15 Awesome Indoor Decoration for Healthy Family Homes

The beauty of the family room at home depends on several people who occupy the house. In addition, the family room is a place to relax from working all day. Of course, after tired of working all day need a family room that has a comfortable and calm atmosphere. Not only that, but cleanliness must also be considered and also the placement of furniture to look beautiful.

Actually, now there are people who can make the family room more comfortable, healthy and fresh. You simply add plants in the family room. Plants also have many functions when placed indoors. However, you may not choose plants carelessly indoors. For those of you who are interested in adding plants indoors, I recommend suitable plants to be placed in the family room.

Awesome Indoor Decoration
Awesome Indoor Decoration

1. Sansevieria Plants

Sansevieria is a kind of fresh plant for the family room and also because Sansevieria is very sturdy and easy to clean, you don’t have to bother taking care of this plant.

Sansevieria Plants
Sansevieria Plants – source: idealflatmate.co.uk
Sansevieria Plant Ideas
Sansevieria Plant Ideas – source: appleyardflowers.com
Sansevieria Bakker Spalding
Sansevieria Bakker Spalding – source: zadenplanten.nl
Corner Sansevieria Plant
Corner Sansevieria Plant – source: helpapp.co

2. Calla Plants

Calla and orchids are absolute classic plants among indoor plants. This beautiful plant, also known as Kala Lili, will captivate you with flowers in various styles. So that it can be adjusted individually with the design of the family room.

Callas Blume
Callas Blume – source: ahlfrl.com
Calla Lily
Calla Lily – source: flowers.iomotaimpact.com
Calla In Box
Calla In Box – source: decorumplantsflowers.com
Calla Flowers
Calla Flowers – source: aliexpress.com

3. Jasmine Plants

Research shows that jasmine is one of the effective plants to enhance the beauty of the room. The aroma is proven to reduce anxiety levels. Also, the resulting aroma adds freshness in the family room.

Jasmine plants in pots
Jasmine plants in pots – source: littlepieceofme.com
Jasmine houseplant
Jasmine houseplant – source: helpapp.co
Jasmine Flower Spring Bowl
Jasmine Flower Spring Bowl – source: wallpaperscraft.com

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is one of the super plants that have various health benefits. Apart from being used as food, drinks, and medicines, this one plant can enhance the appearance of the family room with its distinctive shape.

Pot aloe vera culture
Pot aloe vera culture – source: deavita.fr
Indoor Plant Kids Aloe Vera
Indoor Plant Kids Aloe Vera – source: hammondinternationalproperties.com
Harvest Aloe Vera
Harvest Aloe Vera – source: helloglow.co
Aloe Vera Plants
Aloe Vera Plants – source: shared.com

In addition, Aloe Vera placed in the room can release oxygen at night. This plant is known as anti-inflammatory can also help remove chemicals that pollute the air of your room.

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