10+ Wonderful DIY Bathroom Ideas To Enhance Your Bathroom Quality

No one thinks of the bathroom as their favorite room in the house. But after you see these amazing DIY projects, you might change your mind! There is no reason the bathroom should be ignored when it comes to decorating. This list has everything you need to give your bathroom an upgrade, from pretty decor ideas to clever storage solutions.

Love that rustic farmhouse look? We have tons of ideas to fit that decorating style, featuring weathered wood, brushed metals, and beautiful stone. And don’t forget the Mason jars! Many of these ideas can be completed in a snap, perfect for those who are just starting out in the DIY world. From using old candle jars as storage solutions to adding rope to a plain trash can to make it cuter, even the most novice crafter can do them. If you want more of a challenge, try our more in-depth bathroom projects. New shower floors, light fixtures, and cabinets can be made in an afternoon but enjoyed for a lifetime. Keep on reading to learn more about all 26 cheap and easy DIY bathroom ideas!

Wonderful DIY Bathroom
Wonderful DIY Bathroom

1. Rustic Wooden Bathroom Storage Ladder

This ladder made with wood that looks weathered adds a rustic focal point to an area of the bathroom that is normally bare. Simple DIY bathroom ideas such as this one add extra storage for one of the smallest but most used rooms in your home. You can add more rungs for towel bars or attach shelves and baskets for more storage.

Rustic Wooden Bathroom Storage Ladder
Rustic Wooden Bathroom Storage Ladder – Source: blog.jennasuedesign.com

2. Mason Jar Bathroom Storage Idea

Canning jars add a rustic touch wherever you use them. You can leave them clear, whitewash them, or paint them in pastels or any other color. They can be used for storage with or without lids or as vases. This display shows a different idea with a plunger in one jar so that the jar can be used for lotions.

Mason Jar Bathroom Storage Idea
Mason Jar Bathroom Storage Idea – Source: masonjarcraftslove.com

3. Pretty DIY Tiled Wall Mirror

No need to settle for a plain mirror or pay a large amount for a decorative mirror. With this simple idea, you can add a tiled-look to your bathroom. All you need is to create a wood frame for a mirror and decorate with tile and grout. It is a perfect highlight above your bathroom vanity.

Pretty DIY Tiled Wall Mirror
Pretty DIY Tiled Wall Mirror – Source: thestonybrookhouse.com

4. Industrial Farmhouse Floating Shelves

The wood and metal hardware create these inexpensive rustic-looking shelves that also add combination storage and decorative space to your bathroom. A trip to the hardware store can provide a multitude of inexpensive items that you can use as brackets to hold wood shelves. Then, get some boards, finish them to coordinate with your bathroom, and you have a decorative storage area that could prompt guests to ask where you got them.

Industrial Farmhouse Floating Shelves
Industrial Farmhouse Floating Shelves – Source: haleandharlow.com

5. DIY Rope Wrapped Waste Basket

Jute adds natural and rustic texture to your bathroom. A simple wastebasket becomes unique wrapped in jute using a hot glue gun. You can make it all one shade of jute or create stripes with multiple shades of mute. After you have created the wastebasket, consider other DIY bathroom ideas that add more touches of texture to your bathroom with jute.

DIY Rope Wrapped Waste Basket
DIY Rope Wrapped Waste Basket – Source: twoityourself.com

6. Farm House Blue Bathroom Cabinets

Bring touches of color from the traditional farmhouse palette into your bathroom. Painting your bathroom vanity and other cupboards make them stand out and be less ho-hum. Add more touches of the color from your throw rugs, shower curtain, towels, and floral arrangements to highlight the cabinets.

Farm House Blue Bathroom Cabinets
Farm House Blue Bathroom Cabinets – Source: sisterssuitcaseblog.com

7. Easy DIY Stone Bathtub Surround

This simple DIY idea uses a faux stone veneer that is inexpensive and easy to use. It can be used indoors or outdoors. An immediate idea is to use it as a backsplash, but using it on the front of this tub takes this tub from boring to elegant. It gives the tub the feel of an outdoor spa. The stone-look adds natural rustic texture to the bathroom. The tub becomes a focal point to build on for the rest of your bathroom decor.

Easy DIY Stone Bathtub Surround
Easy DIY Stone Bathtub Surround – Source: lovelycraftyhome.com

8. Hanging Flower Pot Wall Art

This adds sophistication to the idea of attaching canning jars to a board to hold small items or floral displays. To keep it farmhouse rustic, copper cups were used along with a colored cord, Copper provides warmth and brings to mind copper pots and tea kettles. This easy and decorative DIY idea organizes brushes and small make-up items.

Hanging Flower Pot Wall Art
Hanging Flower Pot Wall Art – Source: abeautifulmess.com

9. DIY Rustic Hanging Bathroom Sign

This simple, inexpensive, DIY idea brings to mind the decorative signs that hung by the door of businesses long ago. These signs can help guests get the layout of your home, and they create a vintage feel. They only require three items a plant hanger, a cup holder, and a small oval wooden plaque.

DIY Rustic Hanging Bathroom Sign
DIY Rustic Hanging Bathroom Sign – Source: mycottagecharm.com

10. Barn Wood Framed Bathroom Mirror

Here is another solution for a plain boring mirror. This mirror is large, so tiling on a wood frame would be expensive. However, decorative wood frames are easy inexpensive, DIY bathroom ideas that elevate the look of the mirrors. You can make this frame using either reclaimed barn wood or wood that you have treated to look like weathered barn wood. Just gluing the frame onto the mirror makes this DIY project easy. If you look in the mirror, you will see that the weathered barn wood was also used on the bottom half of the bathroom walls.

Barn Wood Framed Bathroom Mirror
Barn Wood Framed Bathroom Mirror – Source: riseandrenovate.com

11. River Rock Shower Floor Project

By now you should be thinking that even though the bathroom is a utilitarian room, DIY bathroom ideas can create a look that way more than utilitarian. Bringing an outdoor, natural, rustic-look to the floor of the shower is an extension of that idea. Looking at this shower floor brings to mind a garden path or a stream bed. Buying bags of pebbles and using grout gives you the opportunity to arrange the color pattern of the floor. When you finish, you will have a work of art that you will make you proud.

River Rock Shower Floor Project
River Rock Shower Floor Project – Source: somethingfromnothingdiy.blogspot.com

12. DIY Spray Painted Bathroom Fixtures

Now, are you ready to dress up the standard, builder-look bathroom fixtures? Well, you don’t have to buy expensive new bathroom fixtures. Just buy a can of spray paint along with tape and tarps to protect areas that you don’t want to paint. You will have shower fixtures that pick up the main or accent color of your bathroom.

DIY Spray Painted Bathroom Fixtures
DIY Spray Painted Bathroom Fixtures – Source: blesserhouse.com

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