7 Best Cottage Bedroom Ideas That Will Make Comfort

Rustic cottages in all the splendor of low ceilings, wooden floors, sloping ceilings, leaded windows – all the strangeness of this architecture is a beloved feature of this type of home when they are difficult to decorate.

One of the hardest areas of all bedrooms often squeezed into small spaces and nesting under steep ceilings. Do you want to decorate a small cottage bedroom? we have collected several examples of our favorite styles.

Best Cottage Bedroom
Best Cottage Bedroom

1. Small Reserve Bedroom

The olive striped flatweave rug from Sinclair Till contrasts with the lively tartan rug from Toast which is used as sheets and pillows made from the remaining pieces of fabric from the project.

1 Small Spare Bedroom
Small Spare Bedroom

2. Comfortable Farm Houses

Making a bed in the Sussex room’s reserve room is very comfortable, while the wooden crates used as side tables add to the countryside edge.

2 Cozy Farmhouse
Cozy Farmhouse

3. Oxfordshire Cottage

This Oxfordshire cottage is a charming blend of old and new. Orange velvet curtains in the bedroom (not ready) are original fixtures. While Oka is perfect for embroidered pillowcases.

3 Oxfordshire Cottage
Oxfordshire Cottage

4. Curtains

The best thing about having a small or oddly shaped room is the opportunity it presents to use your space imaginatively. Closed behind a curtain is a shelf and a lamp to read.

4 Curtained Bed
Curtained Bed

5. Converted Chapel

The spare bedroom of interior designer Diana Sieff’s home (a converted chapel in Oxfordshire) has a vintage chic look, with a trio Lebanese plates hanging on the wall.

5 Converted Chapel
Converted Chapel

6. Georgian Attic

The small attic bedroom has twin beds sitting neatly on either side, opening up space. Cream wooden paneling and a bright white ceiling make the small space feel bigger.

6 Georgian Attic
Georgian Attic

7. Soho Farmhouse

This cozy bedroom at Soho Farmhouse features green floral wallpaper, creating a countryside feel. Matching curtains form a cozy canopy around the four-poster bed.

7 Soho Farmhouse
Soho Farmhouse

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