Astonishing Mitsubishi EVO: 40 Photos Р Astonishing Mitsubishi EVO: 40 photos. The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is a compact sedan manufactured by Mitsubishi Group, a Japanese multinational companies in a variety of industries. This Mitsubishi EVO is an awesome race car which costs nearly $40,000. Unfortunately, the EVO has been discontinued and will not be replaced in the lineup.

The EVO is powered by a 2.0-L turbo four engine paired with five-speed manual transmission and all-wheel drive in GSR models. The Mitsubishi EVO is an easy and satisfying sedan to go really fast on the street. The power is awesome, the brake works well and the steering is quick and instinctive. Here we have 40 photos of Astonishing Mitsubishi EVO to keep in heart.

Astonishing Mitsubishi EVO: 40 Photos

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