16 Incredible DIY Mural Design Ideas For Your Home Walls

The home wall with one color tone looks less attractive and boring. Not infrequently, many use walls such as photos or photos to add to the impression of a plain wall.

In addition to displays, you can also make various mural designs on the walls of the house to make them look more alive and artsy. No need to be good at designing or drawing, some of the inspirational murals below are really easy to make in your home!

DIY Mural Design Ideas
DIY Mural Design Ideas

Let’s look at some attractive mural designs below.

1. Wall Mural With Watercolor Effect

Do you like minimalist home designs with a touch of neutral color? This wall mural with a watercolor effect is perfect to add an interesting impression to your home. Neutral colors with a combination of white, gray, and black can make your home feel minimalist but aesthetic.

Compond Wall Watercolour
Compound Wall Watercolour – Source: ladyomatic.com
Living Room Wallpaper Inspiration
Living Room Wallpaper Inspiration – Source: pinterest.ru

2. Simple And Charming Design With A Constellation Mural

For a child’s room, you can try making this simple but interesting star-themed mural wall. Select paint the dark blue wall then make the white dots connected according to the shape of the constellations.

Custom Star Map Constellation Mural Wallpaper
Custom Star Map Constellation Mural Wallpaper – Source: pinterest.ru
Constellation Mural
Constellation Mural – Source: coloraydecor.com

3. Abstract Design For Art Lovers

Change the monotonous dining room to be more artsy with this abstract themed mural wall. You can choose several paint colors that match the theme of your home.

Geometric Wall Design from PIXERS
Geometric Wall Design from PIXERS – Source: yandex.com
Abstract Wall Design
Abstract Wall Design – Source: pinterest.ru

4. Gold Paint Murals For An Elegant And Classy Impression

Bored with monotonous and mainstream paint colors? Try making a wall-shaped mural with gold paint. You no longer need to buy a wall display. Your home will also look interesting!

Gold Paint Murals
Gold Paint Murals – Source: homedecorandsdiy.blogspot.com
Gold Paint Marker Mural home
Gold Paint Marker Mural home – Source: yandex.com

5. Simple But Attractive Pastel Swatches

No need to be good at drawing or designing to make murals on the walls. You can watch it by making a swatch effect using several colors of paint to make plain walls more artistic!

Nursery Wall Murals
Nursery Wall Murals – Source: pinterest.com
Dining Wall Murals
Dining Wall Murals – Source: minted.com

6. Geometry Lines For Minimalist Lovers

For those of you lovers of monochrome and minimalist colors, this geometry-style mural is perfect for your home. Simple lines make your home look more charming but not excessive.

Modern Simple 3D Stereo Black And White
Modern Simple 3D Stereo Black And White – Source: pinterest.com
Geometry lines living room
Geometry lines living room – Source: theintercourse.org

7. Tropical Themed Designs For You Naturalists

Glad home has a natural style but doesn’t want to bother caring for plants? Just change the walls of your home by giving this simple floral or tropical themed mural. Besides being able to add a natural impression, your home will become more aesthetic!

Tropically Themed Mural
Tropically Themed Mural – Source: www.aliexpress.com
Leaf Wall Murals
Leaf Wall Murals – Source: wallsauce.com

8. Doodle Wall For You Who Are Creative

Come on, try experimenting by using the walls of the room to make funny streaks. You can choose doodles that are simple and easy to imitate. This can be an inspiration to decorate your child’s room wall.

Doodle wall Bedroom
Doodle wall Bedroom – Source: iamfatterthanyou.com
Craft Room Doodle wall
Craft Room Doodle wall – Source: prativya.blogspot.com

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