15 Wonderful Mirror Designs Ideas For Your Home

Indeed mirrors will undoubtedly make each room more charming and functional. There are many types of mirrors that we can choose to beautify your favorite part of your minimalist home. In the previous article, we have shown various tips to beautify the walls, one of which is the use of vintage mirrors and now we will display different special modern mirror designs.

In fact, we will all reflect first before going to school or office like we do every day before starting activities and routines. That way you have so many choices to choose the type of mirror you want in your bathroom, bedroom or living room. For example, a mirror in your bathroom, you should consider buying a mirror that is rather wide because when you use it you can see yourself in full clarity.

Wonderful Mirror
Wonderful Mirror

1. Mirror Design for Bathroom

A mirror is a tool that you can make various things according to its function. Like to see yourself when you are dressing up, make a room look bigger and more. Like a mirror in the bathroom that we usually use when we finish washing our faces and cutting mustaches in the morning. Here are some of the designs.

01 Modern Bathroom Mirrors
Modern Bathroom Mirrors
01 Mirrors for Bathrooms Decorating
Mirrors for Bathrooms Decorating
01 Briliant Bathroom Vanity Mirrors
Brilliant Bathroom Vanity Mirrors
01 Bathroom Mirrors Design Ideas
Bathroom Mirrors Design Ideas
01 Backlit Bathroom Mirrors Design
Backlit Bathroom Mirrors Design

2. Mirror Design for the Bedroom

To mirror the bedroom we can use to see our appearance when dressing up. Can to make the light around the room lights bounce and brighter again. And it looks broad. Here are some of the designs.

02 Mirror Wall Bedroom
Mirror Wall Bedroom
02 Decorating Bedroom With Mirrors
Decorating Bedroom With Mirrors
02 Bedroom Mirror Designs That Reflect
Bedroom Mirror Designs That Reflect
02 Bedroom Mirror Design
Bedroom Mirror Design
02 Bedroom Ideas with Mirrors
Bedroom Ideas with Mirrors

3. Mirror Design for the Living Room

And the mirror in the living room can be used as a medium to beautify the living room and make our living room wider. Here are some of the designs.

03 Unique and Stunning Wall Mirror
Unique and Stunning Wall Mirror
03 Modern Mirror for Living Room
Modern Mirror for Living Room
03 Modern Living Room Mirror
Modern Living Room Mirror
03 Mirror For Living Room
Mirror For Living Room
03 Decorative Wall Mirror
Decorative Wall Mirror

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