2017 Porsche’s Baby Panamera; Specs. & Price

PistonCars.com2017 Porsche’s Baby Panamera, Porsche Small Sedan; is planned to give high performance in a more attainable package. It is actually the development model of Audi MLB architechture.

This is assumed to be high-volume sedan which will change the Porsche’s look. However, this sedan’s performance will stay in the Audi platform-mates. It aims at keeping the brand’s heritage.

2017 Porsche’s Baby Panamera; Specifications

The platform of this 2nd generation MLB architecture will take a number of upcoming Audi models. The Porsche model shared in this sedan will be only the four-wheel drive.

Porsche's Baby Panamera Concept
The 2017 Porsche’s Baby Panamera Concept
2017 Porsche's Baby Panamera Luggage
2017 Porsche’s Baby Panamera Luggage
The Interior Design of Porsche's Baby Panamera
The Interior Design of 2017 Porsche’s Baby Panamera

The powertrain of this sedan comes with turbocharged six-cylinder engines. It ranges from 300 horsepower to 400 horsepower. The models available will be in a diesel or even a plug-in hybrid. However, the diesel type will be just in Europe’s market.

the Shiny Silver 2017 Porsche's Baby Panamera
the Shiny Silver 2017 Porsche’s Baby Panamera
The Elegance Porsche's Small Sedan, Baby Panamera
The Elegance Porsche’s Small Sedan, 2017 Baby Panamera
The Back Look of 2017 Porsche's Baby Panamera
The Back Look of 2017 Porsche’s Baby Panamera

Price and Release Date

2017 Porsche’s Baby Panamera’s is estimated to be about $50,000. The release date is not known yet. At the beginning, it is predicted to come after 2016 but further information explains that this Porsche small sedan’s arrival will be delayed until 2019.

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