15 Wonderful Terrarium Design Ideas To Complete Your Home

The terrarium is one of the modern flower pots that are now popular because it gives the impression of fresh natural plants in a unique and beautiful home. The terrarium is also an alternative to planting crops if the house does not have land to plant.

Generally, the terrarium is placed in a glass container so that it can be seen its beauty. You definitely want to have one at home. Let’s look at the following terrarium ideas.

Wonderful Terrarium Design
Wonderful Terrarium Design

1. Beautiful Beach Shades Terrarium Ideas

This terrarium design is very simple and simple. By making a terrarium that has a beach atmosphere with clean beach sand, it can make a decorative room that is comfortable and charming.

White Beach Terrariums
White Beach Terrariums – Source: helloglow.com
Large Beach Terrarium with Air Plant
Large Beach Terrarium with Air Plant – Source: pinterest.com
DIY Tinted Glass Beach Terrarium
DIY Tinted Glass Beach Terrarium – Source: etsy.com
Beach Terrarium with Live Moss
Beach Terrarium with Live Moss – Source: foldandunfold-wordpress.com
Glass Terrarium Beach
Glass Terrarium Beach – Source: airplantdecor.com.au

2. Terrarium Ideas with Masson Jar

Mason jars are very useful for those of you who really like to make things with your own hands. Mason jars are also often used in making beautiful things like decorative lights and more. But this time the mason jar is made into a beautiful terrarium like the picture below.

Wonderful Mason Jar Terrarium
Wonderful Mason Jar Terrarium – Source: pinterest.com
Masson Jars Terrarium
Masson Jars Terrarium – Source: air-plants.com
Glass Jar Terrarium
Glass Jar Terrarium – Source: huffpost.com
Diy Mason Jar Terrarium
Diy Mason Jar Terrarium – Source: ohmy-creative.com
Beautiful Mason Jar Terrarium
Beautiful Mason Jar Terrarium – Source: parentpretty.com

3. The idea of a terrarium with glass cut glass

Cut glass round glass is almost half can be used for a beautiful terrarium decoration. You can get these glass glasses from the modification of a small aquarium glass or buy it directly. Like this beautiful look of the glass idea.

Succulent Terrarium In Glass Slant Cut Bowl
Succulent Terrarium In Glass Slant Cut Bowl – Source: pipco.com.au
Succulent Arrangements
Succulent Arrangements – Source: pipco.com.au
Open Succulent Terrarium
Open Succulent Terrarium – Source: urbanjungledc.com
Jungle Terrarium
Jungle Terrarium – Source: vasemarket.com
Glass Bowl Terrarium Succulent
Glass Bowl Terrarium Succulent – Source: vasemarket.com

Those are some terrarium design ideas to decorate your home to be more beautiful and unique. Hopefully, the idea above can inspire you. Good luck.

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