10 Cozy Modern Minimalist Bathroom With Shower For Small House

The minimalist aesthetic is very pleasing and is a great bathroom design. Simplistic lines tend to be clean and the environment is perfect for starting with a clear head or to unwind in before sleep.

Since we’re enjoying the minimalist aesthetic here and not the lifestyle per se, we can also add a dash of luxury to proceedings. We’re not attempting to subtract every detail that doesn’t have a clear use against a bit of bathroom bling. There are minimalist luxury bathrooms as well.

Cozy Modern Minimalist Bathroom
Cozy Modern Minimalist Bathroom

Here are some modern minimalist bathroom designs that you can make inspiration.

1. A Charming, Simple Makeup Lamp

A simple bathroom that is needed in a minimalist bathroom, but a few small potted plants and neatly rolled towels help things along nicely too.

01 Modern Minimalist Style
Modern Minimalist Style

2. Indoor Plant in Bathroom

Indoor plants add a lot of minimalist bathroom without adding unnecessary clutter.

02 Best Spa Shower Ideas
Best Spa Shower Ideas

3. Recessed Wood Cubby

You don’t have to hide away everything in a minimalist bathroom but there should be a dedicated area for holding toiletries, like this recessed wooden cubby.

03 Minimalist Modern Aesthetic
Minimalist Modern Aesthetic

4. Modern Contemporary Minimalist Bathrooms

Contemporary minimalist bathrooms have a high visual impact despite their lack of accessories.

04 Contemporary Minimalist Bathrooms
Contemporary Minimalist Bathrooms

5. Elegant black color for your bathroom

Create elegant shades in your minimalist modern bathroom with black.

05 Minimalist Bathroom Ideas
Minimalist Bathroom Ideas

6. Quiet Brown Shades

Or apply the brown color that can make you more comfortable and calm in your bathroom.

06 Modern Minimalist Brown Bathroom Tile
Modern Minimalist Brown Bathroom Tile

7. A slightly open design

Making a minimalist modern open bathroom design can be a beautiful choice for your bathroom.

07 Minimalist Open Bathroom Designs and Ideas
Minimalist Open Bathroom Designs and Ideas

8. Two Shower for Two

Give a new style in your modern bathroom, you can try with two showers.

08 Amazing Double Shower
Amazing Double Shower

9. Pair with Japanese Design

Pair your minimalist modern design with Japanese bathroom designs, Then you will get a unique bathroom as shown below.

09 Elegant Modern Bathroom Design Blending Japanese
Elegant Modern Bathroom Design Blending Japanese

10. Unique Design For Your Modern Bathroom

Providing a modern and minimalist design does not mean only one design that you can apply, for your modern design to be as unique as the picture below.

10 Wet Room Design Ideas
Wet Room Design Ideas

Those are some minimalist modern bathroom design ideas that you can try to apply in your bathroom.

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