47 Stunning Toyota Supra Picture Collections

PistonCars.com47 Stunning Toyota Supra Picture Collections. The beginning style of Toyota Supra was adopted from the Toyota Celica having longer and wider body style. It is built as a sports car/ grand tourer manufactured by the Toyota Motor Corporation from 1978 to 2002.

However, in the middle of 1986, the A70 was just named “Supra” without using the prefix Celica to prevent a frequent mistake of the similarity and past of the Celica’s name. The all four generations of Toyota Supra are powered by an inline 6-cylinder engine.

The interior design of the four generations are also similar as was the chassis code “A.” Toyota Supra was sold aboard beginning in the United States in 1998. Unfortunately, Toyota stooped the production of the Supra in Japan in 2002.

As a sports car, Toyota Supra still exist until now and more people collect and drive them on the road. Here we have awesome collections of 47 Stunning Toyota Supra Pictures below.

47 Stunning Toyota Supra Picture Collections

Surprisingly, the Toyota Supra has appeared in many movies, music videos, video games, and TV shows. What an awesome car!

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