55 Stunning Custom COE Trucks Photos

PistonCars.com55 Stunning Custom COE Trucks Photos. COE Trucks (Cab Over Engine Trucks) are commonly well known among Japanese, European, and Chinese truck manufacturers. This is because of the laws governing overall vehicle are strict.

The body style of COE trucks allows a longer cargo area or longer trailers for the same overall length. The trucks adopted a body style of a truck, van, or bus having a vertical front, “Flat face” or a semi–hood with the truck cab sits on top of the diesel engine and steering axle.

The fact that a COE truck does not have a hood makes a better visibility for the truck drivers. It is also advantageous that we find fewer blind spots too.

A big issue brought by the COE truck is that this truck brings comfort especially for long haul trucking. However, if truckers need to get in the sleeper bunk, the driver of the rig must crwal through a hole. Well, when sitting in the driver’s seat is no longer convenient, you have no choice but crawl!

Here we have a gallery of 55 Stunning Custom COE Trucks Photos if you want to style your COE trucks or buy one and make it stylish.

55 Stunning Custom COE Trucks Photos

Essentially a style of a big rig truck without a hood, the Cabover trucks of COE trucks are still very popular in it’s day.


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