15 Best DIY Terrarium Design Ideas for You to Create in Your Home

I was really interested when I saw a delicious terrarium in one of my friends’ living rooms, and soon realized that it was an extraordinary thing to decorate a house. A succulent terrarium is the best for those who are really busy with their daily office work, and at the same time want to do gardening. Succulents are tough plants, which can live for decades with very little maintenance.

Because I have always been a fan of various green plants scattered around my house, this is not the first time I have tried terrariums. Even so, I never tried to make it myself, I always bought it or accepted it as a gift. I have a very beautiful one that my mother gave me last year which is still very strong.

Best DIY Terrarium
Best DIY Terrarium

Even though what you can find in the store looks great, there is a lot to be said for making a homemade terrarium. The beauty of this is that you can make it according to the space you want to be filled in perfectly, and you can adjust it to your personal style preferences. By buying the necessary ingredients used to make a large portion of the terrarium, you can always have it to experiment with ideas and take them out as a last but beautiful gift.

Very easy to do, the DIY terrarium is at the top of our DIY gift list because it is cheap, creative, and is a personalized statement. From cool ideas and cactus in bottles and jars to intricate frames and fun ways to use an air factory, you are sure to find one or more projects here that only you have to make. We like decorating with a terrarium and want to make it all.

Innovative DIY Terrarium Design Ideas That Inspire You

Beautiful Plant Terrariums
Beautiful Plant Terrariums – Source: homedesigns99.com
Creating A DIY Hanging Terrarium
Creating A DIY Hanging Terrarium – Source: topdreamer.com
DIY Modern Terrarium Ideas
DIY Modern Terrarium Ideas – Source: partymazing.com
Diy Succulent Terrarium Design
Diy Succulent Terrarium Design – Source: pankajmehta.net
Diy Terrarium Drip Wall
Diy Terrarium Drip Wall – Source: peaksteve.info
Diy Terrariums Design Ideas
Diy Terrariums Design Ideas – Source: prohousedecor.info
Each mini dome in this terrarium display
Each mini dome in this terrarium display – Source: thegatheredhome.com
Large Hanging Air Plant Terrarium
Large Hanging Air Plant Terrarium – Source: air-plants.com
Large Hanging Terrarium
Large Hanging Terrarium – Source: peaksteve.info
Pear Air Plant Terrarium
Pear Air Plant Terrarium – Source: air-plants.com
Stunning DIY Terrariums Design
Stunning DIY Terrariums Design – Source: decoor.net
Succulent Terrarium Designs
Succulent Terrarium Designs – Source: peaksteve.info
Terrarium after makeover
Terrarium after makeover – Source: readersdigest.ca
Terrarium Design Ideas
Terrarium Design Ideas – Source: peaksteve.info
Terrarium of a Cup
Terrarium of a Cup – Source: helainegomes.blogspot.com

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