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It is obvious that no inquiry into commercial policy, or into such social questions as the housing of the poor, can be effective unless this deficiency is remedied. As for that of count, it is safe to say that in France its social value is solely dependent on its historical associations. The central and older portion of the city is laid out in squares surrounding a public Green of 16 acres, which was in former days the centre of religious and social life. In social economy his views are very vague; he preserves the family, country and property, but finds in all three, as they now are, a despotism which must be eliminated. Sackler and DeLeo were packing up, off to follow a lead on the whereabouts of a forger of Social Security checks who had been working overtime in recent months. The prince, who generally kept very strictly to social distinctions and rarely admitted even important government officials to his table, had unexpectedly selected Michael Ivanovich (who always went into a corner to blow his nose on his checked handkerchief) to illustrate the theory that all men are equals, and had more than once impressed on his daughter that Michael Ivanovich was "not a whit worse than you or I.". At home a Union for Social Service was formed in 1906, the natural outcome of Thomas Jackson's efforts for the hungry and distressed in Clapton and Whitechapel, and of similar work at St George's Hall, Southwark. In the fifth of his early essays he asserted that the method a priori is the only mode of investigation in the social sciences, and that the method a posteriori "is altogether inefficacious in those sciences as a means of arriving at any considerable body of valuable truth.". The Fort Orange Club, the Catholic Union, the Albany Club, the University Club, the City Club of Albany, the Country Club, the German Hall Association and the Adelphi Club are the chief social organizations. Joyce, A Social History of Ancient Ireland (London, 1903). - (Dr Bridges.) It is sometimes objected that the Christian church did not denounce slavery as a social crime and insist on its abolition. The commune forms the basis of the native social system. The club offers social opportunities for members, including dining, holiday events and childrens' functions. SAMUEL AUGUSTUS BARNETT (1844-), English clergyman and social reformer, was born at Bristol on the 8th of February 1844, the son of Francis Augustus Barnett, an iron manufacturer. By 1831 the period of depression had passed; Mill's enthusiasm for humanity had been thoroughly reawakened, and had taken the definite shape of an aspiration to supply an unimpeachable method of search for conclusions in moral and social science. Bentham's love of flowers and music, of green foliage and shaded walks, comes clearly out in this pleasant picture of his home life and social surroundings. Even the modified form of absolute monarchy which has existed in some Western countries, while it preserves, perhaps even strengthens, the social position of a nobility, destroys its political power. One stirring social incident at least marked this part of his life, for, during the revolutionary insurrection in March 1848, the young mathematician, as a member of a company of student volunteers, kept guard in the royal palace from 9 o'clock on the morning of the 24th of March till 1 o'clock on the afternoon of the following day. The facts of history must be explained, not by providential interventions, but by referring them to conditions inherent in the successive stages of social existence. The Word "Social" in Example Sentences. These Napoleonic countships, increased under subsequent reigns, have produced a plentiful crop of titles of little social significance, and have tended to lower the status of the counts deriving from the ancien regime. But for us, Russian Social Democrats, there can be no doubt that, from the point of view of the working-classes and of the toiling masses of all the Russian peoples, the lesser evil would be a defeat of the Tsarist monarchy. CK 1 1990345 Tom has trouble with social interactions. This is the key to the regeneration of social existence, as it is the key to that unity of individual life which makes all our energies converge freely and without wasteful friction towards a common end. "Rousseau's Contrat Social," said the vicomte with a tolerant smile. They are thus the double key of The double Comte's systematization of the philosophy of all the key of sciences from mathematics to physiology, and his positive analysis of social evolution, which is the base of philo= sociology. The wild and inaccessible character of the country, the fierce and lawless disposition of the people, the difficulties presented by their language and their complex social institutions, and the inability of the Turkish authorities to afford a safe conduct in the remoter districts, combine to render Albania almost unknown to the foreign traveller, and many of its geographical problems still remain unsolved. The great variety in physical and social conditions throughout the peninsula gives corresponding variety to the methods of agriculture. social definition in English dictionary, social meaning, synonyms, see also 'social accounting',social anthropology',social assistance',Social Chapter'. The rugged nature of the country made slavery unprofitable, and time only increased the social, political and economic differences between the two sections of the state. If not for the worried flicker of her gaze past him to see who followed, Damian would have thought this a social call. In 1880 he entered the Reichstag as representative of a Berlin constituency, but was ousted in 1893 by a Social Democrat. Provide customer service 5. Taxes will rise, and social programs will grow. but his eclogues were, like his Italian models, also satires on social evils. He did not deal with the history of the people, with economic or social problems - the dignity of history was to him a reality. The new Beaumont hotel was all a glitter in preparation of an affair of some high social order and there was a general excitement everywhere. After the Social War it became a municipium and under Augustus a colony. The German Kulturkampf was ended by his exertions. He wrote twenty-three books on the period between the Social War and the dictatorship of Sulla. MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Inaki Urdangarin, the husband of Spain's Princess Infanta Cristina and brother-in-law of King Felipe VI, will serve the rest of his corruption sentence at a centre for social integration, media reported on Wednesday. We find a division of social ranks which reminds us of the threefold gradation of Lower Germany (edelings, frilings, lazzen - eorls, ceorls, laets), and not of the twofold Frankish one (ingenui Franci, Romani), nor of the minute differentiation of the Upper Germans and Lombards. In many a country district the gradations of social rank were more continuous, the opportunities of intercourse more frequent, and the capacity for organization greater than in modern times. It contains a short description of the ancient world, with remarks on historical, social, religious and natural history questions. Sentence with the word Social. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. ‘My social status among my friends rocketed as I was the only one with my own television.’ ‘His elevated social status allowed him to speak out on issues in exactly the way that he saw fit, no matter what the consequences.’ ‘Previously batik's motifs and colors indicated the social status of the users.’ 2. We cannot suppose that there occurred, at or about the commencement of the 19th century, a breach of historical continuity of such a character that institutions, customs, laws and social conventions were suddenly swept away, the bonds of society loosened, and the state and people of England dissolved into an aggregate of competing individuals. In any case, she would never be a social … Social conditions in western Virginia were entirely unlike those existing in the eastern portion of the state. After the Social War it became a municipium. The social unification produced by the conquests of Alexander brought the Jews into intimate relations with Greek thought. During his legislative career in Victoria he was active in promoting social legislation and an ardent advocate of preference in favour of Great Britain. The reign of Herod, a period of despotism and terror, and of strife between Jewish religious parties, is preferred by some scholars (Gratz, Cheyne and others) as best answering to the social situation depicted in the book, while still others (as Renan) decide for the reign of Alexander Jannaeus (10478 B. It is fundamentally a theory of social progress. Till then there can be no social peace in Hungary.". His military genius was displayed in the Social War and the campaigns against Mithradates; while his constitutional reforms, although doomed to failure from the lack of successors to carry them out, were a triumph of organization. Taboo," the systematic imposition by the community of restrictions upon the conduct of the individual, is one of its earliest manifestations in primitive man and can be observed even in animal communities. I was not then at an age for reflecting on social grievances. Such " workers " are essential to the formation of a social community of Hymenoptera, and their wingless condition among the ants shows that their specialization has been carried further in this family than among the wasps and bees. Social media and social networking seem to play an imperative part of peoples lives around the world. The efforts of the Hungarians to complete their social and economic, no less than their political, emancipation from Austria and Vienna have been unremittingly pursued. But back then, being pregnant with no husband didn't get you up the social ladder any too fast. In this he points out that modern society is passing ing movements, - the first, a disorganizing movement owing to the break-up of old institutions and beliefs; the second, a movement towards a definite social state, in which all means of human prosperity will receive their most complete development and most direct application. Alex needed to give Social Services an answer tomorrow. Such sympathy with youthful hope, in union with industry and intelligence, shows that Comte's dry and austere manner veiled the fires of a generous social emotion. Formerly the color-print artist was of mean extraction and low social position, but he now has some recognition at the hands of the professors of more esteemed branches of art. Comte is in no true sense a follower of Saint-Simon, but it was undoubtedly Saint-Simon who launched him, to take Comte's own word, by suggesting the two starting-points of what grew into the Comtist system - first, that political phenomena are as capable of being grouped under laws as other phenomena; and second, that the true destination of philosophy must be social, and the true object of the thinker must be the reorganization of the moral, religious and political systems. He had joined the Social Democratic movement which in those days was spreading widely in Russia. These he inspired with military ardour in the hope of social freedom and of national independence. You're pretty well armed for a social visit. For neo-populists, it is the social structure in these central provinces that is crucia His letters when he was a young man of one-and-twenty, and before he had published a word, show how strongly present the social motive was in his mind, and in what little account he should hold his scientific works, if he did not perpetually think of their utility for the species. Nevertheless the title, which has long been very sparingly bestowed, always implies a good social position. If you are unemployed you can claim social security: 13. We will be able to examine all kinds of social issues: Why are some areas poorer than others? social in a sentence. In his ethical system Ferguson treats man throughout as a social being, and illustrates his doctrines by political examples. Sometimes he speaks of political economy as a department "carved out of the general body of the science of society;" whilst on the other hand the title of his systematic work implies a doubt whether political economy is a part of "social philosophy" at all, and not rather a study preparatory and auxiliary to it. The history of intellectual development, therefore, is the key to social evolution, and the key to the history of intellectual development is the Law of the Three States. Kindness is the sunshine of social life. To some extent, we have this in the form of high taxes on cigarettes, which are seen to have negative externalities, and a home interest deduction on income taxes, as home ownership is viewed as having positive social good. Beneficent social work out of the more usual type is directed by the music and bath departments of the city government. Let's say Linda has come up with a pretty interesting idea: A social network for couples. Though not a profound and systematic philosophical thinker, Thomasius prepared the way for great reforms in philosophy, and, above all, in law, literature, social life and theology. Not only must political institutions and social manners, on the one hand, and manners and ideas, on the other, be always mutually connected; but further, this consolidated whole must be always connected by its nature with the corresponding state of the integral development of humanity, considered in all its aspects of intellectual, moral and physical activity.". But he rightly felt that the social catastrophe would be most likely to break out in Russia, as the worst governed and the least civilized country. The man who breaks the law is himself a product of social evolution and cannot be regarded as solely responsible for his disposition to transgress. We have already compared the body to a social community, each constituent element of which - the cell - lives its own life but subordinates its individuality to the good of the whole organism. In the Principles of Sociology Spencer's most influential ideas have been that of the social organism, of the origination of religion out of the worship of ancestral ghosts, of the natural antagonism between nutrition and reproduction, industrialism and warfare. 1890956 I'm a social worker. His care for the common people was sincere and constant, but his beneficial efforts in this direction were thwarted by the curious interaction of two totally dissimilar social factors, feudalism and Hussitism. Learn the definition of social and how to use it in a sentence. Hence the fear with which the political, religious and social controls were regarded came to be associated also with the specifically moral control of lower by higher feelings, and engendered the coercive element in the feeling of obligation. I'm not much of a social person I guess. The Hebrews of Israel and Judah were, political history apart, men of the same general stamp, with the same cult and custom; for the study of religion and social usages, therefore, they can be treated as a single people. The elders of these groups possessed some influence, and tended to form an aristocracy, which took the lead in social life, although their authority generally depended merely upon custom. Each family, or family group, had a dual organization which has been termed (i) the Social, (2) the Local. sociology is the scientific study of social behavior, patterns, and structure. As a social reformer Wesley was far in advance of his time. Bernard Shaw, though concerned mainly with the social philosophy of the Ring, gives a luminous account of Wagner's mastery of musical movement. Among his companions on his voyage round the Cape were the Baron Imhoff, a speculative portrait-painter, and his wife, a lady of some personal attractions and great social charm, who was destined henceforth to be Hastings's lifelong companion. During this course, students will gain a precise understanding of sociology as the scientific study of social structure. 56, 61), " either in their social or religious position to interfere with their freedom of action. CK 1 903708 There is an urgent need for social change. During the War of Independence the Jews of America took a prominent part on both sides, for under the British rule many had risen to wealth and high social position. The prophets taught that the national existence of the people was bound up with religious and social conditions; they were in a sense the politicians of the age, and to regard them simply as foretellers of the future is to limit their sphere unduly. You here to kill Linda Segal, The Ice Lady, or is this a social call? Both sides implicitly believed in a social Darwinism that wouldn't fly today. expectancy for males in social class V is 71.1 years compared to 78.5 years for a male from the professional social class. Creevey was a Whig and a follower of Fox, and his active intellect and social qualities procured him a considerable intimacy with the leaders of this political circle. In 1847 he wrote his biographies of Simon, Lord Lovat, and of Duncan Forbes, and in 1849 prepared for Chambers's Series manuals of political and social economy and of emigration. the social conditions of Great Britain and Germany. Thus we acquire a bodyof empirical generalizations as to social phenomena, and then we connect the generalizations with the positive theory of human nature. 4- It is an eminently interdisciplinary social science concentration. Spread the love. The nobility of France, keeping the most oppressive social and personal privileges, had been shorn of all political and even administrative power; the tyrants of the people were the slaves of the king. Although the British Empire contains within itself every known species of railway enterprise, the study of railways and other means of transport, and their relation to the business, the commerce and the social life of the country, is deplorably backward. Of this stage in the social movement slavery seems to have been, as we have said, a universal and inevitable accompaniment. The second way people choose a nutritional theory is to develop it from their overall social and political understanding of the world. 1); strange social upheavals may be seen: the poor 2 set in high places, the rich cast down, slaves on horseback, princes on foot (x. We've seen this: If you are running for president of the United States, merely using the words "freeze" and "Social Security" in the same sentence has the retirees of the nation heating up pots of tar and emptying their down pillows. Moreover, the next century and a half was a period of domestic tranquillity, during which Hungary was able to repair the ruin of the long Turkish wars, nurse her material resources, and take the first steps in the direction of social and political reform. This interval was diligently devoted to the pursuit of classical and historical studies, to preparing himself for ordination, and to searching investigations, under the stimulus of continual discussion with a band of talented and congenial associates, of the profoundest questions in theology, ecclesiastical polity and social philosophy. The social life of the 18th century and the first half of the 19th is portrayed in Records of a Quaker Family, the Richardsons of Cleveland, by Mrs Boyce, and The Diaries of Edward Pease, the Father of English Railways, edited by Sir A. It was marked by a breadth and boldness of views on political and social questions which betokened an original mind. Most of the men were in a state of social inebriety. "Hannah used me to climb the social ladder, and I did not mind, because she is a beautiful, sweet girl," he said. The children and their governesses were glad of Pierre's return because no one else drew them into the social life of the household as he did. In that scheme the rise and growth of capitalism was considered to be a necessary preliminary to social revolution, and it was thought that Russia had hardly entered that stage: therefore it was not ripe for a social upheaval. Joseph John Gurney of Norwich, a brother of Elizabeth Fry, by means of his high social position and his various writings (some published before 1835), was the most prominent actor in this movement. He had married in 1905 Miss Ethel Annikin, who became well known as a speaker and writer on social subjects. How to use social in a sentence. While in Russia this took the form of actual massacre, in Germany and Austria it assumed the shape of social and civic ostracism. But wherever theocratic organizations established themselves slavery in the ordinary sense did not become a vital element in the social system. The village community has always existed as the social unit in the Mahratta territories, though with less cohesion among its members than in the village communities of Hindustan and the Punjab. (1904), which is valuable for the social history of France in the 13th century. The reports of the earlier wise men, men of practical sagacity in political and social affairs, have come to us from unfriendly sources; it is quite possible that among them were some who took interest in life for its own sake, and reflected on its human moral basis. social reproduction in a sentence - Use "social reproduction" in a sentence 1. Excellent political training such a government unquestionably offered; but it became unworkable as disparities of social condition increased, as the number of legal voters (above 7000 in 1822) became greater, and as the population ceased to be homogeneous in blood. Many scholars have studied educational attainment in the US as a form of social reproduction and stratification. The social structure greatly interested Alix. of higher schools, in which careful instruction is given in natural and social sciences, have been opened in the chief cities under the name of " pedagogical courses.". These networks allow users to connect with people and brands online. I always wondered if that was why Mom and Dad split up for a while - because Mom was used to a different lifestyle and social circle. The meetings for business further concern themselves with arrangements for spreading the Quaker doctrine, and for carrying out various religious, philanthropic and social activities not neces sarily confined to the Society of Friends. grafinya), a foreign importation, has little social prestige attached to it, being given to officials of a certain rank. The Solomonic authorship has long since been given up: the historical setting of the work and its atmosphere - the silent assumption of monotheism and monogamy, the nonnational tone, the attitude towards kings and people, the picture of a complicated social life, the strain of philosophic reflection - are wholly at variance with what is known of the 10th century B.C. It is no "fugitive and cloistered virtue" that Aurelius seeks to encourage; on the contrary, man must lead the "life of the social animal," must "live as on a mountain"; and "he is an abscess on the universe who withdraws and separates himself from the reason of our common nature through being displeased with the things which happen. 2. Entering the diplomatic service at an early age, he was appointed successively to the legations of Madrid, Vienna, Berlin and Versailles, but in 1871 returned to Italy, to devote himself to political and social studies. Augustus set himself against the undue multiplication of manumissions, probably considering the rapid succession of new citizens a source of social instability, and recommended a similar policy to his successor. The whole social and political fabric of the British Empire depends upon the efficiency of its industrial system. Now, thanks to an overzealous social worker, Martha was scheduled to become reacquainted with mommy dearest—in Denver, over three hundred miles away from Bird Song's nest. 1880), the Christians were particularly dangerous, inasmuch as they taught a unity which transcended that of the Roman Empire, and must, therefore, have been regarded as antagonistic to the existing political and social organism. There can be little doubt that a strong power was now fixed in one Aegean centre, and that all the area had come under its political, social and artistic influence. Julie maintained no Face Book or Twitter account, nor could Betsy locate her on any other social network sites. The latter were concerned only with the maintenance of the sole worship of Yahweh and of social morality. The social instincts and industrious habits of ants have always made them favourite objects of study, and a vast amount of literature has accumulated on the subject of their structure and their modes of life. Meanwhile Mithradates and the East were forgotten in the crisis of the Social or Italic War, which broke out in 91 and threatened Rome's very existence. Having received an offer of an appointment as travelling tutor and chaplain to the young prince of Eutin-Holstein, he abandoned his somewhat visionary scheme of a social reconstruction of a Russian province. Bazard, after remaining for some time in obscurity in Paris, came to the conclusion that the ends of those who wished well to the people would be most easily attained, not through political agitation, but by effecting a radical change in their social condition. pp. requires notice. He went to Berlin as major and military attaché, and there, from 1909 to 1911, he pursued his military studies and enjoyed a social career as a ladies' favourite. Originally the socially salutary action was in the main that which was enjoined on the individual by his political and religious superiors and by social sentiment; it was also in the main that to which his higher, more complex and re-representative feelings prompted. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. In a variety of ways it does a great deal of social service similar to that of gilds of help. The government had now no choice but to secure if possible the person of Lord Edward Fitzgerald, whose social position more than his abilities made him the most important factor in the conspiracy. They were a social caste, which strove to keep, and which largely succeeded in keeping, all high offices and political power in its own hands. Chapman, who finds that the eggs are laid in old wood, and that the triungulin seeks to attach itself to a social wasp, who carries it to her nest. 2. Henri de Tourville, in his Histoire de la formation particulariste (1903), basing his argument on the Ynglinga Saga, interpreted in the light of " Social Science," reveals Odin, " the traveller," as a great " caravan-leader " and warrior, who, driven f rem Asgard - a trading city on the borders of the steppes east of the Don - by " the blows that Pompey aimed at Mithridates," brought to the north the arts and industries of the East. Top searched words; Words A-Z; Social in a sentence The word "social" in a example sentences. It would fast become the social event of the year. 5- The social sciences building is free of students. Their greatest social obligation had been the local church fund raiser. ], the chief town of the Marrucini, the whole of whose territory was placed under its municipal jurisdiction by the Romans, after the "Social War.". Build brand awareness 2. A short, balding man, who looked as if a haircut was more a social event than a necessity, rose to leave, and with a glance at the back room said, "Ol' Ralph always was a bit weird.". But the prevalence of the worship of " other gods " and of graven images in these " high places," and the moral debasement of life which accompanied these cults, made it clear that the " high places " were sources of grave injury to Israel's social life. 5. The withdrawal of Mersenne in 1614 to a post in the provinces was the signal for Descartes to abandon social life and shut himself up for nearly two years in a secluded house of the faubourg St Germain. Fred slipped out early to renew his social life while the Deans ate soup and sandwiches. Settled social conditions, however, soon established themselves. He inherited a strong sentiment of independence from his mother; and his objections to the social homage expected by those whom the catechism boldly styled his "betters" made him an "agitator.". Social structure is often treated together with the concept of social change, which deals with the forces that change the social structure and the organization of society.. A grand social reform was effected in the law passed in September 1871, which enacted that from that date every child born of slave parents should be free, and also declared all the slaves belonging to the state or to the imperial household free from that time. His plans were interrupted by his death, and his successor, Ieyasu, who shaped the social and political life of Japan for nearly 300 years (1603-1868), definitely decided on a policy of seclusion and isolation. Still this partial divorce of himself from the record of the social and scientific activity of his time, though it may save a thinker from the deplorable evils of dispersion, moral and intellectual, accounts in no small measure for the exaggerated egoism, and the absence of all feeling for reality, which marked Comte's later days. To form a true understanding of what is strictly implied in the word "nobility," in its social as opposed to a purely moral sense, it is needful to distinguish its meaning from that of several words with which it is likely to be confounded.

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