10 Incredible Home Theater Design Ideas To Your Inspiration

Having a personal home theater at home is certainly a dream of many people. By having a complete set of film screenings, they don’t need to buy tickets, wait for film screenings, to share space with other cinema owners. Especially for those who do not have enough free time to do all that.

Especially if you arrive at a movie theater box office screening. Long lines and the risk of failing to get a ticket made him even more reluctant to go to the movies. So, the best solution is to make your own home theater at home that can be used with family and friends without having to queue for tickets or hang out with strangers.

Home Theater Design
Home Theater Design

1. Mini Bar Home Theater

For homes with too little space, you can unite your personal cinema with a kitchen mini bar that gives an airy impression.

Tiny Home Cinema
Tiny Home Cinema – Source: hometoz.com
Basement Home Theater
Basement Home Theater – Source: designakis.com

2. Home Theater Near Fireplace

If your house has a fireplace, just use a place not far from it with a distance of about one meter. That way, you can watch movies while warming yourself.

Home theater ceiling
Home theater ceiling – Source: rjesselighting.com
Comfort Home Cinema
Comfort Home Cinema – Source: techlogitic.net

3. Library Of The Home Theater

Maximizing the function of the workspace that usually functions as a private library, you can add more functions as a private cinema room. So that after getting tired of doing something or getting tired of reading, you can watch a short film for relaxation.

Home Theater Library
Home Theater Library – Source: pinterest.ru
Home Theater ideas
Home Theater ideas – Source: pinterest.ru

4. Home Theater Plus Mini Billiard Pool

For those who like to watch movies while playing billiards, it never hurts if you combine a home theater with a pool table at the same time in a room. When diving, drink water, according to wise words. So, if you are tired of watching, you can immediately switch to playing billiards without having to move to another room again.

Billiard Room
Billiard Room – Source: vincenzobernardo.net
Basement Movie Room Ideas
Basement Movie Room Ideas – Source: vincenzobernardo.net

5. Home Theater Semi Bed Room

For those of you who want a private cinema with a very comfortable and warm atmosphere, you can design it similar to your bedroom. Position the monitor on the facing couch. Choose a sofa that resembles a bed with a head restraint but the body of the sofa is stretched enough. Also provides thick fleece blankets as a compliment.

Semi bedroom
Semi bedroom – Source: dalikon.com
Creative Home theater
Creative Home theater – Source: edra.info

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