10 Extraordinary Modern Rustic Kitchen Designs And Decorations

There are a certain warmth and charm to the rural kitchen. And when it comes to creating this cozy look at the heart of the house, there is no shortage of kitchen decorating ideas, from weathered wood beams and painted cabinets to rough stone floors and farm tables. This classic style presents a casual and inviting feel to any home, whether in the city or countryside and looks equally neat in a small space and a large house.

We have put together a variety of rural kitchens with inspirational modern concepts to help you design your dream kitchen. Discover kitchen ideas that will definitely add rural beauty to your space and inspire your next renovation.

Modern Rustic Kitchen
Modern Rustic Kitchen

1. Elegant Industrial Style

When the countryside met the industry, a miracle happened. Open beams and stone walls make rural foundations, but industrial accents such as metal benches, stainless steel, and black countertops add to the benefits.

1 Industrial Style
Industrial Style

2. Shades of Full Wood in Your Kitchen

The kitchen of this mountain house has wooden paneled islands, open wooden beams, and wooden cabinets. There is a lot of wood displayed in this kitchen with a very beautiful design.

2 Wood on Wood
Wood on Wood

3. Bright with clean white

Pale oak floors and butcher block counters create a cabin atmosphere in this Florida kitchen. The black pull stands out on the white cupboard, adding a modern touch.

3 Bright & White
Bright & White

4. Design to show outdoor atmosphere

This outdoor kitchen has built-in shelves, special firewood, and liquor cabinets so that outdoor cocktails can be made in a short time. This design is very interesting because it feels with a rustic and modern feel.

4 Outdoor Goals
Outdoor Goals

5. Unite Stone and Iron

Stone in this French-inspired kitchen. Steal the attention of many people. Where it appears with two blends of ingredients, namely natural stone, and perfect iron.

5 Stone Meets Wood
Stone Meets Wood

6. Open Shelves for Storage Rooms

Open shelves, not top cabinets, give the kitchen a small cottage. Shelves and tables made of galvanized metal and cabinets made of old fences.

6 Open Shelving
Open Shelving

7. Natural Pole Design in Your Kitchen

Embrace the environment by using tree trunks without polishing again, making this kitchen look natural but full of modern nuances.

7 Tree Columns
Tree Columns

8. Beautiful Colorful Backsplash

Go with general rustic details, such as wooden cabinets and shiplap ceilings, in this Florida kitchen, but also choose a surprising blue backsplash to create a bright and happy vibe.

8 Colorful Backsplash
Colorful Backsplash

9. Log Wall For Perfect Beauty

Bring a new perspective to a classic wooden house. The open shelf in the kitchen allowed the wall to become the center of attention, while the cobalt blue cupboard prevented the room from becoming too dark and gloomy.

9 Log Walls
Log Walls

10. Using Beautiful Spanish Style

Describes the beauty of the Spanish region that is so charming. This kitchen is able to bring us into the atmosphere of this country.

10 Spanish Style
Spanish Style

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