13 Perfect Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas You Have To See

Find the ideal vanity for your bathroom. Whether you’re searching for a traditional, vintage, or modern look, a stylish vanity is essential to helping the room shine. Plus, learn how to choose the right vanity top and mirrors to create the perfect ensemble.

There isn’t a home design that passes through here that doesn’t have an amazing bathroom idea that is completed with a beautiful modern vanity unit. From ultra contemporary designs with shallow glass basins and waterfall taps to rustic wood vanities with vessel sinks and matte black faucets, we’ve seen and loved them all.

Bathroom Vanity Design
Bathroom Vanity Design

1. Cabinet Storage Tower

Sleek vanities in custom finishes make this smaller-scale master bath feel larger. The room required more storage, so designer Bea Pila placed a tower cabinet between the two sinks. With its combination of adjustable enclosed shelves on top and pullout drawers below, the furniture-like tower offers a place for everything.

1 Cabinet Storage Tower
Cabinet Storage Tower

2. Floating Vanity Storage

Despite its small size, The vanity’s large center drawer houses a custom laundry hamper, while the drawers on the left feature dividers for easily organized creams, toothbrushes and more.

2 Floating Vanity Storage
Floating Vanity Storage

3. Sleek Open Shelving

Open storage in a sleek, contemporary-style vanity adds a spa-like feel to this master bath. While the shelves are perfect for towels or baskets, drawers are useful for stowing away personal items and beauty products. The single-sink basin provides more counter space to house everyday essentials.

3 Sleek Open Shelving
Sleek Open Shelving

4. Uncluttered Bathroom

Sleek, modern lines and a surprising amount of storage make this floating vanity an ideal choice in this small bathroom. Three large drawers conveniently hold hair-styling tools, cosmetics, towels, and other essentials, making it easy to achieve a clean, uncluttered look.

4 Uncluttered Bathroom
Uncluttered Bathroom

5. Plenty of Storage

Designed to accommodate large groups of people coming in and out of the house. The vanity features abundant closed cabinet storage, while the grand apron-front sink helps protect the cabinets from the water. The open cabinets above offer easy access to beach towels and other lake house necessities.

5 Plenty of Storage
Plenty of Storage

6. Small But Mighty

Squeezing extra storage into a small vanity can be a challenge. Chose a vanity with a bottom drawer to store hair styling and toiletries. A vessel sink allows for a more storage inside the vanity.

6 Small But Mighty
Small But Mighty

7. Buffet Table Turned Vanity

A clever combination of interior shelves and door-mounted organizers allows her to conveniently store towels and daily essentials.

7 Buffet Table Turned Vanity
Buffet Table Turned Vanity

8. Less Is More

In a small bathroom, sometimes less is more. Why crowd the space with a vanity cabinet when even a small-scale piece can be functional? “The combination of the open base and tall legs helps create a lighter, more open feel,” she says. Using a vessel sink means the drawers underneath remain spacious enough to store soaps, guest towels and extra rolls of toilet paper.

8 Less Is More
Less Is More

9. Hidden Drawer

Open shelves offer easy access to towels, while pullout drawers, a tall cabinet, and a full-height pullout cabinet conveniently store toiletries, beauty items, cleaning products, and everyday essentials.

9 Hidden Drawer
Hidden Drawer

10. Customize Your Vanity

These days custom vanities can feature tilt-out trays, drawer dividers, and hair-dryer racks. In this master bath suite for two with his-and-her vanities, one of the tall cabinets houses a wardrobe area, complete with a bar for hanging clothes. A drawer opens to reveal a built-in laundry hamper alongside the other vanity.

10 Customize Your Vanity
Customize Your Vanity

11. Extra Counter Space

In older homes, master bathrooms often have limited space, so building as much storage right into a vanity is essential. That can often mean scaling down from a double sink. Using one basin opens up extra counter space and provides extra storage — including pullout drawers on either side of the sink and a tilt-out center drawer to store toiletries.

11 Extra Counter Space
Extra Counter Space

12. Storage for Two

To create separate storage for each person, Kurt added two top wall cabinets on each side of the double vanity with adjustable shelves and convenient outlets. In the center, base cabinet drawers offer storage for common items. Towel bars placed under each sink provide easy access with a shelf below for extra towels.

12 Storage for Two
Storage for Two

13. Medicine Cabinet Storage

When working with a small space, every bit of extra storage counts. The recessed cabinet offers valuable interior storage, along with electrical outlets for charging toothbrushes and razors. Other space-saving features include a 36-inch counter and a vessel sink, which allows for more storage underneath.

13 Medicine Cabinet Storage
Medicine Cabinet Storage

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