38 Classic Vintage Muscle Cars Gallery

PistonCars.com38 Classic Vintage Muscle Cars Gallery. What we can say about a classic muscle car is that the production years are the most exciting periods in American automotive history. Muscle cars were built as big, loud, and ultra-powerful rubber burning machines.

During the 1960’s – 70’s, automakers progressively became more competitive with their muscle car offerings. Classic vintage muscle cars are built as a two-door car powered by a high-displacement engine typically found in a larger, full-size sedan.

With powerful engines inside, the classic muscle cars are designed for high-performance driving. The powertrain comes from a V-8 engine with rear wheel drive. It fits to family style compact, mid-size, or full-size car which can haul four or more passengers.

The muscle cars are for street use and occasional drag racing with affordable price. Here we have photos of 38 Classic Vintage Muscle Cars.

38 Classic Vintage Muscle Cars Gallery

Classic vintage muscle cars will be drivers’ favorite cars all of the time.

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