15 Perfect Rustic Bathroom Design and Decor Ideas For Your Inspiration

In the midst of the development of modern designs for bathrooms, the concept of rustic decoration that is synonymous with outdated style has now become one of the styles that are again in great demand and attract enough attention. Especially when the rustic style is combined with a modern design concept that looks sophisticated and elegant. So that the combination of bathroom design with modern rustic style produces a charming and quite unique decoration.

The rustic concept that is inherent with classic and natural nuances makes the bathroom more comfortable and as it is. That side makes the rustic concept easily combined with modern concepts through several elements.

Rustic Bathroom Design
Rustic Bathroom Design

1. Wooden Sliding Door

The concept of sliding doors is sticky with traditional Japanese homes. With plain wood material that appears to be not polished, it makes the rustic impression of the door stand out strong. Does not look mainstream, the concept of wooden doors blends beautifully with a minimalist bathroom design that is dominantly neutral.

Sliding Door Wood Bathroom
Sliding Door Wood Bathroom – Source: bloombety.com
Practical Sliding Doors For A Rustic Flair
Practical Sliding Doors For A Rustic Flair – Source: teebooks.com
Bathroom Contemporary
Bathroom Contemporary – Source: yourlifeyourworld.info

2. Wooden Bathtub

The concept of a bathtub with a modern style is certainly a fairly ordinary thing. But presenting a bathtub with a rustic bathroom concept apparently is also not impossible. The concept can be displayed by applying a bathtub with wood material so that it is attached to nature and traditional concepts.

Rustic Wooden Bathtubs
Rustic Wooden Bathtubs – Source: teebooks.com
Gorgeous Rustic Bathroom Decor Ideas
Gorgeous Rustic Bathroom Decor Ideas – Source: hit-interiors.com
Enchanting Ideas for the Relaxed
Enchanting Ideas for the Relaxed – Source: luvoccasion.com

3. Minimalist Wood Shelves

Modern style bathrooms generally apply neutral colored wall paint as the dominant color in the bathroom. This makes the combination of modern bathroom concepts with rustic concepts through minimalist wooden shelves to be quite easy to blend.

Minimalist Wood Shelves
Minimalist Wood Shelves – Source: roomerve.com
DIY Bathroom Shelves To Increase Your Storage
DIY Bathroom Shelves To Increase Your Storage – Source: homedit.com
Best Rustic Bathroom Design and Decor Ideas
Best Rustic Bathroom Design and Decor Ideas – Source: jossandmain.com

4. Exposed Concrete

Exposed concrete is often regarded as a building that has not been perfectly formed. This is due to the impression caused by exposed concrete such as an old building.

Rustic Bathroom
Rustic Bathroom – Source: pinterest.com
Exposed concrete walls in the interior design
Exposed concrete walls in the interior design – Source: storage.googleapis.com
Bold Bathroom Designs with Concrete Walls
Bold Bathroom Designs with Concrete Walls – Source: franck-laigneau.com

5. Rustic Exposed Brick

In addition to the exposed concrete concept, the exposed brick concept can also display the rustic side of interior design. By combining exposed brick material with white paint on the walls and various bathroom furniture.

Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas
Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas – Source: foothillfolk.com
Brick wall bathroom rustic with elegant double sink
Brick wall bathroom rustic with elegant double sink – Source: homedit.com
Bathrooms with Brick Walls
Bathrooms with Brick Walls – Source: themobizone.com

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