10 Impressive Planter Design Ideas that will Beautify Your Plants

The decision to add greenery to your home or office is always a good choice. The hard part comes in filtering out millions of different grower ideas and deciding which is best for you.

With choices ranging from small and cute to bigger and more classic, you will definitely find the perfect design just for you. To help you in this process, we have compiled a list of 10 amazing grower ideas that will help you start finding the right idea for you.

Impressive Planter Design
Impressive Planter Design

Be sure to take your time to choose the right part. Many of the suggestions below come in various designs and colors, which can help you make a garden full of potted plants. Also, make sure to consider the size. Most of these are tiny options, which make it easy to put anywhere. Take your time and buy a planter (or two!) That suits you.

1. “Donuts” Miss These Sweet Planters

For the donut lover in all of us, this petite planter is perfection. Measuring a mere 1.5 inches, this planter is the perfect home for a single succulent. A great idea is to buy a whole dozen and create a mini donut garden for yourself. Just be sure not to take a bite!

Donut Miss These Adorable Planters
Donut Miss These Adorable Planters – Source: kao-ani.com

2. Itty Bitty Individual Animals

With multiple mini animals to choose from, you can create an entire zoo out of your petite succulent display. With each animal just big enough to hold one plant, it can be fun to get a variety of succulents and pair each one with a different animal for a fun and varied look.

Itty Bitty Individual Animals
Itty Bitty Individual Animals – Source: ebay.ie

3. Embrace the Desert with Hanging Cactus Planter

Embrace the desert nature of succulents by adding a playful cactus planter to the mix. This cute two-pot planter hangs on the wall and will fit a small display of one succulent per planter, as well as maybe a few springs of desert flowers thrown in for a pop of color. Hang this adorable small planter inside or add it to your garden.

Embrace the Desert with Hanging Cactus Planter
Embrace the Desert with Hanging Cactus Planter – Source: upcycleart.info

4. Hello Bunny! Perfect Planter for Spring Time

This super cute mini bunny plant holder is perfect to add a touch of springtime to your desk, table, or counter. The friendly little face is sure to brighten anyone’s day, and its adorable little ears add some dimension to its otherwise smooth surface. Consider this as a gift for a friend or maybe even just a gift for yourself.

Hello Bunny! Perfect Planter for Spring Time
Hello Bunny! Perfect Planter for Spring Time – Source: decomg.com

5. Totally Customizable Decorative Boxes

What better spot for your plants than in a box of your own design? Simply tell the seller what you want, and they will work with you to get it just right. Order a single box or, for a more impactful display, consider adding an additional box or two.

Totally Customizable Decorative Boxes
Totally Customizable Decorative Boxes – Source: etsy.com

6. Catch a Falling Star Air Plant Holder

Handmade, this smiling star hangs by a thread and comes with a small succulent already attached. Great for your desk or even hanging from a tree, this decorative mini plant holder is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face. If you want to go big, order several to create a meteor shower. Either way, don’t forget to make a wish.

Catch a Falling Star Air Plant Holder
Catch a Falling Star Air Plant Holder – Source: homedecormagz.com

7. Customizable Pumpkin and Jack-O-Lanterns

When getting into the fall spirit, why not incorporate it into your planters? These pumpkins are a great alternative to the messy real ones, and unlike the traditional gourds, these won’t rot away. Simply pick your favorite color and pop a few of these cuties around the house for a festive fall look.

Customizable Pumpkin and Jack O Lanterns
Customizable Pumpkin and Jack O Lanterns – Source: kao-ani.com

8. Gorgeous Gold-Dipped Crystal Planter

A perfect gift, this beautiful crystal planter comes with a lovely living air plant that perches perfectly on top of the crystal, making it look like it is growing right out of it. This attractive combination of two beautiful pieces makes for a beautiful gift for anyone. Better yet, it comes in it is own special “thank you” box.

Gorgeous Gold Dipped Crystal Planter
Gorgeous Gold Dipped Crystal Planter – Source: decomg.com

9. Simply Adorable Smiling Hugging Sloth

This petite hand-crafted sloth wraps its long and cuddly arms around a small air plant. The clay face is drawn into a perfect smile that will surely brighten anyone’s day. Measuring just two to three inches high, this planter is great on its own or can go with other fun little animals for a menagerie of succulents.

Simply Adorable Smiling Hugging Sloth
Simply Adorable Smiling Hugging Sloth – Source: succulenttgardening.com

10. Multi-Colored Clay Akita Puppy Pot

Meticulously handmade, this perfectly crafted little pup will happily hold your favorite air plant. With its southwestern color scheme, a cactus is a great choice for this holder, and its high ears and tails will protect you from potential pricks. With great reviews, this planter will work well for anyone.

Multi Colored Clay Akita Puppy Pot
Multi-Colored Clay Akita Puppy Pot – Source: pinterest.co.kr

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