10 Wonderful Design Ideas a Children’s Pool for Your Home

Do you consider having a swimming pool as a playground for your little one? The small amount of money and maintenance and time-consuming energy must be things that make you think twice about having a swimming pool. However, now there are so many choices of children’s pools that don’t require complicated designs such as ordinary swimming pools.

Even some children’s pool choices are very practical to use because they are portable and inflatable (can be blown and deflated). This practical children’s pool can also adjust to a limited yard area or home garden. The following are some models of children’s pools that can be used as an option to spend free time with your little one.

Children’s Pool for Your Home
Children’s Pool for Your Home

1. Mini Pool Ideas

If you still plan to make a children’s pool like an ordinary swimming pool design, then you can anticipate the cost of making it by reducing the size of the pool.

Very small pool ideas
Very small pool ideas – Source: styleline.me
Small Yard Pool
Small Yard Pool – Source: poolchoices.blogspot.com

Children’s swimming pools require an area of at least 4 x 2.5 meters with a depth of less than 60 cm. With this mini area, construction costs can be saved. In addition, maintenance is not too difficult.

2. Swimming Pool on the Surface for Families

Unfortunately, the size of the inflatable pool is very limited, it cannot accommodate many people. If you want to swim and soak with your children, try to consider making a swimming pool above the surface.

Ultra Frame Swimming Pool
Ultra Frame Swimming Pool – Source: achoiceforyou.com
Pool chloroforming
Pool chloroforming – Source: homify.co.za
Curious Swimming Pool
Curious Swimming Pool – Source: truegreen.info

Like a swimming pool made under the surface, this children’s swimming pool is also equipped with a water filter system so there is no need to bother to dry it after it’s finished. The cost of making it is much cheaper than making a swimming pool below the surface.

3. Children’s Pool From The Wooden Deck

The swimming pool on the surface is made of PVC. This swimming pool has a varied size and shape, but its rigid design looks boring and stiff. Modifications can be made so that the appearance of the pool looks more attractive to children, such as coating it with wood and adding a wooden deck in the form of a ladder on its side.

Wood & Composite Above Ground Pool
Wood & Composite Above Ground Pool – Source: wnydecks.com
Children’s Pool From The Wooden Deck
Children’s Pool From The Wooden Deck – Source: maroqigo.com

4. Simple Inflatable Pool

Inflatable pool is a children’s pool that is very practical to use. This children’s pool is not a swimming pool embedded in the ground that must be cleaned every week. Instead, it only takes a few minutes to install the children’s pool, and a little energy to pump it.

Walmart inflatable pool
Walmart inflatable pool – Source: managingearth.org
Simple Inflatable Pool
Simple Inflatable Pool – Source: barnaul-rti.ru
Inflatable water slide
Inflatable water slide – Source: kidsinflatablebouncehouse.com

The inflatable pool is made of boiling plastic and has high durability. Unfortunately, the inflatable pool is not equipped with a filter so it cannot be left for days. So when it’s finished, it must be tidied up and stored again.

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