10 Beautiful Living Room Decorations with Inspiring Ornamental Plant Ideas

Who says making plants as decorations is not a good idea? In addition to beautifying the room, decorating the flowers in the living room will make the air fresher and the feel of the room feel more alive.

Many people assume that plants that are used as ornaments for living room tables are difficult to maintain and sometimes difficult to grow. If not treated properly, its existence can even make the atmosphere dull because the leaves are brown. However, still, plants are one of the decorating ideas that you should try. Moreover, this greenery can be obtained easily and the price is very affordable.

Living Room Decorations
Living Room Decorations

Just look at the 10 plant decoration ideas for the living room below!

1. Fill In The Room Corner

Plants turn out to be a beautiful decoration for the corner of your living room. There is a certain angle in your house that is not right for decoration. In this case, you can place the plant behind the chair. However, remember to choose a size that is large enough so that the empty corner is fully filled.

Modern plants in living room
Modern plants in the living room – Source: slemanzan1a.com
Living Room Corner Ideas
Living Room Corner Ideas – Source: 2009worldsmensfastpitch.com

2. Hanging Plants

If you have limited space at home, but don’t want to sacrifice the remaining space for a plant pot, you can hang the pot as an equally beautiful alternative.

Smart Ideas To Display Indoor Plants
Smart Ideas To Display Indoor Plants – Source: pinterest.ca
Coiled rope hanging planter
Coiled rope hanging planter – Source: alisaburke.blogspot.com

3. Decorate The Wall With Green Plants

If you want your design to be more magnificent and more organized, why not try to have this plant wall? This design can be perfect for every empty wall in the living room or hallway wall in your home.

Objects of design ceramic wall
Objects of design ceramic wall – Source: newsdsgn.com
Most of White Wall
Most of White Wall – Source: brokeandbeautiful.com

4. Green Plants As Partitions

It is inevitable that there are certain areas in our house that are not used or empty that can make us feel something is missing or the design is incomplete. It would be much better if you use plants to get a thick natural impression to make the feeling more ‘full’. It can also be used to separate one room from another.

Of The Best Indoor Plants
Of The Best Indoor Plants – Source: hcby.com.au
Room Dividers For Office Space
Room Dividers For Office Space – Source: otentikworld.com

5. Green Plants As Focus Points

Now many modern home designs use green plants to make a focal point at home. This point is usually directly adjacent to the living room so it is very suitable to be used as decoration in the room too. For types of plants, choose those that are not sensitive or not difficult to grow, such as ferns, palms or bamboo.

Playful and Layered Design
Playful and Layered Design – Source: belindalewis.com
A Baltimore Loft Filled Floor
A Baltimore Loft Filled Floor – Source: blog.westelm.com

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