The 2016 VW Microbus, A Minimalist Microbus – A new generation of VW Microbus; Volkswagen as the second largest automaker in the world has made many products of cars. It includes super cars, sedan, SUV, Polo, microbus, and more. Especially for microbus, this compnay has produced this model since 12 years ago. Now, in 2016, a new generation of microbus has been built named the 2016 VW Microbus.

This car will be manufactured in Europe. This manufacturing is aimed be the competitor of Nissan Quest, Toyota Sienna, an Honda Adiddey. This also aims at rising the investment MQB “matrix” platform group.

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The full concept of The 2016 VW Microbus

The 2016 VW Microbus; Specifications

A  Minimalist Microbus; this vehicle is designed in a minimalist concept. It is completed with gauges and control group around the steering wheel. You can also create  a makeshift bed by folding a pair of slim-section 3-pasengger bench seats.

Front Interior Design of the 2016 VW Microbus
Front Interior Design of the 2016 VW Microbus

This VW Microbus brings its own style with a basic box with rounded lines, 4 conventionally hinged side doors. Also, it bring a bulldog nose showing a big VW logo and a gently curved windshield.

The 2016 VW Microbus car seats
The 2016 VW Microbus car seats

This Microbus brings turbocharged engines and four-cylinder gasoline and diesel ones. Moreover, there is also a possibility of designing  a hybrid microbus. It is 3.200 pound curb weight. It runs from 0 to 60 mph in 11.5 seconds which is powered by 199 pound feet of torque.

Color Variants of the 2016 VW Microbus
Color Variants of the 2016 VW Microbus

Price and Release Date

You can bring this 2016 VW microbus by spending at least $25.000 or even it will reach $35.000. The release of this VW microbus was on Fall of 2015. But, this microbus is on sale in the beginning of 2016.


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