10 Unique Bed Design Ideas That Can Pamper Your Sleep

The design of the bed will affect the atmosphere and also the uniqueness of the space. Both from ordinary mattresses to strange shapes, of course, can be applied if it becomes a hobby. Rectangular beds are commonly found in various homes. Even so, it is possible for a bed with an unusual shape to become a separate icon in the room.

So why not treat yourself to something sublime like this super cool bed? Or, if you have trouble sleeping – a unique bed can cure your insomnia. Of course, with a bed like that, you don’t want to add anything from the collection of designer beds to complete it all?

Bed Design Ideas
Bed Design Ideas

Choosing an ordinary, comfortable bed might seem like a good idea, but the problem is, no one will realize it. If you want to show off, you need a unique bed, and a list of cool and unusual bed and bed designs is the best way to get started. Here are some interesting bed designs to have.

1. Woven Beds

This bed with a woven frame gives the impression of being in a nest. On both sides of the bed are designed to curve inward. The head is designed higher so that it shows the splendor and the upper part of the bed. While the legs are lower and curved inward. Feet can also be protected by the webbing.

Sherborne Woven Bedroom Set
Sherborne Woven Bedroom Set – Source: youtube.com
Awesome Design Models
Awesome Design Models – Source:  fearfully-n-wonderfullymade.com

2. Beds With Tent Style

Having themed rooms will certainly be fun. Not only is the design of the bed attractive with the roof of the tent, but also the walls are painted and the furniture is adjusted to the theme. This bed with two mattresses comes with two comfortable blankets. The reading lights were mounted on walls painted like exposed bricks.

Beds are Tent Style
Beds are Tent Style – Source: buyma.com
Bed Tent
Bed Tent – Source: hensandchickscreate.com

3. Hanging Beds

This one bed won’t take up much space when it’s not needed. This is because this hammock can be pulled up to the ceiling with a pulley on the ceiling. Paired with a rope, of course, this bed is quite sturdy. The mat from the bed is dark wood material so that this bed gives an elegant appearance.

Hanging Bedroom
Hanging Bedroom – Source: homedit.com
Hanging Bed Plans Bedside Table
Hanging Bed Plans Bedside Table – Source: nugadesigns.com

4. Aquarium Beds

The view of the aquarium with its ecosystem will certainly be soothing and interesting. The combination of beds and aquariums is very interesting. The blue color of the water in the head of the mattress gives a calm and peaceful feel. With the overall blue in the room will make the room feel cooler and dim lighting makes sleeping more.

Unusual Eye Catching Aquariums
Unusual Eye Catching Aquariums – Source: boydforcongress.com
Aquarium Headboard Fish Tank
Aquarium Headboard Fish Tank – Source: shaandaarpataudi.org

5. Beds With Zippers

For those of you who seldom tidy up the bed, this one mattress can be a solution so that the room always looks clean and neat. This mattress is covered with an outer package that can be opened and closed with a zipper. The high-quality material certainly makes this mattress comfortable and also easy to use. Unique and simple design.

FLORIDA Smart Italian Design
FLORIDA Smart Italian Design – Source: nowabsolutely.com
A bed you can simply zip up
A bed you can simply zip up – Source: lostateminor.com

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