10 Best Apartment Living Room Interior Design Ideas For You Try

Do you plan to move to an apartment? and confused about choosing the right living room interior design? Designing the interior of a living room in an apartment can be a challenge. Unlike the house in general which has a living room and family room or TV room separately, inside the apartment, family room and family room generally become one.

The living room is the center of the house and also a family gathering place for chatting, watching TV together. In the family room, you can also place a work desk or playground for children.

Apartment Living Room Interior
Apartment Living Room Interior

To enhance the appearance of your living room and living room, here we present the design of the living room, the design of a small living room, and the design of a luxurious living room for your apartment.

1. Use Bright Colors

Bright colors can reflect the incoming light so that it gives a wider effect. That way, the living room will not be crowded and feels comfortable for you and your guests.

Elegant Apartment Living Room
Elegant Apartment Living Room – Source: meni.onedecor.club
Apartment Series a6
Apartment Series a6 – Source: kimlucian.com

2. Select Legged Sofa

The legged sofa will make the display flow so the room does not look crowded. Choose a sofa with a slim model and avoid the big ones because it can block the display and the room so it doesn’t look ‘full’. In addition, having a legged sofa will make it easier for you to clean the floor below.

Surprise Living Room Sofa Ideas
Surprise Living Room Sofa Ideas – Source: nascar360now.com
Fresh Inspired Living Room
Fresh Inspired Living Room – Source: prettypegs.com

3. Leave The Open Room

In designing a small living room, choose low furniture and avoid bulkheads. Open space will give the impression of being spacious so that it is comfortable for the eyes. As a boundary between rooms, you can use a carpet to determine the area.

Boho apartment
Boho apartment – Source: zandxcars.info
Basement Apartment Renovation
Basement Apartment Renovation – Source: kd5qel.blogspot.com

4. Paste The TV On The Wall

The TV that is embedded in the wall will reduce the stuffy impression in the small living room. In addition, the living room looks elegant and minimalist with this arrangement.

New Mounting Tv In Apartment
New Mounting Tv In Apartment – Source: said.us
Apartment living room with tv
Apartment living room with tv – Source: dodajstrone.info

5. Take Advantage Of Every Corner Of The Room

The corner of the room is sometimes a neglected area. In fact, the corner of the room can be used as a place to put additional chairs or shelves. To give the impression of being relaxed, you can also put a small sofa to relax in this place.

Small Corner Living Room
Small Corner Living Room – Source: hoommy.com
Planning For Residential Interior Design
Planning For Residential Interior Design – Source: ataglancedecor.com

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