15 DIY Summer Backyard Decorating For Fun Summer

Summer is the season to enjoy everything outdoors and in the sun. This is the time for parties in the backyard, family picnics, and lots of hammocks dreaming. All you need is a good old-fashioned DIY motivation and, of course, this practical guide!

From patio furniture used for handmade chandeliers, and even one or two bespoke fire holes, these DIY backyard projects will surely inspire, and collect more than a few compliments from friends and neighbors. Now is the time to make summer memories the right way.

DIY Summer Backyard
DIY Summer Backyard

1. Reuse Stock Tank as a Pool

The stock tank pool trend only gets traction, and for good reason: this is the perfect way to cool without sweat from the installation of ponds on the ground.

1 Repurpose a Stock Tank As a Pool
Repurpose a Stock Tank As a Pool

2. Build your Dream Treehouse

For those who prefer to enjoy the backyard from a higher altitude, Treehouse offers beauty and comfort in your summer.

2 Build Your Dream Treehouse
Build Your Dream Treehouse

3. Set the Pot Station

If you tell us two metal trash cans can make a charming workspace, we must be skeptical, but when it is closed with an old door and flanked by a red geranium metal bench, it just works.

3 Set Up a Potting Station
Set Up a Potting Station

4. Personalize your plants

DIY monogram planter is a funny personal touch for any backyard. Blogger Cassity wrote that thanks to the good design of this planter, he can replant flowers as often as desired.

4 Personalize Your Plants
Personalize Your Plants

5. Heating Yard with DIY Fire Holes

Who doesn’t like to gather around a warm fire on a summer night? By chatting with your family, friends or friends closest to you.

5 Heating Yard with DIY Fire Holes
Heating Yard with DIY Fire Holes

6. Make Your Own Pergola

Beautiful pergolas seem to be expensive businesses, but you can easily build them on a budget basis. The size of your backyard will determine how big (or small) it is, but this design dimension can be changed to fit any space.

6 Make Your Own Pergola
Make Your Own Pergola

7. Build a Backyard Playhouse

Building a two-story hideout in your backyard for your children is a creative idea for playing this summer.

7 Build a Backyard Playhouse
Build a Backyard Playhouse

8. Create an Outdoor Lounge

This lounge is a combination of new and reused: Sofa and shops chairs used goods given DIY makeovers to create a comfortable outdoor seating area. And how cute is the coffee table made of galvanized tubs and wire coils?

8 Create an Outdoor Lounge
Create an Outdoor Lounge

9. DIY Sand Box

A sandbox is still a great place for children of all ages to play. You can make it only with basic supplies from the hardware store and don’t forget to add DIY sunshields so that small ones can avoid sunburn.

9 DIY Sandbox
DIY Sandbox

10. Use Rope Lights to Light Up the Garden Path

All that is needed is a string of lights with end caps and garden staples that are easy and affordable to light up your backyard at night.

10 Use Rope Lights to Illuminate Your Garden Paths
Use Rope Lights to Illuminate Your Garden Paths

11. Hang String Lights

If you do not have the structure to hang the light rope from, anchor the pole to the planter with cement, then add the plants.

11 Hang String Lights without a Pergola
Hang String Lights without a Pergola

12. Bird Feeders From Wine Bottles

Think twice before throwing the empty wine bottle! Instead, reuse it in funny cellular bird feeders.

12 Wine Bottle Bird Feeder
Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

13. Garden Playhouse

Despite the luxury, not everyone can afford, if you have room to build a “garden playhouse,” it is a wonderful way to relax on a summer night.

13 Garden Playhouse
Garden Playhouse

14. Build a Wooden Pallet Sofa

Turn the remaining wood pallets into comfortable sofas, the perfect place to sip your morning coffee or enjoy an evening cocktail.

14 Build a Pallet Wood Sofa
Build a Pallet Wood Sofa

15. Create a Pallet Flower Display

Beautiful in a boring backyard corner with a turntable. Fill with various potted plants in the summer, then switch to pumpkin or pinecone during the fall.

15 Make a Pallet Flower Display
Make a Pallet Flower Display

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