14 Best Christmas Kids Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Christmas is the most beautiful and unforgettable holiday for children. Christmas themed bedding will soon change the look of children’s rooms and you can choose from so many designs and colors!

Almost everyone who celebrates Christmas will have a tree in their home during the holiday season. So if you want Christmas to feel in your bedroom then you have to use some beautiful lamp garlands that can give a cool look to the bedroom.

Best Christmas Kids Bedroom
Best Christmas Kids Bedroom

1. Red And White Theme

A red and white theme is a staple to Christmas. This lovely room is decorated beautifully with red and white stockings, bedding, and stuffed toys. We loved the addition of a red double Decker bus.

1 Red And White Theme
Red And White Theme

2. A Garland Of Stockings

The decoration is kept minimal in this kids’ room. Just a garland of stockings is hung on the wall and gift-wrapped pillows are used for decoration.

2 A Garland Of Stockings
A Garland Of Stockings

3. A Rustic Decoration

This children room is done very elegantly in brown, gray and red.

3 A Rustic Decoration
A Rustic Decoration

4. An Overload Of Toys

This children bedroom is overloaded with toys. Your child will squeal with delight the moment he steps into the room. We love the Christmas tree decorated with stuff toys.

4 An Overload Of Toys
An Overload Of Toys

5. Red, Yet Rustic

If you notice carefully, both small and big Christmas trees are used in this room. And did you see the Santa pillow? Isn’t it cute?

5 Red, Yet Rustic
Red, Yet Rustic

6. Lovely Red And Blue

Here’s another stunning way to decorate your child’s room for Christmas. Stack a few boxes of gifts near the bed for added effect. But the color of the wrapping paper must complement the room theme.

6 Lovely Red And Blue
Lovely Red And Blue

7. Adorable Bunting

Bunting is one of the easiest ways to dress up a child’s room.

7 Adorable Bunting
Adorable Bunting

8. Place A Christmas Tree

Put a Christmas tree and hang a few snowflake ornaments to deck up your child’s room.

8 Place A Christmas Tree
Place A Christmas Tree

9. Santa Bedding And Curtains

Try to get hold of some Santa and Friends bedding and curtains to adorn your child’s room. You can even place a few mini Christmas trees on the bed stand.

9 Santa Bedding And Curtains
Santa Bedding And Curtains

10. Country House Decor

This kid’s room is done in the country style. Just place a few Christmas staples like stars, reindeer, stocking and a Christmas tree branch with ornaments and you are done.

10 Country House Decor
Country House Decor

11.The Grunge Look

Apart from the regular Christmas decoration ornaments like elves, container tree, and ornaments, we loved the combination of red, green and white used in this room.

11 The Grunge Look
The Grunge Look

12. A Modern Decor

If your child likes no-nonsense stuff, then you must follow his idea. Nothing much has been done in this room, except for the green Christmas tree decorated with white and silver ornaments. We loved the placement of the Christmas tree in a paper bag.

12 A Modern Decor
A Modern Decor

13. A And C

Here’s another cute example for children’s room. Place the Christmas tree between the two beds and a wreath on the window to complete the decor.

13 A And C
A And C

14. Tin Pail Christmas Tree

This tin pail tree with greenery, candle lights, and red paper bell- this decoration idea is minimalist, yet breathtaking.

14 Tin Pail Christmas Tree
Tin Pail Christmas Tree

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