10 Gorgeous Tiny House Design Ideas For a New Home Design

New brides will surely experience some fundamental changes in their lives. One of them is about home. After marriage, it is easier to rent a house or buy a small house. But most newlyweds become empty. Especially if there isn’t much furniture. Small houses are now a trend in the design world and are highly sought after. Starting from easy maintenance and the costs needed for renovation and manufacture that can be said to be cheaper than today’s modern homes. But as you know, not everyone needs this small house, because the space provided can be said to be very small for large families.

Because most small houses have the same size and shape, you would think that companies will run out of ideas to make their models stand out from the crowd, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. This year is a new and suitable year to renew everything in your life, including small, expandable homes.

Gorgeous Tiny House Design
Gorgeous Tiny House Design

Here are some examples of small house designs for newly married couples.

1. Tiny Scandinavian Theme Design House

For newly married couples, relaxing in a new home is the most eagerly awaited after being tired of doing activities all day outside the home. Returning to a small house that is soft but contemporary can create a relaxed atmosphere, both of which are more exciting.

Scandinavian Tiny House
Scandinavian Tiny House – Source: qutee.com
Scandinavian Modern Tiny House
Scandinavian Modern Tiny House – Source: girlwich.com
Adorable Scandinavian Tiny House
Adorable Scandinavian Tiny House – Source: youtube.com

2. Practical Tiny Houses

Are you a new partner with a house that isn’t too big? No problem. You and your partner are guaranteed to be more sticky with this practical, minimalist modern house concept.

Tiny House Design with Porch
Tiny House Design with Porch – Source: homedecor.com
Practical Tiny Houses
Practical Tiny Houses – Source: jbsolis.net
Practical Home
Practical Home – Source: tinyhousetown.net

3. Artistic Tiny Houses

Couples can create an atmosphere of a small home that is artistic and full of artistic touch. Nevertheless, this small house still has an inviting warmth and is guaranteed to make you feel at home couples who want to relax together.

Tiny House Movement
Tiny House Movement – Source: kahode.com
Tiny House inspiration
Tiny House inspiration – Source: pinterest.ru

4. Minimalist Tiny House

In this minimalist little house, it feels free and fresh to live in. Leaving the use of bulkhead can create a broad impression on narrow minimalist space.

Minimalist tiny house design
Minimalist tiny house design – Source: architecturesideas.com
Minimalist small house
Minimalist small house – Source: kahode.com

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