Astonishing Hummer H2 (40 Photos)

PistonCars.comAstonishing Hummer H2 (40 Photos). Released as the 2003 model of Hummer, the Hummer H2 was built by AM General from 2002 to 2009. Hummer H2 is built as an SUV and SUT which is slimmer than its previous generation, Hummer H1.

Although slimmer than the H1, Hummer H2 is longer, taller, and lighter. It is designed to suit for six or seven passengers. The design and size of the H2 make suitable for everyday use.

Unlike the previous generation (H1), the Hummer H2 presents luxurious interior to make the passengers feel comfortable and convenient.

Moreover, when future generations look back, they may well see the Hummer H2 as the four-wheel icon of the time. To see how awesome the Hummer H2 is, take a look on our collections of Astonishing Hummer H2 (40 Photos) below.

Astonishing Hummer H2 (40 Photos)

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