10 Best Outdoor Pool Design Ideas For Outdoor Summer

When Summer takes place the swimming pool becomes a hot topic. If you have a large area in your backyard or in front of a house, you might consider having a swimming pool. It is tempting to want to swim in cold water, play with children in the sun or even just do morning exercise in the pool.

Best Outdoor Pool Design
Best Outdoor Pool Design

As the name implies swimming pools are places or artificial means for swimming. If in the countryside or areas close to the waters swimming activities can be done in rivers, times, lakes, and even the sea so that for urban areas far from the waters of the swimming pool is the right means for swimming. In building a swimming pool both private and public there are several things that must be considered starting from security, privacy, usage goals, budget, to the beauty and scenery around it.

For that, here are some swimming pool designs that can be an inspiration for those of you who want to build a swimming pool.

1. Long Island Bungalow

A charming Long Island home has the ideal outdoor space for entertaining friends all summer long.

Long Island Bungalow
Long Island Bungalow – Source: uclachoralmusic.com

2. Stock Tank Swimming Pool

Stock tank pools are all the rage right now, and it’s easy to see why: The above-ground pools are affordable, a cinch to install, and look wonderfully rustic in a country setting.

Stock Tank Swimming Pool
Stock Tank Swimming Pool – Source: 954bartend.info

3. Shipping Container Pool

Who knew a shipping container made for such an attractive swimming pool? Mud pools make these amazing heated pools that only take minutes to set up.

Shipping Container Pool
Shipping Container Pool – Source: abiborj.com

4. Hill Country Ranch

The back porch of this renovated Austin, Texas ranch is home to an outdoor living room, bar, and kitchen for plenty of poolside entertaining options.

Hill Country Ranch
Hill Country Ranch – Source: waterair.com

5. Tile Accent

Sometimes all design needs is a single upgrade. Use decorative tiles to make your swimming pool look brand new.

Tile Accent
Tile Accent – Source: thetruthyoualwaysknew.com

6. Stone-and-Timber Pool House

This pool house accents its Missouri home with similar timber beams and stone finishes.

Stone and Timber Pool House
Stone and Timber Pool House – Source: julialitvinova.com

7. California Dreams

After a design transformation, this single-family residence shows off a relaxing and classy look.

California Dreams
California Dreams – Source: rulinkeji.com

8. Fixer Upper

The designers behind this project wanted a refreshing, modern look for the patio and pool.

Fixer Upper
Fixer Upper – Source: porch.com

9. Natural Space

The pool at this Texas home is surrounded by trees, for a one-with-nature vibe.

Natural Space
Natural Space – Source: porch.com

10. Classic Theme

A northern Florida home went with more traditional architectural enhancements for its pool design.

Classic Theme
Classic Theme – Source: porch.com

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