10 Elegant Modern Fireplace Design Ideas for Relaxing Your Family

The concept of fireplaces in various countries is actually very different. Fireplace that is more used to warm the atmosphere during winter has many designs. Modern fireplaces generally only use fire from gas. So that in this way there will not be too much fire and soot the whole house.

Here are some unique, modern and elegant fireplace designs that can be your inspiration in making a fireplace. So, don’t hesitate to install a fireplace in your house.

Modern Fireplace
Modern Fireplace

1. Round Hanging

This one fireplace design is made by a design company that specifically makes products manufacture and installation of fireplaces named Focus. Simple and elegant fireplace design but still able to carry out its main functions.

1 Round Hanging
1 Round Hanging

2. Wall Art

Fireplace with this simple form becomes awesome with a wavy rock layout. This stone order is called wall art, a work made by Andreas Kunert and Naomi Zettl.

2 Wall Art
Wall Art

3. Fire Book

Maybe reading a book in front of the fireplace while warming up is a very ordinary thing. However, what if you have a bookcase that is also a fireplace? The design of the fireplace above is proof, made by Focus.

3 Fire Book
Fire Book

4. Towards Heaven

This one fireplace design is perfect for large families. a place to relax and chat with your family with a ‘campfire’ in a house that warms your body.

4 Towards Heaven
Towards Heaven

5. Dragons and Octopus

If you want to pay attention to the mouth of this fireplace, you might think the creator designed it to become a dragon shape. However, why have roots like the hands of an octopus?

5 Dragons and Octopus
Dragons and Octopus

The best answer, of course, is the shape of this one fireplace design is abstract. But the details of the corners and curves and the appearance of this one fireplace are perfect, special.

6. Fire Vase

The most common table decorations are of course flower vases, but what happens if you change a flower vase to a unique fireplace? The result is as shown below.

6 Fire Vase
Fire Vase

A wide round table is perfect for a place of serious discussion or a casual dinner. This one fireplace design was made by CVO Fire company.

7. Monster Man

The relief that formed on the wall around the fireplace did indeed resemble a monster. This place is actually an ancient place from the 16th century in the Tuscan region or around the city of Florence, Italy. The restoration or revamping of this house was carried out by Elsa Peretti as a tourist home for tourists.

7 Monster Man
Monster Man

8. Wood Fire

Well, if the design of this one is really a very simple and elegant design. Even the wood and fireplace holes that follow the shape of the wood are very fitting and seem natural.

8 Wood Fire
Wood Fire

This fireplace was originally just a simple box-shaped fireplace that was customized by design services with the name CF + D.

9. Submarine Telescope

If you remember the design of the old submarine that was taught in physics lessons, of course, the most impressive is the design of the telescope. And again, this one design was made by Focus.

9 Submarine Telescope
Submarine Telescope

10 Long Boxes

This one design is very simple and simple. An elongated box design can be created for comfort in winter.

10 Long Boxes
Long Boxes

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