bathroom vent fans and bath vent ductwork. We also discuss the issue of bath vent fan noise, proper location of bath vent controls, and bath vent duct condensation problems. This article series discusses current best design practices for kitchens and bathrooms, including layouts, clearances, workspaces, and accessible kitchen and bathroom layouts, clearances, turning spaces, grab bars, controls, etc.

Not only has an important function, but you should also determine an attractive design in the air circulation in the bathroom so that it can be used as a decorative element. Well, specifically for you who are building bathrooms, we will share inspirations for bathroom ventilation designs through this article. What are they?

Bathroom Ventilation Design
Bathroom Ventilation Design – Source:
Bathroom Ventilation From Window

This type of bathroom ventilation is permanently installed with a window model. In addition to allowing the bathroom to have natural airflow, this type of ventilation also provides natural lighting in large quantities into the bathroom so it is suitable for use in residential areas in the tropics.

Ventilation Bathroom With Jalousie

You can also adopt jalousie bathroom ventilation. This natural ventilation is mounted on a horizontal window and arranged on a lattice with gaps as a way to get in and out of light and air.

Skylight Bathroom Vents

Besides being used for light circulation, skylight bathroom ventilation can also regulate air circulation patterns optimally. Yes, with the right installation and the use of attractive design, you can use a skylight bathroom vent that only has to leave it closed or open.

Bathroom Ventilation with Exhaust Fan

In addition to using natural bathroom ventilation, you can also add mechanical ventilation such as exhaust fans. This ventilation is equipped with an air filter that is installed above the ceiling, then connected to the center of the airflow that is stored in the attic.

Beyond its very important function, of course, you have to choose a bathroom ventilation model that fits the residential concept so that it is more harmonious.

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