10 Fabulous Studio Apartment Decoration Ideas That Make Comfortable Your Apartment

The most favorite residential apartments in megapolitan areas such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, and several other cities. The reason is simple, residential is comfortable, safe, and located in strategic locations. No wonder the property business, especially apartments, is very widespread and growing in big cities.

It’s just that, even though it offers many conveniences, apartments often make it difficult for residents to decorate. Well, if it turns out you also choose to live in an apartment then making the residence more comfortable also needs attention. Especially for small apartments like studio apartments. Here are some ideas that you can try to decorate the studio-type apartment space to make it comfortable and make you feel at home.

Fabulous Studio Apartment Decoration
Fabulous Studio Apartment Decoration

1. Indoor entertainment facilitation

If you like watching, you can put the television in front of the bed. This position makes the residents of the apartment can watch relaxed while lying down. If you like to read and have a myriad of book collections, it looks like you have to provide special space to make bookshelves that can store all your books.

The Oasis Apartemen
The Oasis Apartemen – Source: bstatic.com
Comfortable Apartment Bedroom Ideas
Comfortable Apartment Bedroom Ideas – Source: bstatic.com

2. White kitchen decoration ideas

Usually, the kitchen in a studio apartment is placed to the right of the bed. If you don’t want to be disturbed by the view of the kitchen when you lie down on the bed, try using white as the majority color in your kitchen. The dominance of white will make the kitchen not detected even though it is visible.

Tiny Apartment With An Ingenious
Tiny Apartment With An Ingenious – Source: pinterest.com
Small White Kitchens
Small White Kitchens – Source: pinterest.com

3. Increase storage

A simple studio apartment is a one bedroom space that functions as a study room, dining room, kitchen, and lounge. Well, of course, there will be lots of things that will fill your apartment. In order not to disturb you, you can overcome this by adding some storage cabinets to these items so that they don’t appear to be scattered.

Small Studio Apartment Design
Small Studio Apartment Design – Source: interiorzine.com
Creative Built In Storage
Creative Built-In Storage – Source: freshome.com

4. Choose a neutral color

So that the eyes of apartment owners aren’t tired, keep using bright colors in the room. White, gray, and wood color. Only those colors that you should use to fill the apartment. Apart from facilitating relaxation, these colors also illustrate the personality of a minimalist homeowner.

Why Neutral Colors Are Best
Why Neutral Colors Are Best – Source: freshome.com
Playful Ways To Brighten Neutral Color
Playful Ways To Brighten Neutral Color – Source: pinterest.com

5. Keep the work area

Because of the limitations of this land, you must be able to manage and function the spots in the apartment. In order to rest more calmly and comfortably, you should not position the learning spot near the bed. You can put it side by side with the kitchen. The location is far away will reduce the interest of the owner to touch it when the break arrives.

Exceptional Minimalist Wall Mounted
Exceptional Minimalist Wall Mounted – Source: whicdn.com
Beautiful and Inspiring Workspace
Beautiful and Inspiring Workspace – Source: pinterest.com

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