10 Perfect Modern Farmhouse Living Room Decoration Ideas You Need To Copy

All families certainly want a comfortable home. However, to choose the model and design of the house that fits your desires will be difficult if you do not have a picture. A minimalist residence is not necessarily boring because if you can design with your innovation, you can make a comfortable and attractive place to live.

One of the things you need to consider in a minimalist residence is the interior. Modern minimalist residential interiors provide excellent beauty so you need to decorate your residential interior to make it look even better. Therefore try some modern farmhouse living room designs.

Perfect Modern Farmhouse
Perfect Modern Farmhouse

Here are some modern farmhouse living room design ideas that you can try.

1. Farmhouse Style Explained

If your living room is in need of revamping, incorporate a few changes open concept here, barn doors there for a look that’s far from one-size-fits-all.

Awesome Modern Farmhouse
Awesome Modern Farmhouse – Source: 33decor.com

2. Open-Concept Farmhouse Living Room

Farmhouse style doesn’t always have to look rustic. In fact, many homeowners are taking turn-of-the-century homes and opening up the interior to shed natural light into their space.

Rustic Contemporary Living Room
Rustic Contemporary Living Room – Source: teracee.com

3. Eclectic Farmhouse Living Room

Farmhouse style is very adaptable and can be combined easily with many other home decor trends. An art deco mirror and cellular shades pair well with horizontal shiplap and a Persian. Add a modern sofa and coffee table for a clean look that’s appealing to the eye.

Eclectic Bohemian Farmhouse
Eclectic Bohemian Farmhouse – Source: thehappyhousie.porch.com

4. Reclaimed Wood Ceiling Living Room

Incorporating organic construction materials into an interior space allows the room to speak for itself. The design shows how to use farmhouse construction elements in a country stone cottage.

Shady River Living Room
Shady River Living Room – Source: deringhall.com

5. Traditional Farmhouse Living Room

Farmhouse style is all about relaxed simplicity and comfort. So, you don’t have to go big with blown-out ceilings and expensive materials to nail the look. The low ceilings bring warmth to a cold winter.

Rectangular Living Room Layout
Rectangular Living Room Layout – Source:  macejkovic.com

6. Monochromatic Farmhouse Living Room

A contemporary style living room can be transformed into a chic farmhouse retreat by incorporating shiplap around the fireplace, reclaimed timber beams, and tonal furniture and accessories.

Comfy Modern Farmhouse Living Room
Comfy Modern Farmhouse Living Room – Source: interioration.com

7. Industrial Farmhouse Living Room

The simplicity of farmhouse style can quite easily take an industrial turn. Allows the room’s architectural details to stand out, and then complements them with modern furniture, metal bar stools, and an exposed stove pipe. The cowhide rug adds a Western feel, as a seamless blend of two styles presents itself.

Gorgeous Industrial Pendant
Gorgeous Industrial Pendant – Source: pinterest.se

8. Contemporary Farmhouse Living Room

Despite the nostalgia often associated with farmhouse style, lovers of contemporary design can certainly still take advantage of its best characteristics. The tongue-and-groove ceilings say “farmhouse,” but the furniture and the open-concept space are anything but.

Contemporary farmhouse in Sonoma County
Contemporary farmhouse in Sonoma County – Source: onekindesign.com

9. Bring the Outdoors In

A connection to nature is a recurring theme in modern farmhouse design. Organic elements like the jute rug and live plants further represent a living area that feels free and unrestricted by blurring the in with the out.

Maximizing the Beauty
Maximizing the Beauty – Source: decohoms.com

10. Use Shiplap

Since wood was used so heavily in farmhouses of the past, shiplap paneling is one of the easiest ways to bring the style into new homes. When installing, choose boards that have nicks and scrapes, as they replicate the look of longtime use and evoke a sense of history.

Hgtv Home Design Ideas Color
Hgtv Home Design Ideas Color – Source: patrushevo.com

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