10 Impressive French Country Bathroom Design Ideas For Your Inspiration

If you like home decorating, one of the decorations that you can try is the French style. Why? Because this decoration is easy to apply and has a mix of Mediterranean and minimalist styles, so it stays warm and colorful. To create a French-style décor, you don’t need to buy too many French decorations, because we can create some of the characteristics of French-style decorations.

For that, now we will give you some French country decoration design ideas in your bathroom, so you can feel the comfort of a bath that is very satisfying for you. Here are some design ideas and French-style bathroom decorations.

French Country Bathroom Design
French Country Bathroom Design

1. French Country Bathrooms Both Rustic And Elegant

Farmhouse bathrooms are rustic and welcoming but add a dash of French elegance, and you have a totally different vibe. French country bathrooms take you back to a simpler time of farm-fresh food, long evenings with wine and good friends, and, of course, lots of good cheese.

Freestanding tub bathroom transitional
Freestanding tub bathroom transitional – Source: madebymood.com
Rustic Southern Charm
Rustic Southern Charm – Source: jaimeerose.com

The French country style is simple yet elegant: organic textures dominated by wood, with traditional fabric accents, natural stone flooring, and pastel colors. Small flower patterns also appear often.

2. French Country Bathroom With Blue Floral Wallpaper

Distressed wood window frames, a cute pastel blue floral wallpaper, roman shades, and a freestanding tub give all the French countryside atmosphere you will ever need in this bathroom.

Mosaic in a bathroom
Mosaic in a bathroom – Source: en.postila.io
Southern Living Guest Bathroom
Southern Living Guest Bathroom – Source: classicfireservices.com

3. French Country Bathroom With Earth Tones

Find yourself in a more earthy space by using neutrals. Wood window panes give this elegant bathroom a touch of countryside rusticity, along with a retro faucet to a copper freestanding tub. The flooring tile is full of beautiful imperfections, adding to the rustic style.

Country Bathroom Decor
Country Bathroom Decor – Source: rallypoint6.org
Designer Glass Bathroom Design
Designer Glass Bathroom Design – Source: australianwild.org

4. French Country Cottage Bathroom

“Minimal rustic” is a good way to describe this gorgeous bathroom, in soft white tones with silver accents. A cast iron freestanding tub is rustic yet elegant, and a wicker basket and soft fabrics soften up the look.

Bathroom Renovations Tile Ideas
Bathroom Renovations Tile Ideas – Source: freshome.site
Beautiful Vintage Bathroom Decor
Beautiful Vintage Bathroom Decor – Source: pinterest.ru

5. French Farmhouse Bathroom With Wall Decor

An alcove tub framed by original wood beams and enhanced by beautiful metal wall art give this rustic bathroom by Slaughter Design Studio lots of rustic charm. The arrangement of curtains across the window allows for both privacy and lots of natural light.

Elegant Bathroom
Elegant Bathroom – Source: wonderfultownthemusical.com
Shiplap walls with stinkwood ceiling
Shiplap walls with stinkwood ceiling – Source: pinterest.ru

6. Mediterranean Country Bathroom with Greek Key Mirror

Rural France also includes beaches along the Mediterranean sea, clearly offering Greek influence with plaster walls and decoration-covered mirrors. Wrought iron scones complete this Mediterranean look.

Mediterranean style
Mediterranean style – Source: lining-shop.info
Refreshed French Residence
Refreshed French Residence – Source: deringhall.com

7. Blue and White French Estate Bathrooms

This French blue and white bathroom is slightly more striking than our other examples so far, but it shows a more luxurious style. Patterned wallpaper and curtains give a sense of harmony, and white furniture gives the eyes a little rest. Note the beautiful patterned blue pouf that is perfect for drying after a hot shower.

Bathroom Decor DIY & Crafts
Bathroom Decor DIY & Crafts – Source: diyscrafts.com
Blue Bathroom
Blue Bathroom – Source: idc1.org

8. Modern Bathroom with Inspiration from the French Country

Want to bring the French countryside with you in your typical modern home or condo? This eclectic modern bathroom uses a rustic touch of a wooden sink table, a basket of lavender to bring the material and colors of the French countryside.

A stylish home bathroom in Madrid
A stylish home bathroom in Madrid – Source: theseransomnotes.blogspot.com
Romantic and cozy country home
Romantic and cozy country home – Source: pinterest.ru

9. Soft Pink French Country Bathroom

Some bathrooms can be described as “beautiful,” but this one definitely fits the bill. Soft pink, gray and white with brass accents make this beautiful French rural bathroom a feminine (but not feminine) space to relax and pamper yourself.

Luxury Pink Bathroom Design Ideas
Luxury Pink Bathroom Design Ideas – Source: alienhunterbook.com
Pink wallpapered bathroom
Pink wallpapered bathroom – Source: designers.elledecor.com

10. French Country Bathroom Must Be Rural

Not every bathroom in France has elegant conveniences. Sometimes, they are only full of rough roughness, perfect for those who want the look of the farmhouse. This simple bathroom has wood pressed everywhere.

Country Farmhouse Bathroom Vanities
Country Farmhouse Bathroom Vanities – Source: acsconnect.info
Wood wainscoting ideas
Wood wainscoting ideas – Source: radlertour.info

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