10 Unbelievable Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Your Sleep Comfort

Looking for inspiration on how to decorate a small bedroom? Be prepared to be overwhelmed with fantastic ideas. We have shown you some contemporary bedroom design ideas, modern Swedish bedrooms, and stunning sea view bedrooms. Now it’s time to look at practical solutions for small homes.

To inspire further ideas, see cool ideas on the head and ideas of creative home organizations. After you decide on the perfect look for you, be sure to check out our best furniture choices for small bedrooms.

Small Bedroom Decorating
Small Bedroom Decorating

1. Full White Decoration

The whiter the room is, the brighter and more spacious it seems. Add dimensions with a smooth pattern and neutral accents, like this brown bench.

1 Full Decoration in White
Full Decoration in White

2. Shrink Your Headboard For More Comfort

You don’t need to head a giant bed that fills your entire wall. Instead, choose a thinner, shorter headboard. That way, you will save wall space for art or wall decor.

2 Shrink Your Headboard
Shrink Your Headboard

3. Place Your Bed Near the Window

In small bedrooms, wall space is very valuable and should not be wasted. Plus, windows and curtains create a natural focal point.

3 Place Your Bed Against The Window
Place Your Bed Against The Window

4. Customizing Your Headboard To Look Beautiful

This curved headboard has a built-in nightstand, and hanging pendants eliminate the need for desk lamps, so there is more room for books.

4 Customize Your Headboard
Customize Your Headboard

5. Add Extent Without Headboard

Instead of spending inches limited to installing headboards, change your wall into a headboard, as seen on the wall of this DIY statement.

5 Skip The Headboard Entirely
Skip The Headboard Entirely

6. Install Your Comfortable and Beautiful Lighting

Wall-mounted lights require less space than table lamps and eliminate the need for a nightstand. If your bed is put in a small sleeping niche, you need this hacking in your life.

6 Mount Your Lighting
Mount Your Lighting

7. Go Wild With Wallpaper

This may look a little for a small space, but a thick and bright wallpaper can help pump your room and give the effect of a jewelry box.

7 Go Wild With Wallpaper
Go Wild With Wallpaper

8. Stash Stuff Under The Bed

This bed has a drawer underneath for more storage when you lack closet space. If you live in a studio, use a screen and/or console table to help divide your living room and bedroom.

8 Stash Stuff Under The Bed
Stash Stuff Under The Bed

9. Get a Comfortable Daybed

If you live in a studio, or just want to save more space in a small bedroom, use a comfortable daybed that can double as a couch during the day.

9 Get A Daybed
Get A Daybed

10. Add Mirrors to Expand the Bedroom

Fake space until you make space. The cupboard mirror makes this washroom feel bigger than it really is.

10 Add Mirrors
Add Mirrors

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