12 Beautiful Bedroom Design Ideas for Sleeping Longer

Designing a bedroom is not something you have to think about too much to make you feel bored. Because of the design of the room, you can now find it with various variations even though your room is small. Small rooms, for example, can look comfortable and comfortable. For example, to design a bedroom. Maybe some of you doubt the design of this bedroom. How does a small room feel comfortable and look cool as a big bedroom?

Therefore you try to make the most comfortable design in your bedroom. For you to offer to your baby or to your own room. Take a look at the interesting bedroom design ideas below! With a variety of maximum touches from great designers.

Beautiful Bedroom Design
Beautiful Bedroom Design

1. Bedroom Design with Headboard Thief Attention

The small bedroom will feel tight if you use a lot of displays. Therefore, try to make one interesting point in bedroom design using a large and striking headboard. For example, headrests with tufted pads or from old wooden doors.

How To Make Your Small Master Bedroom
How To Make Your Small Master Bedroom – Source: freshome.com
Bedroom Design Size 3 × 3 with Niche
Bedroom Design with Niche – Source: decoist.com

2. Bedroom Design with Large Windows

Did you know that a large window model is one of the design tricks so that the bathroom feels spacious and comfortable? The large window in the bedroom design allows the incoming sunlight to illuminate the room. The room also looks bright and creates the illusion of greater space.

Nice Small Bedroom Furniture
Nice Small Bedroom Furniture – Source: averageyogini.com
Bedroom Design Size 3 × 3 with Headboard Attention Thief
Bedroom Design with Headboard Attention Thief – Source: apartmenttherapy.com

3. Bedroom Design with Niche

The design of the next bedroom is equipped with a hidden niche or slightly curved. You can use this niche to place a bed or study table. Thus, the bedroom area will feel wider and you can put other furniture such as a wardrobe, even a display area for a collection of toys.

Make the Most of Limited Space
Make the Most of Limited Space – Source: thefurniturebarn.com
Bedroom Design Size 3 × 3 With Large Window
Bedroom Design With Large Window – Source: elledecor.com

4. Bedroom Design With Multifunctional Furniture

In addition to mirrors, the use of multifunctional furniture is also the right choice for bedroom design. Some multifunctional furnitures that you can use to design bedrooms are beds and storage cabinets, drawers, study tables and nightstand, even ottoman.

Bedroom Design Size 3 × 3 With Large Mirror
Bedroom Design With Large Mirror – Source: google.com
Bedroom Wardrobe Closet With Sliding Doors
Bedroom Wardrobe Closet With Sliding Doors – Source: ecoforge.net

5. Bedroom Design with a Large Mirror

A mirror is one of the mandatory items in bedroom design. This mirror can make your tiny room look big. If you can’t use a wall-sized mirror in the bedroom design, at least use a mirror as tall as an adult or stick the wall to the wardrobe door.

Multifunctional Bedroom Furniture Ideas
Multifunctional Bedroom Furniture Ideas – Source: theenz.com
Bedroom Design Size 3 × 3 With Multifunctional Furniture
Bedroom Design With Multifunctional Furniture – Source: google.com

6. Design of Size Bedrooms with Additional Floors

For women, bedrooms are not only beds but also for storing clothing collections. The toilets do not seem to hold all your collections. Therefore, try to make an additional floor (mezzanine) in the bedroom design. You can use the additional floor area as a bed, while you can use the bottom to display a collection of clothing, bags, and shoes. Looks fancy like having a private closet.

Bedroom Design Size 3 × 3 with Additional Floors
Bedroom Design with Additional Floors – Source: pinterest.com
Bedroom With Loft Boy
Bedroom With Loft Boy – Source: hairandbeautystudio.co

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